Thursday, April 14, 2011

Call 190 : NO LEGGINGs

Hello Son, 

Monday, April 11

This morning, an interesting inciDAN happened in the car. Justine was driving. Mom was with her. We were on the way to college. 

The radio was on, and the host was talking ... Mom was not really listening but she caught the word "feather" ... Justine said, he was talking about a feathered necklace or something ...

First thing in the morning, and the word feather crops up? You got our attention alright. 

Next, the DJ invited callers for the next chat topic, Accessories Women Love To Wear That Men Hates. A guy called and after the initial greeting, the DJ asked him, which particular accessory that you don't like to see women wear?

The guy said, "Leggings." 

Zzzzaaaa - pppp!!!

OMG ...

Apparently, the caller said he cannot stand women who wear leggings. He commented that too much of a good thing is ... (can't recall what he said here because Mom was overwhelmed by the moment)

Only the day before (Sunday), Jus was in leggings and about to go to church. Mom had specifically asked her not to wear that as they were not proper attire for church. Jus didn't think it was a big deal. In fact, Mom said a short skirt is better than tights and leggings... (yeah, can't believe she said that...) just to show Jus how against leggings she was. It's okay to wear that attire at the gym but not to church ...

Jus heard everything that needed to be heard, before we reached school. 

Mom couldn't help laughing, 

"That's your brother telling You..." :D 

Don't wear leggings, Jus ... :D


Although your sister didn't show like she was affected by the caller, Mom knows she got the message. Hearing the same info but from a third party, is almost always more effective ... :D

Driving back, Mom thought, how awesome that was. You really do know what's going on, don't You? The timing once again was impeccable. Had Jus got off first, and then the leggings - guy came on, there would been no point, honestly. 

Here, the feather-word got our attention, and then the message came next. The timing was perfect, because right after the leggings - message, we arrived at school. Amazing - no stress to effective parenting. :D

Thanks for that, Son ... :D

After college, Mom went to the secondary school to have your sister's certificates certified for later use. 

At the office, Mom handed over the photostated copies of the certs to a staff and politely asked him to have them certified. Meanwhile, she took a seat and waited. This morning for some reason, the sofa opposite her was staring back. 


Mom was reminded of the two little sofas that You and Justine had when the both of you were very young, that were of a similar color and pattern, except that they were one-seat sofas.

Something funny happened here.

Mom wanted to snap a photo of the sofa. You must have known that because ...

There were 3 boys who were sitting on the sofa at first. Just as your mother was thinking that she wanted to take a shot, the two boys who were seated on the middle and on the right side of the sofa, got up, walked over to your mother's side, and sat down beside her. Nobody told them to change their seats and there was no reason for them to do that in the first place ... 

But they did. :D

Inwardly smiling to herself, Mom pretended to text a message as she focused her camera-phone on the empty seats, avoiding the part on the left since Boy No. 3 was still sitting there.

On hindsight ...

You must have asked them to move, huh ... :D

Yoe Bro, can move a beet ah, my mother wants to take a photo of the sofa ...

Chuckle. :D

Anyway, the certificates were duly returned to her. 

Mom left the office. At the security guard house, she returned the Visitor's Pass. She was scribbling the time in the record book, when the guard asked very casually, 

"Masih belum selesai?" (Not finished yet?) He remembered her from a previous day.

"Sudah ..." (Finished)

Pause ...

"Anak ada berapa?" (How many children?)

"Dua ..." (Two) Mom answered, without any hesitation.

"Yang satu lagi di mana?" (Where is the other one?")

Mom signed her name in the book before looking up to him and replied, 

"Yang satu lagi dengan Tuhan..." (The other one is with God)

"Ohhh ... sakit?" (Sick?)

"Ye ..." (Yes)

"Sakit apa?" (What sickness?)

"Brain tumor ..." she said simply, before flashing him a wry smile and bidding him good day.

In the car, Dad was at the wheel ... Mom thought of what she had just said ... Yang satu lagi dengan Tuhan ... It had felt like the most natural thing to say.

Yang satu lagi dengan Tuhan ...

Yeah, she could get used to saying that ...

Yang satu lagi dengan Tuhan ...

That afternoon, Aunty I was with us. 

It was lunch time, and we were around Jalan Gasing area. Dad suggested the famous chicken rice shop nearby the SFX church. It was 12:30 pm when we turned into the lane of shophouses.

Oh dear, expect the congestion please ...

Dad drove slowly in ... not because he was careful but because of the crazy congestion in that area.

Believe it or not, as we were approaching Dominoes, a car pulled out of its parking bay, leaving us an immediate available space in a horrendously congested area. Unbelievable. Had it reversed out just 3 seconds earlier, the car in front of us would have taken the space. Your timing's just great, Son ...

Dad turned right in to park the car. Mom saw the words CALL US NOW in front of us and couldn't help responding in her heart,

Call You later, Son ... <3