Thursday, April 7, 2011

Call 186 : MEOW MEOW

Hello Son,

Justine drove out of the condo this morning with Mom in the car. We were heading for college. After passing through the parking barrier at the condo, your sister switched over the radio station to 104.9.

Believe it or not ... 

The music introduction of If I Die Young came on and filled the car. We both turned to give each other the OMG look.

See Call 56 : Sharp Knife
And Call 175 : Sorrowful Mystery

The Band Perry.

Honestly ... OMG ...

The time on the dashboard was 7:32 am. 

Mom told Jus that You must have whispered to your sister to change the station. Also, to leave the house 10 minutes earlier. The past few days, we left the house slightly after 7:30 am. Today, however, by 7:20 pm, Jus took her bag and books and said, 

"Let's go ..."

By the time we took the lift to the ground floor of our block, walked all the way down to basement 4 of the car park, drove 4 floors up again to exit the car park, and out of the condo area, honestly, Justine just knew when to pick the right moment to change the station. It was initially on 105.7. Mom's station.

That must have been a morning greeting from You, we think. :D The timing was perfect. As usual.

About the same time, Mom received a text message from Aunty Diana. The exact time was 7:29 am. Her sms read:

"Eh, u weren't kidding. Your cat looks EXACTLY like mine."

Flashback ...

Wednesday, March 30

A black and white kitten visited our home last Wednesday morning about 11 am. Mom had heard the meow meow sound for quite awhile that morning. She had ignored it at first, but It soon got louder and louder and louder ...

She finally opened the door to check it out.

My, was she surprised to see a little black and white kitten right outside the door. Seeing the door wide opened, the kitten invited itself into our home. It followed Mom to the bedroom.

Mom said to Dad, "Look who came to visit?"

Dad was surprised, "How did it get up here?" 

We're on the 10th floor, remember. It took the lift? 

Mom went to the kitchen. 

The kitten followed closely at her heels. Pouring some milk onto Kish's bowl, Mom placed it on the floor. The kitten sniffed at it for a bit before lapping up the milk. After that, Dad and Mom had to go out to meet a friend. So, we brought the kitten downstairs and left it at the ground floor.

Later that evening ...

Mom went to pick Justine up from college. 

In the car, Mom couldn't wait to tell Jus about the cat. 

Justine listened. After that, she told Mom what happened in her Psychology class that morning. She said, her lecturer had asked the class, out of the blues, and totally out of topic, the question, 

"Did you know that rabbits meow?"

Huh? Meow?

A coinciDANS, surely ... :D

Okay, so this happened last Wednesday.

Thursday, March 31

On Thursday, the next day, Mom picked Justine up from college in the afternoon. 

Jus said, "You know what happened this morning? A guy was walking behind me and he said meow ..."

Huh? She said she didn't know the boy and it's not like he was teasing her ...


Arriving at the condo, we parked at the car. We were in Grandma's car. We parked Grandma's car at her parking bay on the ground floor. When we came out from the car, believe it or not we heard loud cries of:




Justine's face lit up. She half-ran to where the cries were coming from ... the nearby garbage hut ... some 20 steps away from the car.

As we approached the small hut, we called out:




The kitty, the same one that visited the day before, came out from its hiding place and scampered over to us. 

Awww ... 

Mom took a snapshot of the kitten with Justine. After playing with it for a few minutes, we watched the kitten run off and disappeared into the bushes nearby. 

That was last Thursday.

Monday, April 4

Aunty Diana called Mom in the evening after work. 

She had sent a photo of a cat to Justine's cellphone before that.

A cat?

Aunty Diana has a cat inciDAN too?

Aunty Diana said,

"You know what happened today? We were in the car ... driving home after work. We kept hearing a cat going meow meow meow, and it was very loud. We looked all over ... It wasn't in the car, but the meow sound was loud. So Chris stopped by a church. He got down to check the car. He went all around the car but he couldn't find the cat. It was still meowing. You know where it was hiding? OMG, you won't believe it - it was in the bonnet! It was sitting by the engine."


Mom asked, "What color is your cat?"

Aunty Diana replied, "Black and white."

in the bonnet ...

Mom said, "OMG ... You know what? A black and white cat came to our place last Wednesday..."

Aunty Diana was like, "Shhhut ---- Uppp!"

Can't blame her for her reaction.

Mom said, "I -- will -- not ... A - black - and - white - cat - was - in - our - house - last - week ..."

OMG ... 

What an awesome coinciDANS!

That was Monday.

Tuesday, April 5

Aunty Diana said, she cannot understand how the frail kitten could jump up their 4 wheel drive. They had brought it home and put it in a box and it couldn't even get out of the box. The kitten had just stayed there in the box. How did it get up the car and got into the engine compartment?

Chris was apparently quite bewildered too. 

Later that night ...

The television was on. There was a movie at the time ... 

"And She Was."

Mom happened to turn to that DIVA channel. A few minutes later, possibly 2 minutes, the man in the movie said, 

"Have You talked to Jason lately?"

Mom sprang forward in her seat.



The lady replied, 

"He's 24 ... he's with his friends bla bla bla"


That's a number connected to You since it's your birthdate.

The time was 11:43 pm. 

The movie came to an end about 10 minutes later. For some reason, Mom kinda felt like she was about to see your name on the screen tonight. The credentials were scrolling up at a quick pace. She was right. Your name appeared and disappeared quickly.

Daniel ... (Didn't manage to read the surname)

Jason ... 24 ... Daniel ...

Zzzzaaa -- pppp!!!

You really do know how to make your presence felt, don't You, Son? Honestly ... Mom only saw the show for the last 10 minutes or so and in that short period, she was zapped quite nicely!

That was on Tuesday, two days ago.


Thursday, April 7

Today ... 

This morning, as Mom mentioned in the beginning, the song IF I DIE YOUNG came on just as we left the condo to college.

Aunty Diana texted and said that the cat which visited our home looked EXACTLY like their cat. Mom had emailed a photo to Aunty Diana.

Then, your aunty said in her 2nd text message @ 7:42 am:

"He's definitely trying to say sumthin wit the cats (she means YOU) ... mine about 3 wks ...stil walks clumsy wit legs shaking n bum keep falling 2 sides ... vet said it perfectly healthy ..."

Her 3rd text message @ 8:40 am:

"i think C (her husband) is really starting 2 wonder how the cat got into his engine n survived ... last time his dad found cat in engine n it was severed ... but bigger cat ... C keep wondering how the kitten can climb up his car when it can hardly walk ... i told him i think it's Dans ... i stil think there's a BIG message he's trying to tell us ... i mean, signs all over the world at the same time."

At 10:43 am, Aunty Jessie from the USA sent a text message. Without saying too much, suffice to mention that several wonderful opportunities have presented themselves before her and she was unsure as to which path to take.

Mom asked Aunty Jessie to go online so we could talk better. While waiting for her to get online, Mom's handphone rang.

You will not believe this ...

Mom answered the call with a, "Hello?"

The caller said, "Hello, I'm Jason from B Network ..."

You must have seen your mother's jaw dropped. 

Did You hear that???

Hello, I'm Jason ...

OMG ... only two days ago, Mom heard the line on TV, 

"Have You talked to Jason lately?"

And now she's talking to Jason???

Oh Wow ... what are the chances???

The call came in at 11:07 am.

Jason is apparently from an event management company. He mentioned that someone who was involved in our Pink Party event : My Favourite Photoshot Model Contest, had given him Mom's contact number.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

That contest was in 2006 ... 

You were there and You played an important role that evening in Shangri-La Hotel. You rode a mini-Kawasaki dirt bike into the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel, with the contest results. :D

It turned out Mom couldn't talk to Aunty Jessie at that time, a phone call came and she had to scoot. She re-scheduled her online talk some two hours later.

At 1:30 pm ...

Mom and Aunty Jessie went on Skype.

As we were discussing the opportunities that were on hand, Mom asked Dad to call Grandma over to the house. Grandma came at 2 pm ...

Mom left them to burn up the lines.

At 2:49 pm ...

Mom's handphone rang. She answered the call.

You're so not gonna believe this ...

The caller said at the other end, 

"Hello, I'm Daniel from R Property ..."

Mom thought she misheard. 

She asked, "Sorry, you are ..."

The man replied, "I'm Daniel from R Property ..."

Mom found herself repeating, "Daniel ..." for Dad's benefit. 

Dad turned to look.

The man confirmed, "Yes, from R Property ..."



Gosh ...

What is this???

So far, your mother has not received calls from strangers, soliciting business. Property ads she has received, yes, but all by text messages, and not actual calls.

Dad couldn't make sense of it either. 

Mom told Aunty Jes immediately after she hung up, 

"Dans wants us to know he's with us. I'm sure he is. First, Jason called, and then Daniel. Two calls today. Jason and Daniel. What are the chances? He knows what's going on. I'm sure he's trying to assure you that you'll make all the right decisions ..."

Mom's sure You'll whisper into your Aunty Jessie's ear when the time comes ... :D

Grandma ended the Skype talk at 5:30 pm.

Oh boy, 4 hours chatting online ... 

Unbelievable ...

The Jason-Daniel inciDAN happened twice. 

The first one on telly on Tuesday, 2 days ago. And today.

An incredible coinciDANS ...

Seriously, what are the chances???

Hello, I'm Jason ...

3 hours later ...

Hello, I'm Daniel ...


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!!