Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Son, 

This morning, Mom went to the kindergarten. 

Grandma was not around. 

It was about 9:45 when she arrived. She was at the registration desk, going through some record books, when she heard Teacher Liz calling out, 

"Daniel ... where's your water? Drink your water. It's a very hot day. You must drink water..."

Mom smiled. Reaching for her cellphone, she keyed in those words and saved them in a draft. The time was 10:08 am.

Hmmm ... 

Water ... 

Isn't it strange that even the simple mention of the word "water" could bring palpitations to your mother?

Daniel ...

Where's your water ...

Drink your water ...

It's a very hot day ...

You must drink water ...

Hearing the word water mentioned several times, 
Mom couldn't help but think of the hymn:


And Jesus said

Come to the water

Stand by My side

I know You are thirsty

You won't be denied

I felt every tear drop

In the darkness You cried

And I strove to remind You

That for those tears I died

See Call 176 :  Wood Dancer

Mom continued her work ...  

After a while, Mom heard the words flowing to her ears, as Teacher Liz called out again :

"Daniel ... 

What are You doing under the table ... 

Come out from under the table ... 

Come out ... quick ... come out ... 

Who is under the table?"

The children sang in chorus :  

Da -- niellll ...

Grin ... :D

That earned a chuckle from your mother. :D 

Mom picked up her cellphone and keyed in the text. 

The time was 11:06 am.

A little while later, Mom went to the canteen hall. 

Break time was over. The kitchen helper was not around at that particular moment. The tables had looked messy. The children were having spiral pasta in tomato sauce today. :D

Mom got a damp kitchen towel and wiped the tables clean. She tucked in all the chairs under the tables. When the place was neat and clean, she went to the kitchen. 

There was a large bowl of some pasta remaining.

Mom removed the lid and her stomach started to growl at the sight of the pasta with little pieces of sausages, colored peas and corn. 

Oooohhh ... The kitchen smelt so yummy. 

She got herself a small bowl. As she was scooping half a ladle full into her bowl, would You believe it but two little spiral pastas escaped and slid off the giant spoon to land on the table creating a small red puddle.

Mom stared at the pasta and the small mess, the ladle she was holding, still in mid air. What happened there? How did she made the mess? She was quite, quite, quite sure she had been careful. Her hand had been pretty steady, there had been no jerk ... If she didn't know better, she would have thought that the pasta jumped off the ladle ...

How ridiculous would that be huh ...

Mom thought of the food inciDANS that happened on your First Year Anniversary. 

See Call  125 : Runaway Sausage
and Call  126 : Confetti Rice

She put down her bowl. 

Picking up the two pieces of spiral pasta with her fingers, Mom took a step to the wastepaper basket that was nearby. She was about to dump the spiral pasta into the basket, the food bin was further away, when she caught sight of something that ZAPPED her immediately.





OMG ...

It was a piece of paper with the word ...

the piece of paper has not been tempered with nor was it moved or touched in any way... 
what you see here, the way the paper is positioned, was what your mother saw ...

... written in red crayon.

Oh Boy ...

Oh Gee ...

Oh Wow ...

How do You do it, Daniel?

Even in the kitchen, You make your presence felt. :D 

Mom thinks You must have knocked the pasta off the ladle. If that had not happened, she would not have noticed that piece of paper ...

And not get ZAPPED ...

What an awesome inciDAN! :D Mom took a snapshot with her cellphone.

At lunch time ...

Dad and Mom went to a nearby coffee shop. Being lunch time, there was a small congestion, and a queue of vehicles going around the shophouses. 

We followed the queue, moving oh-so-very-slowly ... until the car in front of us stopped and gave a signal ... 

We saw a vehicle in front of that car coming out of its bay. The car in front of us would be driving into that bay. Clearly, we were a wee bit too late ...

Mom said, "Come on Daniel, find a space for us ..."

As soon as Mom said that, Dad pointed, 

"There, there ..." as he spotted two men walking towards our direction. We watched them.

Would You believe it but they got into the car that was parked perpendicularly to our car right at the moment? 

That big word is from Justine, by the way. :D 

Aww, thank You, Son ... that was super-fast. 

In the eatery, we sat at a table that was right in the corner. It was quiet and had sofa seats.

The table number was 15.

Mom pointed out to Dad, "That's 4." :D

After giving our orders, Mom told Dad about the inciDANS in school. She showed Dad the photo she took of the wastepaper basket.

"See??? Dee - Aye - Anne ..."

Dad looked and asked, "What's the h?"

Mom replied, "Heaven ..." :D

Dad smiled ...

After our food, Dad called for the bill. 

The bill came ... RM31-00.

Mom said, "That's 4 again." :D

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

"He's with us ..." Mom said simply ... happily.

We walked to the car. Dad started the engine.

Mom turned on the radio. An unfamiliar song filled the car. 

Your mother remembers the immediate lyrics that came on were:

"close your eyes ..." 

and Dad caught the word:

"ordinary world."

The time was 4:14pm. The station, 105.7. 

At the point of writing this, Mom checked the lyrics on the internet and found that it goes as follows:

Close your eyes and feel me hold you
Can you lead me through this ordinary world
Let the sky cry restless rain to wash away 
the miles between us
Cause without you, it's just an ordinary world

By Katherine McPhee.

Rain ...

Like - Water ?

What a coinciDANS ... 

How connected is that???

Yeah Son ... Let the sky cry restless rain to wash away the miles between us ...<3

Love You Son ... 

We miss You very much ...

Talk to You tomorrow ... <3