Monday, April 18, 2011

Call 193 : TRUE COLORS

Hello Son,

Thursday, April 14

1. YouTube

This morning, Justine drove to college as usual. We were driving behind this small car with the number plate 2506. 

Decode : 4

Mom said to your sister, that You were greeting us good morning. :D Jus grinned and nodded thoughtfully.

Anyway ...

Later at home, Mom checked her email, and found a notification of a comment that was posted in your IF I DIE YOUNG video. 

The comment read :

rest in peace

Holly Danielle King - Shelton

8/31/86 - 3/10/2011

the band perry

Mom looked at her name and a low-spirited, depressing sigh escaped from her. She felt a stab in her chest and was missing You very much right then ... :(

See Call 23  : Die Young
And Call 56: Sharp Knife

2. Don't Stop Believing

Mom was still at her desk before the computer. She was writing her newsletter for the next issue. The television was on, with the volume softly in the background. Without the telly, it was much too quiet. Dad was down south.

Before long, she noticed the words DON'T STOP BELIEVING that had appeared on the screen. 

Don't stop believing ...

The time on her computer showed 12:32 pm.

Decode : 44

Her angel sign ... again.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

A message perhaps ...

Don't - stop - believing ...

Hmmm ... alright, she'll try ...

Mom continued with her writing.

In the background, she was aware that the show is about a dance competition. Each team came on and she found herself turning to see for a few seconds before turning back to her work. 

Then came the 4th team, Manchester Show Choir. 

The team was about to perform. One of the dancers introduced himself, 

"My name is Daniel ..."



You got your mother's attention alright with that short line. A thousand and one names he could have said, but it had to be your name. And the 4th team? What about that? :D

Ohh - kayyy ...

As a result of the ZAP, Mom found herself watching the performers sing and moved to Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Yes, she was watching the telly now. You've gotten her attention, she was on the alert for any message that might just come her way, any moment then.

By the way, did Mom say "performers"? 

Justine would have called them "old people" ... :D

Possibly You too. :D

3. True Colors

The next team (and final one, if Mom's not mistaken) was introduced as Singer Station. Yeah, Mom was still watching the telly. Her attention was then drawn to seven kids wearing tee-shirts that had the word boldly printed across their chest:



Oh Wow ...

First, she reads, Don't Stop Believing ... 

and then, she sees Believe







Seven times???

Ohh -- kayyy ...

She could feel a message coming. Correct her if she's wrong, would you please? She wouldn't have seen that BELIEVE message if it wasn't meant to be. 

Mom watched the team sing TRUE COLORS. You must have seen her straightening up when she heard the lyric :

Like a rainbow ...

Like a -- rainbow???

Like -- Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Call 127 : First Year

 The notice we placed in the papers on your First Year Anniversary on January 21, 2011.

Like -- SpongeBob bouncing on a rainbow?

Call 177 : 14th Month

Like -- Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother, 

She'll know I'm safe with You, 

as she stands under my colors ... ???

The 4 lines are from the song IF I DIE YOUNG ... which inciDANtally, your mother was alerted to the video as a result of the notification this morning.

Call 23 : Die Young
Call 56 : Sharp Knife
Call 175 : Sorrowful Mystery

The TRUE COLOR song continues ...

If this world makes you crazy

And you've taken all you can bear

You call me up

because you know I'll be there 

Time stood still for a brief few seconds ... then ...


Oh My Gosh ...

What ??? Say what ???

You - call - me - up - because - you - know - 

I'll - be - there ... ???

OMG ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Unbelievable ... 

OMG, what an incredible message ... 

Are You telling your mother to believe that each time she calls You on the call blog, You're right there? Is that the message?

Pause ...

It is. It is, isn't it ??? OMG, of course it is ...

It's hard to believe ... maybe that's why Mom has to see the word BELIEVE seven times ...

Believe Mom ... 
believe believe believe believe believe believe 
that I'm really there whenever You call me ... :D

Oh Wow ...

Thank You Son ... How awesome is that! :D

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