Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call 202 : LADY GAGA

Hello Son,

Unbelievable ... what happened this morning ...

It's 8:28 am now. Just got back from sending Justine to college. 

Last night, Mom posted Call 201 : Nice Work ... and mentioned somewhere in the entry that :

She - was - born - this - way ...


Justine has been singing BORN THIS WAY song the past few weeks, so that line has kinda got itself stuck in your mother's brain. The tune is so in her head now ... eventhough in the beginning, when your sister had first belted the song on her guitar, Mom had asked her disapprovingly, 

"Why are You singing this song?" 

Your mother had caught some words that umm, decent (?) people would probably frown on.

Anyway, this morning, while Justine was packing her bag, Mom went down to the basement parking to get the car. She had turned on the radio to her station at 105.7. 

The DJ was making some announcements. 

Mom was not listening ... no, not really. She drove the car to the lobby. Justine was there, waiting by the porch. Mom climbed over to the passenger seat. 

Justine took over the wheel.

Mom could see You watching your sister from a fat cloud up above, as she drove to the exit - barrier, flashed the magnetic pass card, waited for the barrier to rise, before driving out. :D

Barely 10 seconds later, Jus changed the radio station. 

Immediately, some kind of a speaking part of a song came on. 

Mom turned to Jus sharply, "Is this BORN THIS WAY?"

Jus said, "Yeah ..."

OMG ...

Time stood still ...

Then ...

Oh --- My --- Gosh ... 

You must have heard your mother uttered again in disbelief as realization sank in.

How incredible is this!

Mom couldn't believe it. Honestly, she could not believe it.

Last night, she called You and mentioned this line. Today, first thing in the morning, she hears the line on the radio. What are the chances??? You must have whispered to your sister to switch the station - right at that split of a second moment! 

The song had  j  u  s  t  started. 

OMG ... Seriously ... 

The timing was immaculate.

Mom remarked excitedly, "Your brother must have whispered to You to switch the station. I mentioned this line on my call last night. The song just started. The timing is perfect ..."

Change the station now, Jus ... :D

Jus grinned and exclaimed loudly, 

"I -- GoT -- THe -- PoWeR ..." :D

That moment was so incredibly - awesome. You really are with us, aren't You, Daniel? You got your mother's call last night, that's for sure. The song was probably your way of reminding us that You are near ... that You know what's going on. Yes, You did say after all to believe that You are always there whenever Mom calls You. 

Mom has to smile as she recalls the the emphasis that she saw on the word BELIEVE. :D:D:D How many times was it repeated - 

Like --- Seven ???

Call 193 : True Colors

By Lady Gaga - lyrics on screen

By 10year old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg

What amazing talent ... 30M hits ...

God makes no mistakes ...

I'm on the right track baby ...

I was born this way ...

Mom hears You. 

Don't think about the what-ifs anymore, Mom ...

God makes no mistakes ... I'm on the right track, baby ... I was born this way ... <3

To fulfill His purpose ...