Thursday, April 21, 2011

Call 197 : 15th MONTH

Hello Son,

Today is your 15th month with Jesus and Mary. 

1. The Garden

Dad and Mom were at your garden this morning, after dropping Justine in college. Your sister's not able to go. She wants You to know though, that she knows You have something to do with that letter she received yesterday from Mr Daniel ...  >.<

See Call 196 : Two Songs

We were at your garden by 8:30 am. 

This morning, there were so many mosquitoes. We forgot to bring the mosquito coils. Perhaps we were too early. Dad was busy slapping his legs and hands. :D Did You see that? Must have looked funny from up there. :D

When we arrived, Mom had checked the sky and noticed that there were small lumps of puffy clouds, scattered here there everywhere, up in the sky. Believe it or not, but by the time we cleared the garden plot and swept away the fallen leaves, the sky cleared as well. :D

Not kidding ...

You must have seen Mom pointing that out to Dad ... telling him how clear the sky was after we cleared the garden. Were You sweeping the clouds, too? Mom wondered. Mama Mary must have put You down for some heavenly household duties ... :D

Yup, the sky was a clear blue. No clouds, and no trails cutting through the sky, white or otherwise. It was just - clear!

Shortly after, Dad spotted a dog lazing on a tomb slab about 5 plots away from us. The dog was lying down, head on its paws, facing the headstone. 

Awww ... that reminded Mom of the movie Hachiko, where the dog continued to wait for his master's return at the rail station, after the master died. This went on until the dog died some 9 years later.

That was the first time we saw a dog at the garden.

About half an hour later, Dad spotted a second dog. 

Dad said, "His friend is here ..."

Huh ... what? What friend? Whose friend?

Mom turned to look to where Dad was pointing.

Oh, the dog's friend konon ...

Mom's hyperactive brain was somehow stimulated by that fact. 

Two dogs ...


Surely a coinciDANS ... :D

Something would happen soon. She could feel it. It's your 21st - something spectacular always happens on your special day. 

A song, a sign, a caterpillar ...

What would it be this time?

Dog, Mom ...

Anyway, Mom would soon find out, that today, nothing out of the ordinary would happen at your garden.  

No Zap. :(

Everything was pretty much very quiet, as per the last month's visit. Except that when we got into the car when it was time to leave at the last visit, IF I DIE YOUNG had come on the radio to ZAP us immediately then.

See Call 175 : Sorrowful Mystery 

The Band Perry

Mom wondered if that would be the case this time. 

We would soon be leaving the garden. She looked up into the sky. It was still as clear as ever. No cloud language. No helicopter flying close by and zapping us. In fact, two creepy crawlies that visited were of the wrong color and size.

No sign from You. :(

By 9:40 am, we were in the car.

Dad turned on the car engine and pulled away from the site. 

Mom turned on the radio.

Pause ...

No, nothing ...

A weird song came on. After that song, another weirder one filled the car. Oh, forget it. Mom lowered down the volume. Looking out the window, and feeling somewhat empty and dejected, your mother soon found herself sending You a telepathic message, 

"That letter yesterday ... Was that it? Nothing today?" :(

She must have sounded like a child, on Christmas morning, eagerly checking the tree just to find it empty. Mom imagined several replies that could have been yours ... and finally decided to settle for :

Be patient la, Mommm ... :D

2. Text Message

Mom picked up her handphone. She had left it in the car while we were in the garden just now. There was a text message from Aunty Carol. Aunty C said she wanted to go for mass at 6:15 pm later this evening, and she asked if we could go together. 

Mom replied okay.

For some reason, after reading her text, Mom told Dad to drive to church. She said she wanted to check the time for mass. 

Dad asked, "Didn't Carol say 6:15 pm?"

Yes, Aunty C sure did ... but for some reason, Mom insisted we drop by the church, which was by the way, not on the way, saying that she wanted to make sure the time is correct.

So anyway ... we arrived in church a short while later.

We drove into the church compound. 

Passing the admin office, we saw a lady sitting by herself, outside the office, reading a bulletin. 

Dad said, "Why don't You ask her?"

Dad drove up to her. 

Mom wound down the window, and asked, "Excuse me ..."

The lady looked up, and exclaimed ... something. 

We recognized her instantly to be one of the aunties who used to be in a prayer group of people who used to pray for You during our challenging times. Mom asked, "What time is mass tonight?"

Aunty L looked over the bulletin. Meanwhile, there was a car coming up behind us. Dad had to drive out of the way. So, he parked the car further up. Mom got out of the car and hurried to the aunty.

We checked the schedule and found that the time was at 8 pm. 

Mom asked, if there was one at 6:15 pm.

We went through the bulletin again. Mom's finger slowly scrolling down, line by line.

Nope. No mass at 6:15 pm. Only at 8 pm.

Mom thanked Aunty L and went back to the car.

3. Boo

Flopping down in her seat, Mom said to Dad, 

"8 pm la, not 6:15 pm ... Heyyy, this song ..."

This line on the radio had come on at the same time:

Me and You and a dog named Boo ...

The time was 10:35 am.

Hmmm ...

Yes, this song ... the last time it came on, was a few months back at your garden. 

See Call XX : can't seem to find that entry at the point of writing. 
it's the one with a pic of You with Kish at the beach.

Now, what was that about?

To be really honest, she didn't get that firework-ZAP! 

No, it wasn't the OMG OMG OMG kinda sign, just ... 

Hey, -- this -- song ...

Mom said, "Maybe it's the dogs today..."

Whatever that means ...she's not sure herself what that statement meant ... but something's coming up. Mom could tell. It was the way the sign appeared. The perfect angel-timing. She was out of the car, and only got in, in time to hear that line.

You must have whispered to your mother to go to church to confirm the time. Just as she had received the information, she jumped in the car, and that line came on. Had she got into the car just 5 seconds later, she would have missed it.

You've got your mother's attention alright. 

Pause ...

Still, that wasn't a ... real ... zap ...

You must have shook your head hearing your mother lamenting.

Be patient la, Mommm ...

We were on the way home. 

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