Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Son,

Wednesday, April 13

1. The Books

This morning, we were in the car heading for college as usual. Mom asked Justine about her old Form 5 school books. Does anyone want her books, Mom asked. Jus said that a boy she met during the prize giving day last Saturday had asked her for her books ...

Mom reminded her she has a brand new Accounts book that she bought but did not use in the end. "Do You know any of Daniel's friends who may want the book, those in Arts stream," Mom asked.

Just thought for a bit, and then said, "YP ..."

Oh Yeah, YP ... your bicycle-date friend. Mom instantly recalled at one happier point in your life, You would look forward to evening time when You could ride your bicycle with YP to the park. Life was so very normal back then. You were just a boy and enjoyed doing normal activities that boys do. 

Who would have thought that God had other plans for You...

Perhaps there was a reason why You kept singing the song IF I WERE A BOY at a later stage of your life. Perhaps You knew that You weren't gonna be a boy for much longer. Perhaps God had given You an idea what the future plans were gonna be. Perhaps. 

Your aunties would tease You when You sing that song, 

"If I were a boy? What are You then, Daniel?" but You'd just continue singing ...

Precious, precious memories ...

If I were a boy, even just for a day ...

Oooh Oooh ...

Here are some photos taken of You on a bike during our trip in the USA.

Be careful, Daniel ...

And peace be with You too, Son ... <3

This is how You got on your bike ... :D

You were 10 years old then ...

Showing off ... :D

The problem was, we didn't know how to contact YP. Before long, Mom suddenly thought of your church buddy, O. 

"It would be easier for You to pass the books to O since You see him in church," Mom said. Jus said okay. 

We arrived at college.

"You contact him and see if he wants the books," Jus reminded, before she got off the car.

Driving back, Mom thought of your friend, O. Your mother was quite sure You'd be happy to pass your books to him. Yup, your books ... these would have been your books ... 

Yeah, she would drop him an email and see if he wants the books. Fond memories of You and your church buddy cropped up and slowly filled her mind. 

She was deep in her thoughts, when she suddenly realized that she was driving behind a huge lorry with a big sign that said: 


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

OMG ...

Did You just communicate with Mom?

The last time she saw this AAA, Mom had said,

"She could almost feel a pat on the back and the words,  

Good job, Mom!" 

See Call 28 : Drama Queen

Thinking about that earlier inciDAN brought a smile to her face. Looking at the AAA in front of her, all along the Seremban highway, that surely felt like You saying,

Yeah Maa, pass the books to O ... :D

It was the ZAP timing. You seem to have a knack for that. Must have been the years of video games practice while on earth. The pow-wow ZAP impact is always sharp to the mili-second. :D

Quickly, Mom glanced at the number plate. By then, she was quite confident that she would see her angel sign. 


13 8

4 4 4

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

Hah! Does she know her son or what? You must have seen your mother grinning gleefully to herself. :D 

What a precious ZAP moment that was ...

2. Bookstore

Dad was going down south today. Mom dropped him off at the coach station in time for the 11 am coach. Then, Mom drove to the Mall. She was meeting her friend H, with her husband, for lunch.

We were supposed to meet at the bookstore MPH. 

Mom was early. She found herself wandering to the cookbook section. There were literally hundreds of recipe books there at the cookbook - corner. She browsed through some really cute cupcake recipe books. The pictures were delightful. So fairy-like and magical. Maybe someday, she'll try to make some cupcakes ...

Cupcakes ...

That reminded Mom about the time when she handed You a cookbook and asked You to pick some food that You'd like to eat. This was during the last 4 months before You left us. You were confined to the house and You weren't able to go out. Mom asked You to go through the cookbook and tell her what You fancied.

You had flipped through the pages. In the end, You picked a simple picture of a mini muffin and said You wanted that.

Mom text-ed Dad and asked him to get some muffins at the bakery nearby for tea. She decided she didn't want to spend time in the kitchen after all. Dad came home with a small box of Big Apple Donuts

Your eyes had sparkled when You saw them. You couldn't wait to have one. Dad and Mom watched You chomp on your doughnut with the most satisfying hmmm-mmm-mmm and a big, happy smile ...

Standing there by the cooking books, Mom was also reminded of a time, when You had picked a book for her and insisted You wanted that particular one. You were in lower primary then. That book was thick, although smaller in size than the rest, about half the size of A4 paper and was held together by a comb binder. Like a bulky calendar. It was a very simple recipe handbook, with no pictures whatsoever. 

Only recipe - words. 

Can You imagine a cookbook with no glossy photos?

You kept on insisting, "Buy this one, this one..."

Mom was like, "Not this one, there are no pictures in this book ..."

We didn't get the book in the end ... because ... well because, there were no pictures in that book. Not a single one. How do You visualize when there are no images? 

Anyway ... would You like to know but ...

Today, at the cookbook section, Mom found herself looking high and low for that black and white, no - picture recipe handbook. She couldn't find it, or anything that was remotely close to the one You had pointed out.


3. Lunch Date

Aunty H and her hubby met up with Mom at about 11:40 am at the cooking books corner. After the school-girl squeals and hugs (strictly for girls only) (husband, you may stand and watch), we proceeded to a Thai restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, we bought some curry puffs at a mobile stall and had coffee at a cafe. 

Mom left the mall at 3 pm. 

It was too early to pick Justine up. 

She drove home.

4. At Home

You know what's strange ... 0.0

Mom realized that in that short time at the mall, with Aunty H, she did not receive any ZAP or sign or fireworks. 


She couldn't help but suddenly feel worried. That morning, she had published Call 189 : Plastic Bag (9:26 am). Among others, she had mentioned that God has made a way for us bla bla bla ... and that she was thankful bla bla bla ...

OMG ...

Could she have jinxed it ? You know how sometimes, You have something good going, and then You talk about it, and it - disappears ...

Pause ...

On Lord ... No No No!

Talk to Mom, Son ... Can You hear her? Give Mom a sign. She knows You're near. You must be. Give her a sign. Where are You?

She decided to calm down. Something told her that, there is no way for God to have brought her to this stage and then leave her.

No way ...

There - is - no - jinx ...

You're near ... Mom's sure of that.

Mom turned on the television, with the sound off. She slumped down onto the sofa and soon found herself keying a text message to Aunty M, asking her if she were free on Saturday, they could do some internet stuff. 
(Time of Text : 3:52 pm)


Aunty M said, she would be attending a combat marathon on Saturday and she invited Mom to join her. She suggested that we meet instead the following week for the internet date. (TOT : 3:58 pm)

Mom said, "I don't know what that is but it sounds like something Daniel would like to do." :D (TOT : 3:59 pm)

Aunty M gave a website link and said, "intense and fun workout using martial arts movements, choreographed to music. m sure dans would love it!" (TOT : 4:01 pm)

Mom replied, "will cek out. must wear leotard and tights? etc" She cannot imagine what that would be like, her last aerobic workout was some 20 years ago when she could still stretch and bend her limbs. Now ... she can't. (4:04 pm)

Would You believe it but ...

Right after sending that text, Mom happened to glance at the television screen. She saw a word that made her gasp! 

Desperate Housewives was on.  

There was one, just one, single word on the subtitles at the bottom of the screen at that material time that caught her eye :

Danny ...

OMG ... Of all the one single words that could have appeared, it had to be one that would zap Mom.

Mom grabbed her cell to check the time. 

4:04 pm.

OMG ... Her angel sign. How incredible is that? It could have been 4:03 or 4:05 ... but it was not. Only one minute earlier or later and it would have had no ZAP impact.

A huge wave of relief swept over your mother at that time. 

No jinx, thank God, no jinx. Thanks for that, Son ... 

Honestly, what are the chances of seeing Danny at that exact time of 4:04 pm?

O -- M -- G ... 


Angel chance ... :D

Like a child on Christmas Eve, Mom happily keyed in a text for Aunty M, 

"omg u won't believe this but d name Danny jus appeard on tv desperate housewives and i cek my fon time 404 pm. he knows v r talking about him ..."

You are near, aren't You? :D

Yes, You are. Mom knows.

That was awesome.

Thank You, Jesus. <3

5. In The Car

Mom was at the college by 4:30 pm. She couldn't wait to tell your sister the inciDANs that had happened that day. 

Justine told Mom that she had an inciDAN too. 

It was during a lab class that morning. The class was apparently running some experiments. Your sister said that the machine that heats up the substance(s) to be experimented on, was called "Daniel Waterbath."

"Daniel Waterbath?" Mom asked.

Jus said that the name is on the machine. 

She repeated, "Daniel - water - bath ..."

Mom said nothing.

She emphasized, "Daniel - water - bath ???"

Mom was silent.

Jus stressed again, "Daniel ... BATH???"

Ohhhhh ...

Bath ...

Awwww ...

At Our Lady's Grotto, Lourdes, France in Sept 2009 ...
4 months before You followed Jesus home ...

Instant flashes of You at the Lourdes Bath zapped into mind. 

The baths of course. 

How could that not ring a bell? 

Zap Zap Zap !!!

You went for the bath at Our Lady's Grotto daily for 15 days.

Daniel Waterbath ...

Good Lord, what - are - the - chances of coming across this word ...


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!


Every little thing sure reminds us of You, Son ...

You sure know how to make your presence felt. :D

Love You, Son ... <3