Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call 195 : BELIEVE, MOM

Hello Son, 

Oh boy, something incredible happened this evening. 

Mom just published Call 194 : Heaven Rocks this afternoon at 3:02 pm.

Then Mom called Grandma to see if she needed a lift to come home. Grandma was in school at the time. 

Grandma said yes, please go get her. 

So Mom went to the car.

Turned on the engine.

Turned on the radio. Station 105.7

The song LEAN ON ME was just about starting.

Mom was humming along ... the sky was blue, the grass was green, the butterfly was a-fluttering, everything was just as normal as could be ... when suddenly ...

OMG ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

She heard the line CALL ME and realized the ending of the LEAN ON ME song goes into repetitive CALL MEs.


(when You need a friend)



The CALL ME repeats until the end of the song. 

See Call 21 : CALL ME, where Mom counted the number of times CALL ME came on. 

22 times ... or thereabouts. :D

OMG ... Mom just told You in Call 194 this afternoon, about Haley singing CALL ME

Good Lord, what are the chances of your mother going to the car at that precise moment to hear the CALL ME repeated like a kazillion times? She had just posted that Call 194 some 12 minutes ago! 

O -- M -- G ... You must have been right beside Mom grinning away when You saw her stunned expression. Seriously, You must have whispered to her to go down to the car at that time. The timing once again, as always, was immaculate.

How amazing is that? Had she gone to the car just 5 minutes later, she would have missed the message ...


Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard at the first CALL ME line. 

The time was 3:14 pm. 

Decode : 44

Oh Wow ...

OMG ... How unbelievably awesome ...


Believe Mom ... 
believe believe believe believe believe believe 
that I'm really there whenever You call me ... :D 

Call 193 : True Colors