Friday, April 22, 2011

Call 198 : HOLY WATER

Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 197) (Thursday, April 21)

4. Post Office

Just as we were about to reach Taman Desa, Mom reminded Dad to swing over to the Post Office

She suddenly remembered she had to collect a registered letter for Justine. Your sister had received a note from the Post Office notifying her of a registered letter she had to collect. We received that card-note last Friday.

At the Post Office ... 

Mom went to collect the registered letter. 

Back in the car, Dad tore open the envelope.

We stared at the contents.

OMG ... You wouldn't believe this. 

There was a letter from ann - ness, informing the recipient your sister to report for compulsory ann - ness training in May.

OMG ...

In a panic, your mother was totally not cool, she must confess, she was all high-pitched when she reacted, 

"So how? What to do? Omg! How now? How???"

Dad said, "Yesterday's exemption letter override this one."

The official letter Justine received yesterday was dated April 20, whilst this uh, invitation was dated April 7.

Oh thank God.

A few minutes later, full realization of the circumstance sank in. That card-note came on Friday, 6 days ago. Yet, for some reason, Mom did not go to the Post Office to collect the registered letter until today - Thursday. 

Your 21st.

Almost a week later. That itself is somewhat strange. Normally, when we receive a card from the PO, we would collect the registered letter or parcel whatever, on the same day, or at the very latest, the next day. In this present scenario, your mother has actually forgotten about it, and has allowed 6 days to pass before suddenly remembering about it.

It is strange that the exemption letter received yesterday signed by Mr Daniel was dated April 20, and received on the same day (yesterday). You must have whispered to the postman to deliver that letter on an urgent basis, huh. 

That was definitely You. :D

Your doing. You made sure that we received the exemption letter first. You can't deny it Son, that letter has your name on it. You definitely had something to do with that. :D

See Call 196 : Two Songs

Thank You Son ... for always watching out for your family. How lucky are we to have an angel watch over us so very closely. :D

5. I Believe 

Dad dropped Mom off at the condo and rushed off for an appointment. Mom was left alone to bask in her OMG - overwhelming happiness. You must have seen your mother radiating streaks of happiness and delight. :D

Dad called later in the evening after his appointment. He was on his way to pick Justine up from college. 

Dad said, "Can You hear the song?" There was a song that was on the radio in the car at that moment. Mom strained to hear. She could only hear faint, muffled sounds.

"What song is that?"

Dad was like, "I Believe ... His first video ..." 

This song has not been playing on the radio for a long time, Dad said, and it had to come on today, on your 21st, when Dad was alone in the car. 

Dad was zapped alright. :D

 Daniel's first video created by Aunty Carol on his 60th day in Heaven.

After Mom hung up, she checked the time of the call. 

The time showed 4:17 pm.

Decode :  444



G ... 

Her angel sign.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

6. Ring Ring

Justine's friends came to pick her up later that evening for mass in HRC. Dad and Mom were gonna attend the mass in SFX at 8 pm. Dad said we should leave the house at 7 pm to accommodate after-office traffic.

You know what ...

By 6:45 pm, Mom was hurrying Dad to get ready. Dad was at the computer at the time. For some reason, she found herself hurrying, so much so that she told Dad, she would go down to the basement to get the car, and pick him up at the lobby, so as not to waste time.

Soon, we were on our way to church.

At Jalan Gasing, where we were supposed to make a U-turn to get to church, Mom couldn't believe her ears when she heard a brief one-line preview of this ABBA song that came on.

Ring ring, why don't you give me a call ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Mom pointed to the time : 6:57 pm.

Decode : 144

OMG, there it is ... that firework - ZAP! You must have seen the happy grin on our faces, Son. That one super-awesome one line ... and at her angel time too. 

What a coinciDANS ... :D

How very fair of You, Son ... one song for Dad and one for Mom, both at the angel - time, and a very important letter for Justine signed by Mr Daniel. :D:D:D Oh Boy ...

The full song came on at 7:07 pm. 

Decode : 14

Traffic was quite slow, so even though we were near the church, we heard the whole song before getting out of the car.

Ohhh, ring ring, why don't You give me a call ...

See Call 44 : Ring Ring

7. In Church

Church was packed like a can of sardines. Dad and Mom were inside. Aunty C arrived later with a friend, and were sitting outside. 

Just before Mass started, your aunty sent a text to Mom, 

"Father passed us n said ... come late la ... no more place to sit ..."


Mom replied back, "That wuz Dans la :D ..."

Remind Mom to tell Aunty C what happened to her (Mom) on Palm Sunday last week. Yes, last Sunday, Dad and Mom were attending mass. Justine was at camp then. The priest had sprinkled holy water on the congregation as he walked down the aisle. 

You know how we always like to get some drops of holy water when the priest does that?

Well, she didn't get any this time. Not one drop. Not one tiny faint drop. Mom couldn't help but think to herself,  

should - have - sat - there ... 

there being a spot that was sure to get at least a few drops of holy water on you. We were standing with our palms and singing the entrance hymn, when suddenly your mother jumped.


Dad turned to look. A slash (?) of water had come into contact with the back of her shoulder. What the ... Mom looked down on the floor. There were like 20 tiny drops of water around her feet (just to show You how much a "slash" is). Oh my g... 

Did Father just aim the sprinkler at your mother? She wasn't aware that Father, who had walked down the aisle, was coming back up her row from the back...

Moments later, the priest walked past her, leaned over and said, 

"Sorry about that..."

OMG ...

Only You could have known that your mother was grumbling in her heart about not getting the holy water. You must have whispered to Father to make sure Mom gets some of the sprinkle. Oh my, more than a thousand people that day in church, and Father spoke to Mom.

Just like today ... the church was mackerel-packed with people, and Father spoke to Aunty Carol. 

That was You, Daniel Phua ... 

Nobody, nobody but chiu.

See Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!! 

Making contact, we're sure of it! 

After Mass, Mom excitedly told Aunty C about her inciDAN on Palm Sunday, and your Aunty C said, 

"Ya, that could only be Dans ..." :D

Two inciDANS ... They always come in twos ... You notice?

8. Titanic

We left the church after 11 pm. In the car, Mom turned on the radio, and heard the first immediate word from the DJ:

Green Day ...  bla bla bla ... 21 Guns ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

The time on the dashboard was 11:08 pm.

Decode : 4

See Call 88 : 21 Guns

Om my ... How amazing it was for us to hear 21 Guns ... The timing once again was ... OMG - perfect on the dot. We felt your presence throughout the day today, Son. How incredible! :D

21 Guns on your 21st. 

After 21 Guns, came a dinosaur song : ABBA's Fernando ... Yeah okay, You may shut your ears ...
We were approaching Taman Desa, when the next song came ...

When the music filled the car, Mom was stunned to silence.

OMG, not possible ... Are You kidding her ???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Titanic ...

My Heart Will Go On ...

OMG ...

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard. The time was 11:17 pm.

Decode : 4

Last night, Mom had uploaded a video of her singing TiTANiC on a karaoke-date with her friends. Oh my ... what are the chances? Besides, all her decoding today had resulted in her angel number.  

Number 4.

Who is Number Four?

Hearing the song on the radio, on the way home, was like receiving a response from You ...

I got the song, Maa ...

At the condo, we remained in the car until the song ended before Mom got out and Dad went to park at the basement. 

Honestly Daniel ...

That moment was priceless ... absolutely priceless. There are just no words for it. What a perfect ending to your 21st today.

Thank You, Son, for all the ZAPs today ... 

We're thinking and missing You on your 15th month with Jesus and Mary ...