Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Call 189 : PLASTIC BAG

Hello Son, 

Sunday, April 10

Mom called Aunty Diana in the morning. 

Aunty D and Chris were on the way to KK. They took a few days off work apparently. Your aunt said that she had to go to a mall. There are no real malls in Tawau, according to her.

"Can You believe that the cat is with us?" Aunty D had laughed.

They couldn't leave it alone in the house and it was too soon to give it away, so they had to bring it along with them on their journey. 

Mom asked, "Where is the cat now?"

Aunty D replied, "In a plastic bag ..."

"Plastic bag??? How can You keep the cat in a plastic bag???"

Aunty D laughed again, "It's okay ... there's a rag in the plastic bag la..."

Aunty D said that, although the cat is still stumbling all over the place, its legs are still shaking when it stands, it knows how to bring itself to the litter box and poo there. 

Awww ... What a clever kitty. :D

She also said that the cat is improving every day. It has just started to learn how to eat fish a couple of days ago.


Mom cannot imagine your aunty preparing fish, let alone buying fish, so Mom asked, 

"How do You prepare the fish?"

Aunty D said, "Oh, we bought a can of sardines ..."

Chuckle ...

So that's your Aunty D for You ... :D

We picked Justine up from church at 11:30 am.

She insisted on driving, so Dad went to the back seat, and Jus took over the wheel ...

The moment Justine pulled away from the curb, we found ourselves right behind this huge red bus. 

OMG ... 


See the thumbs-up ... 

Mom took a quick glance at the number plate.





See Call 187 : Thumb Up
And Call 43 : Angel Sign 

Mom told Justine that the thumbs-up were from You ... all the way from heaven ... <3 The timing once again was right on the dot!

We drove to Lucky Garden for brunch. 

Turning into the lane of shophouses, we spotted a car in front that was reversing out and leaving a nice empty bay for us. :D (2nd car from the right)

You really are watching out for your sister, aren't You, Daniel? Had we been just 30 seconds earlier, we would have missed that.

In the coffee shop, we were ushered to a table, which Justine immediately pointed to Mom - Table Number 4. :D

Number 4?

Who's Number Four? :D

Oh Wow ... plenty of signs today. :D

As we were having our meal, at one point, Mom happened to turn to her right. Immediately, she noticed a picture of two angels on the top right hand corner of a hawker stall right by her side.

Goodness ... We've been to this coffee shop several times before ... but we have never noticed this angel - image until today. How strange to have a photo of angels at a food store, don't You think? :D 

You must have whispered to Mom to turn to her right ...

First, the thumbs - up ... then the number 4 ... and then the angels ...

You were definitely with us, we could tell ... :D

We went home after that ...

At the condo, Mom and Justine got down at the lobby. Dad drove off to an appointment. As your mother got out of the car, she spotted a black and white cat under another vehicle that was parked right in front of her ... where Dad dropped us off.

A black and white cat ...

See Call 186 : Meow Meow

Justine said, "Look at the number plate ..."




Our angel sign ... :D

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

At home, Mom was clearing her desk when she came across 2 movie tickets that she had carefully kept but had forgotten about. The movie UP. Mom and You went for that movie. That was your last movie here on earth.

See Call 182 : Perfect Feather

Mom was scribbling in her journal about the inciDANS today and couldn't help noticing that, there were many signs that had ZAPPED us. One after another ... throughout the whole day ...

How strange ... 

Really Daniel, You are just everywhere! :D

Shortly after, with her journal still in her hand, she received a phone call. Mom glanced at the number that appeared on the phone screen. The number was not familiar to her. She answered the call. 

It was Emil's Mother.

See Call 141 : Emil's Mother

After the initial greetings, Emil's Mother asked, 

"Have You had any more experiences with your son?"

Mom said, "Of course Aunty ... every day ..."

"Really? Tell me a recent one ..."

Mom hesitated ... and finally said, "It's difficult to tell You over the phone, Aunty, there are so many experiences..."

Emil's Mother said, "Just tell me one. Tell me about yesterday's ..."

Yesterday? Mom racked her brains ...

Yesterday was Saturday ... Justine's prize giving day ... the Titanic ... the 11:11 ... Delilah ... Count On Me ... 

See Call 188 : Award Ceremony 

How in the world would she even begin? 

Emil's Mother noted the hesitation and said, 

"Tell me about today then ... what happened today?"


OMG ... So much happened today ... but it would be difficult for Emil's Mother to understand or even appreciate your mother's inciDANS. Mom decided not to say anything ... because if she tried, she knows she would just sound ridiculous ... 

Yes, ridiculous ...

Previous experiences have told her that these inciDANS are precious ZAP moments between mother and son ... and not mother, son and everybody else. The bond between mother and son can never be severed. God has given us a way and Mom is grateful for that. Eternally, eternally grateful. God loves You so very much, Daniel ... You must have asked Him for special allowance. Perhaps all the time we spent in Lourdes was not in vain. Perhaps Mama Mary spoke to her Son to give us a way. Perhaps perhaps perhaps ...

From the moment your Farewell Mass ended on January 21, 2010, the connection began ... and it has continued till now. :D 

Praise God! <3 God is good, God is faithful ...

Mom heard herself saying, "Aunty, the experiences are kinda connected from one to another, so if I were to tell You what happened today, You won't understand..." 

Emil's Mother pressed on ... 

"Never mind, just try ... just tell me one thing that happened today ..." she insisted.

It's not that your mother doesn't want to share ... 

She honestly didn't know how to begin ...

Mom laughed her way out ...

You must have heard her constipated laugh, huh ...

Anyway, Emil's Mother wanted to share an experience that happened to her recently. Mom listened and responded appropriately ... 

Uh huh ... 

Is that so? ... 

I see ... 

And then? ... 

Really? ... 

OMG ... as Aunty related her incident. 

At the end of the Aunty's sharing, Mom found herself commenting, 

"How strange ..." 

Emil's Mother exclaimed, 

"No, it's not strange ... it's Emil ... that's him!"

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Yes yes, of course Aunty ...

Mom knew exactly what Emil's Mother meant. Several times, when your mother tried to relate her inciDANS, she got the same response ... "How strange..." or "That's weird..." and she would impatiently retort, 

"It's not strange ... It's Daniel ... It's him, he does that ... He's dropping a sign ... He's with us ..." etc.

Anyway, after Emil's Mother hung up, Mom couldn't help but wonder what that phone call was really all about. Out of the blues, Aunty had called and asked about Mom's experiences.

Something made your mother checked the details of the call. She found that the time of the call was 6:09 pm and the phone number, 2274 3912.

Mentally, she decoded the first one:




and then the second one:




Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Those angel signs told your mother to take note of that phone call. There was a reason for that. Perhaps a message...

Mom figured You must have whispered to Emil's Mother to give her a call. Perhaps it's your way of telling your mother:

It's not strange Mom, all these signs ... It's me ... 

I'm right here ... :D

That night, Justine and Mom went down to the cafeteria for dinner. Dad was still not back from his appointment. We were relating about the inciDANS of the day ... all the OMG ... can You believe that? ... what are the chances? ... OMG OMG OMG etc

When we were done with dinner and the OMGs, Mom walked over to the payment counter and asked for the bill. The attendant keyed in the bill. Mom looked at the cash register ...

RM14 - 00


What an awesome day we had today, Son ... all the ZAP ZAP ZAPs ...

Emil's Mother is right ... It's not strange ... Not at all ...

It's just YOU ... Mom concluded happily that night before she went to bed. All YOU ... :D

Nobody nobody but chiu ... :D

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody