Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello Son,

Gonna go back to some inciDANS that Mom has yet to tell You. We were on Call 194 : Heaven Rocks (Thursday, April 14) when we jumped the days and went to Tuesday, April 19 (Call 195 : Believe, Mom). 

Friday, April 15

1. The Camp

Today, Justine would be going to Tapah for a weekend camp with her college mates. She was in school. Mom would be meeting her later about 12 noon, to pass her, her camping stuff. The students will be leaving from college at 2:30 pm.

Meanwhile at home, your mother was receiving short text messages from your sister reminding her to pack toothbrush, nail clipper, torch light, contact lens' solution etc. At one point, Mom asked Jus, if she wanted to bring your orange pillow. Jus had said not to pack too many things. At the last camp, she had brought your orange pillow. The pillow, although small, would still be bulky when stuffed into her bag.

Your sister had replied, "Yesh ..."

You know what happened then ...

OMG ... You're not gonna believe this. 

Mom was making up Justine's bed at the time. After reading her YESH reply, Mom put down the handphone on a nearby wall-cabinet. She was fluffing Justine's duvet in the bedroom when suddenly, she saw a tiny white feather fluttering in the air, before it slowly floated back on the bed. It could have only come from the bed.

Oh my goodness ... A white feather on Justine's bed???

OMG ...

How precious. And a white one??? Mom couldn't help but grin as she picked it up, recalling the inciDAN the night before. She did not mention that inciDAN in the entry of Thursday, April 14 (Call 194), because she did not think this was going to be significant.

Last night (Thursday, April 14) ... while Mom was ironing in the laundry room, she had spotted a gray feather on top of the keyboard, near the window. The ironing board was like a foot away from the window. The thing is, the windows in this room are always closed, and had not been opened recently. Mom had wondered how the feather got in.

Since the feather was gray, Mom had thought to herself,

"this one's not counted." 

Besides, shouldn't it be white? :D Anyway, she can't be expected to get excited each time she sees a feather ... Especially when it wasn't even of the right color. 

So, she ignored it. She left it there, on the keyboard and continued her ironing.

 The keyboard, is by the wall, covered with a pink towel.

That gray feather was last night's inciDAN. 

Today, a white feather flutters before her eyes???

O -- M -- G ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Mom felt your presence immediately. :D

You wanted a white one, Mom ? :D

Chuckle. You read her mind. How that white feather ended up on your sister's bed is not for Mom to know. The MANGA book has prepared your mother for this.

See Call 178 : Manga Message 
And Call 128 : White Feather

That was awesome, Daniel. :D

2. In the Car

Mom left the house about 11 am. As she was driving out of the condo area, a helicopter flew in front of her view at close range. The time on the dashboard showed 11:02 am.

Decode : 4

A smile appeared on your mother's face. :D

See Call 86 : Sky Show

You're near, she could tell. It was the perfect timing. Had she drove out one minute earlier or later, she would have missed the helicopter at that close distance.

The radio was on. The time was then 11:05 pm. 

A preview of several songs had come on the radio, starting with the first song, I AM SAILING (Rod Steward). Mom did not pay much attention to the next 2nd or 3rd brief lines until she heard this one-liner from Michael Jackson :

You are not alone, I am here with You ... 

She literally found herself holding her breath. 

Oh my ... how perfect was that?

She had to smile to herself. How could she not? Her son was giving her a message. :D Yes, Mom was thinking too, that she would be alone this weekend. Dad was down south, and Jus would be at camp. That song-message was precious, Son. 

Soon, (after the previews) that first song, I AM SAILING began to fill the car.

I am sailing, I am sailing ...

Mom listened quietly.

I am sailing ... No, no zap. No connection. Well, unless a remote - controlled boat that Grandma bought for You after your 3rd surgery is counted. Does that count, she wondered. 

Nah, she finally chided herself ... she was trying too hard. Then, the second verse came on ...

I am flying, I am flying ...
Like a bird, cross the sky ...
I am flying, passing high clouds ...
To be with you, to be free ...

I -- am -- flying ???

OMG ... 

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!!

Mom's eyes shot to the time at the first line. It was 11:11 am.

Decode : 4

OMG ...

Who is Number Four?

See Call 43 : Angel Sign
And Call 150 : Number Four

Nobody, nobody but chiu ...

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

You really are with your mother today, aren't You? :D

3. The Star Papers

Mom arrived a wee bit too early at the college. 

She parked the car. Of course, there was one vacant spot waiting for Mom. :D She stopped by to buy The Star Papers before going to a nearby cafe. She was flipping through the papers, from front to back, the usual way, as she was sipping her white coffee. 

Justine called at 12 noon. Mom met up with her and passed her camping bag ... and the orange pillow. :D

Back home ... Mom was on the sofa, flipping through the papers ... this time, from back to front.

Flip flip flip ...

She found herself stopping at the obituary page.

Mom used to avoid this page like the plague but not now. 

A poem on the bottom left of the page had caught her eye. She read it slowly. The first two lines told her that this is the same poem that was posted by a reader on your facebook a few months after You left. Mom read on until the last line ...

God saw You getting tired
And a cure was not meant to be
So He put his arms around You
And whispered "Come to Me"

With tearful eyes, we watched You
As we saw You slip away
Although we love You dearly
We could not make You stay

Your golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best

Can You imagine how surprised your mother was when she reached the end of the poem and saw your name?

This picture is taken at this angle because Mom was trying to avoid the man's full name. 

Now, it looks like your mother has captured : Daniel 2011 ... (Decode : 4) ... 

Daniel 4

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

OMG ... The Bond. The Stars. The Fireworks. 

It was unbelievable!

Honestly, what are the chances of seeing your name under this poem on the RIP page today? The man's name on this notice was A.G. Daniel, by the way.

With Dad down south and Justine at camp, You wanna make sure Mom knows she's not alone, huh. You're a good boy, Son ... :D You were practically keeping your mother company.

4. Initial D

Mom was working on her article before the computer, with the television on in the background. It would have been way too quiet without the telly. At one point, she heard a line that ZAPPED her and made her turn to look at the TV screen. 

A character had said :

"She doesn't mention his name. She uses the initial D ..."

It was an episode from Desperate Housewives. The time was 4 pm. 

She - uses - the - initial - D

So many alphabets from A to Z, and yet it was the letter D that had to be mentioned. The one letter that would zap her.

A smile must have escaped from your mother. Her son was really keeping her company that evening. :D How cute is that? :D

5. Firework

Mom returned to her work. That was a nice break, she thought. 

About an hour and a half later, GLEE was on.  There was one particular moment when your mother found herself stopping to watch. A familiar music had filled the house. 

Soon, Rachel started singing :

Do You ever feel like a plastic bag ...

OMG ... 

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Oh my goodness, that Glee gal was belting out Firework ...

Call 151 : Major Fireworks

The time was about 6 pm. Woah Son, Mom's feeling your presence throughout the day. She knows You were / are with her. 

She does. 

It's a mother's intuition. 

A mother knows when her child is with her. :D

She knows.

6. American Idol

Mom took a walk downstairs to the cafeteria to buy some dinner for herself. Back in the condo, she was having her kam heong chicken with rice whilst watching American Idol

Anyway, your mother was munching away as she watched Ryan Seacrest introducing Kelly Clarkson and Jason (something) with their song, DON'T YOU WANNA STAY.

Huh ???

Say what ???

Jason ???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Mom couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. You must have seen her. C'mon ... how could she not grin like a Cheshire cat with a big fat mouse? First, Daniel, and now Jason? Both your names on the same day? 

Oh my ...

What a coinciDANS ... :D

"You really are with Mom, aren't You, Son?" she had said aloud to You. You must have nodded and grinned back. :D Nobody, not one person in this whole wide world, would be able to tell your mother that You didn't do just that.


The time was about 6:30 pm. Yup, "about." The clock at home is not digital.

7. Rihanna

The next guest star was invited to perform during the break. 

Ryan Seacrest introduced Rihanna. Mom watched, not expecting anything to happen. Just as Rihanna sang the first line, your mother received a big OMG - ZAP like You will not believe.

Chest to chest ... started Rihanna on the very first line. 

Time stood very still for your mother.

Excuse me ... but - did Rihanna just say...

Chest --- to --- chest ???



Gosh ...

Chest to chest? OMG ...

What are the chances? Who says chest to chest but Mom to You? This was our line. You remember, don't You? You were in lower secondary at the time, and had started to somehow feel a wee bit embarrassed when your aunties hug and squeeze You. You would soon begin to show your "uncomfortable face," as Aunty Diana would describe.

Anyway, one day, Mom asked for a hug. 

Big hug, Daniel, Mom had said. 

You got up from where You were sitting, walked to the bedroom, brought out a pillow, held it in front of You, before giving your mother a hug, so that the pillow was positioned in between Mom and You.

Hehehehehehehehehe ...

Mom had thrown her head back and laughed, before telling You firmly, "Nope, no pillow. Chest to chest." Your cheeks went all red before You obliged. After that first chest to chest request, all further hugs had to be classified clearly ... the "chest to chest" hug ... otherwise the pillow would appear ... :D Dad reminded Mom at the point of writing this paragraph that on a few occasions, Mom would add, boobs to boobs ... :D just to see You go beetroot. Yes, Mom remembers that. You do too, don't You?

Chest to chest

Nose to nose

Palm to palm

We were always just that close 

(Title : California King Bed)

OMG Daniel ... Honestly, what are the chances of Mom hearing this phrase ever again ... Mom was totally overwhelmed by emotion at that precious moment. 

Chest to chest, Daniel ... No pillow ...

You really were with your mother that evening, when she was alone at home. She felt your presence strongly when this line came on. See how You introduced it to her? Just before the chest to chest song, You had zapped her first with the Jason name to get her attention. When her thoughts were centered on You, lo and behold, came the line ...

Chest -- to -- chest ...

OMG ... That was incredible !!!

Totally, totally incredible.

7. Angel Number

A commercial break came on. Mom cannot remember if it was immediately after Rihanna's song. She thinks it was, but she's not sure. 

Anyway, would You believe it but your mother was further zapped when she saw her angels numbers appearing on the screen at the material time ...

4040 Mondays

"We go through 4040 Mondays in our life time" ... 

said the announcer ...

Oh Wow ... Of all the numbers to appear on the television screen, it had to be her angel number ...

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

Who is Number Four?

See Call 150 : Number Four

Yeah, who indeed ... :D:D:D

8. A Special Message

Anyway, American Idol was coming to an end. Idol Contestant Paul will be going home. A video showing his Idol journey from the beginning to the present time was shown. 

Nothing unusual about that.

Everything was as normal as could be.

Mom honestly did not expect any fireworks anymore. So many signs had come on today - she was ecstatic already. :D Just as she thought she couldn't get any more ZAPs, a song that came on in the middle of Paul's video, ZAPPED her. 

Your mother could not believe her ears.

OMG ...

You have got - ta be kidding ...

Don't You forget about Me ...

OMG ... 

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

Call 187 : Thumb Up

This song would not have been significant except that, the same song had zapped your mother exactly one week ago the Friday before, on April 8 (Call 187).

Don't You forget about Me ...

Forget about You ??? 

That's an impossibility. It could never happen. The bond between mother and son is forever. It cannot be severed. Our souls are connected. Besides, Dad bought Mom a book with that exact title, remember?

You are right here in our hearts, Daniel ... <3

We'll stay forever this way

You are safe in my heart

And my heart will go on and on

See Call 196 : Two Songs

Today was just so awesome, Son ... :D

Chest to chest ... :D

We love You so very much ... <3