Monday, April 4, 2011

Call 184 : KING's CROSS

Hello Son, 

Friday, April 1

Wow ... 

Thia Megia stayed long enough to deliver the DANIEL song. That was her last song before she left the competition (American Idol Top 11). She had sang the song so well and with much emotion, that the song would seem to be the perfect choice before she made her exit. She's such a pretty girl and so talented for one so young. 

Can't believe she sang DANIEL on American Idol. Half the world would have seen and heard her on television. :D You must have been watching her too huh. :D

Sunday, March 27 

Dad and Mom went for morning mass at 8:30 am. After mass,we drove to Lucky Garden for breakfast. Mom was driving. 

Turning into the lane of shop houses, Mom said, 

"Okay Daniel ... do your magic ..." :D

Dad immediately pointed out, "There ... there's a spot there."

Ah, Mom saw it. It was a side parking. You remember how your mother sometimes take too long a time to park the car sideways in between 2 cars? As we were approaching, a car in front of the empty spot reversed and left, leaving 2 empty parking bays.

Mom smiled. 

This has happened before, recently when Justine was driving. We had visited your garden that morning.

See Call 175 : Sorrowful Mystery

We parked the car very nicely and easily, swerving into the middle of the 2 bays, up front and then slowly reversing back into the second bay. :D Yup, let's not tell anyone that Mom needs two parking space to park the car. :D 

Thanks Son ... You're always watching out for us. <3

 see how crazy is the congestion ...

just to show you how packed the place was ...

Yet, there were 2 empty bays when we arrived.
This photo was take on the way back to the car from the coffee shop.

The time was about 10 am. 

In the coffee shop, Dad had curry noodles and Mom, kuey teow soup. Don't forget the teh-si-panas-kurang-kurang-manis.

Soon, the food came. Mom was eating with her chopsticks in her right hand, whilst texting Aunty Carol with her left. She was busy texting, and eating at the same time when suddenly ...

She heard a very very very faint song that had come on in the air. Mom said to Dad excitedly, 

"OMG ... Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

The coffee shop was noisy, and the volume was low. Dad couldn't hear it. Mom continued to hear the song perfectly. It was in the distance but she heard every lyric that was sung. It was the ukelele version.

"Listen carefully ... it's Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

Dad tilted his head to one side, and paused to listen. He shook his head. He still couldn't hear. Mom got impatient. She began to sing and hum following the tune that was on.

Oh, Dad heard it then. Finally ...

Mom turned to look to where the song was coming from. She saw a PA system that was fixed on the wall below the ceiling, somewhere near to where we were sitting. 

Mom texted Aunty Carol, 

"somewhere over the rainbow just came on. ukelele version"

Justine painted this for You on your 14th month ...

The time was 10:30 am.

Aunty C replied : "awwwww ... i like that version ..."

Aunty Carol had created a video for You with this song, and she had related a rainbow inciDAN during her recent mountain-climbing trip in China. Your sister had painted a SpongeBob bouncing on a rainbow for your 14th month anniversary last month (March 21) and also had a rainbow inciDAN when one had appeared before her eyes when she was at the water park rides in Sunway Lagoon. It appeared twice. A clear coinciDANS! :D

Call 178 : Manga Message
Call 177 : 14th month
Call 181 : Window Surprise

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

The bond. The connection. The fireworks.

You must have whispered to your mother to listen-up. She heard the whole song, the moment it started till the end. After the song ended, Mom strained to listen to the next song. For some reason, and this Dad noticed too, after the rainbow song, the sound system just got all scratchy and muffled.

Wasn't that strange???

This inciDAN has happened before ... Mom was instantly reminded that some months back, when she was at the supermarket, she heard these two lines that came on suddenly in the air:

Ring Ring, why don't you give me a call 
Oh, ring ring, why don't you give me a call

Call 44 : Ring Ring

OMG ... after the two lines, the PA system became scratchy ... like a radio out of reception. Hearing just two lines at that moment was so amazing for your mother, but she was very frustrated that Dad did not hear it. He had stepped into the washroom. In the car a few minutes later, when she turned on the radio, the DJ said, 

"And that was Ring Ring by ..."

Mom remembers squealing ... for joy! :D

Anyway, sometime around 2 pm, Dad and Mom were at University Hospital. Aunty YK was not feeling well and was warded for observation. 

At the waiting area, Aunty Carol had called. Mom stepped out of the hospital, before taking the call. Aunty Carol sounded quite breathless on the other hand. She was in Bangsar Village to meet her friend, who was giving Justine a lunch treat at a Japanese restaurant for her excellent SPM results. 

Aunty Carol said, "I was going round and round and round looking for parking, and was almost about to exit the place when I called out, Come on Dans ... and immediately I found a spot!"

That made Mom smile. 

Mom said, "He wanted You to call his name. He wants You to know he's with You too. The Somewhere Over The Rainbow - that was to get your attention."

Aunty Carol said, "I'm just calling You to tell You this..."

Grin ... Mom knows the feeling ... the OMG feeling ...

You must have whispered to Aunty Carol to tell your mother about the parking inciDAN. Otherwise she would not have known that there were two parking inciDANS today ...


A clear coinciDANS ...

That night ...

the television was on. Mom was reading a book and looking up, every now and then to watch the movie that was on:

Nora Roberts Midnight Bayou

It was almost midnight, or after midnight she can't remember now, when the show ended.

For some reason, your mother found herself still watching the television screen.

Would You believe it but the next thing that came on was a black screen with the title ANGEL

Earlier that evening, Mom had written the words in Call 180

"When the movie ended, she happened to notice the black screen with two contrasting white lines across the screen that said "in loving memory of Jason (surname)"" ...

Call 180 : Hello Jason

Now, before the telly, the same black screen was before her and the white words ... but this time there was just one single word : ANGEL ...


Of all the titles that could have come on ... it had to be ANGEL ... It had to be connected to You of course ...

Of course ...


Don't expect Mom to turn off the telly now. She found herself watching the show very intently. 

Like a hawk.

Several times, in the 10 minute clip, she heard the words, "The - next - station - is - Angel." 

Dad was at the computer table. He heard it too. 

At one part, the man gave the girl a namecard and said, 

"Give me a call..."

Give - me - a - call ???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!!

OMG ... 

Only this morning, she was reminded of the Ring Ring inciDAN and had been humming the line in her head ...

Ring ring, why don't You give me a call ...

And now, she hears the words "Give - me - a - call..."

OMG ... Is that not an amazing coinciDANS ... :D 

Wow Oh Wow ...

You're really reading your mother's mind, she can tell ...


The scene was shot in the London tube. 

Mom watched on, wondering what the next sign would be. Her eyes were practically glued to the screen. Nothing would have made her budge from her seat before the television at that moment.

Before long, ZAP ZAP ZAP ...

The London tube sign and the words 

"King's Cross" appeared.

King's Cross Station ...

OMG ... You must have seen your mother held her breath ...

King's Cross Station ...

Mom was overcome with a sudden wave of emotion. 

She felt - bad ... really, really bad. :(

King's Cross ... the words practically jumped out of the screen before her eyes.

Our King ... Our God ... She had missed the recent Station of the Cross that Friday, 2 days ago.

Would You look at the connection??? You really know how to make your message loud and clear to Mom, Daniel. That was definitely You reminding Mom about the Station of the Cross that she had missed. She had said at the beginning of Lent that, this year, she'd attend all the Stations of the Cross held on every Friday from the beginning of Lent until Easter.

She's only attended once so far ... 

Missed the following 2 Fridays thereafter ... :(

Call 176 : Wood Dancer

Oh Lord ... 

Please tell Jesus Mom's sorry, Son ... 

She's very very sorry ... You're reminding her, she knows that.

The show ended shortly. The credentials started scrolling up. 

Mom saw the name: 

"Justine Redfern" (Producer) ...  

and couldn't help wondering if there would be a Daniel that would appear next ... Imagine, first ANGEL ... then, Give Me A Call ... then King's Cross Station ... OMG - if the name DANIEL appeared, she would just ...




Gosh ...

Mom sat right up as she spotted the name:

"Daniel Gill (Prop Assistant)..." on the television screen.

OMG ... 

Seriously ...

OMG ...

What are the chances ???

That was an awesome coinciDANS ... :D 

Felt your presence the whole night, Son ...

The credentials were coming to an end. 

Finally, the last word that appeared right at the end of the list of acknowledgments, caught her eyes ... :


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

The name appeared in that way, the first 3 letters in script and the WOOD in sold blocks.

See Call 176 : Wood Dancer

King's Cross Station and WOOD ...

That was the last message your mother received that night. 

WOOD ...

You must be reminding Mom about the Lent season, Mom thought immediately, as she recalled the song Under The Weight Of The Wood in Call 176.

That ANGEL show was only on for about 10 minutes. Yet in that short period of time, your mother received a very important message ... 

How awesome ... <3<3<3