Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello Son,

Today was a zombie-day for Mom. 

The day before on Wednesday, she must have had some food that didn't agree with her sensitive stomach. By evening time, she was feeling a bit off. Bad timing. Dad was cooking his Paella with Justine in the kitchen.

Guess Mom's timing is not as good as yours. :(

Broke all record and went to bed instead as early as 8pm. 

Got up today, Thursday, and still felt somewhat weird. After logging into your Facebook to post the daily link, your mother wanted to prepare a Silent Thot entry, yesterday being Thursday ... but You know what?

For some reason, there was a problem with the blogger account or was it internet connection, she's not sure. It took forever to just open the account, and she couldn't get into the blog-post. The twirling-sign kept showing "uploading" but nothing was happening ... for a mighty long time.

Dad called out from the kitchen, while preparing breakfast, and said, connection is very slow today. "Daniel's asking You to take a rest," Dad continued.


Yeah, all right.

Went to Justine's room, which used to be your room, and plonked herself on the bed. Dad brought her a protein shake with 2 scoops of Flora Guard. If You remember, 1 scoop contains 10 billion count of friendly bacteria, so Mom's hoping 2 scoops would help to overcome all the unfriendliness in the gut.

Lay down for a bit and must have fallen asleep. 

Got up about 1pm. 

Still felt weird. Asked Dad for some green apples and with a bit of seasalt. Munching on the salted apples, memories came flooding back. We had spent so much time here with You in this room and sigh, You used to snack on salted green apples too. 

Asked Dad to check on the internet. A few minutes later, he said, he still couldn't get into the blogger post. "Daniel wants You to rest today," Dad added firmly.

Justine confirmed that from her desk, "Yeah Mom, You stay in bed today."

Oh well, alright ... 

Took another shake with another 2 scoops of those super fighter-bacteria. C'mon, You guys ... Dad also made a pitcher of BioFruity and HemoBerry. Have to drink plenty of fluids.

She must have fallen asleep again, because when she awoke, it was about 4:20pm. Felt better. Had another salted green apple. Asked Dad to check on the internet again. This time, he said, "Yes, can go into the blog-post already, but internet is still slow."

Mom got up from bed, feeling like a hundred and two, and moved about like a hundred and three. At the computer, she spent some time doing up the Silent Thot entry. 

Today's entry is entitled The Little Teacup.

Had a break in between when Dad brought out a small bowl of his Paella from last night's. Took a mouthful and was instantly energized. Appetite had come back. The spanish rice was truly flavorful. Finished the bowl in a jiffy. 

Continued with the Silent Thot post. 

The mood was all melancholy as she typed the the Teacup story. How You must have felt the unbearable heat some times, and must have yelled, "Let me out, Let me out," only to find your Master telling You, "No, Not yet."

A mother will always feel her child's pain and soon she had to blink back tears that threatened to spill. God already planned for You to be an awesome angel, Son ... right from the beginning. You were not meant to be on earth and live with restrictions like the rest of us.

She had to comfort herself.

Dad made some porridge for dinner, which she'd lapped up hungrily. With lots of marmite. :D She was feeling much, much better then.

It must have been about 9pm when she went back to Justine's room. She'd posted the Silent Thot entry. Now she was just going to lay down on the bed and reflect ... scene after scene after scene ... so much happened in this room, Son ...

Dad came in a short while later and brought out your BB gun and goggles. You remember your gun, Daniel? Then, Justine came in the room to play her guitar. We sang some songs together, the main one : IF I DIE YOUNG

She was strumming to the chords of FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED, when Dad came in with the harmonica. We all felt the absence of the fourth person with the electric guitar. :(

After a while, Justine went back to her books. Dad went through some of your things on your side table and brought out your affirmation board. 

There were 10 affirmations that we'd say together daily, beginning with No. 1 : Jesus is in me, and ending with No. 10 : Daniel's God will save him (from the book of Daniel).

Remember that?

Tonight, Mom was feeling miserable. This is what a zombie must feel like. Perhaps all those THRILLER practices have gotten into her. Being in bed almost the whole day, she had not been able to do anything or hear any song that gave her, her daily BOND-fix. It's almost midnight and she'd had felt nothing. 

No Zappp.

No Bond.

No Song.


Honestly, nothing at all.

She had been lying in that woebegone position, flat down, with her knees bent at the side of the bed, her eyes staring at the ceiling, since she came into the room after dinner. Justine had passed her when she went to the bathroom at one point and exclaimed, "Mom, You haven't moved???"

She has not.

Your mother would not have known that You had something up your angel-sleeves  ... because towards the end of the night, something  really aMaZiNG happened.

Justine called out from the living room. It was about 11:45pm.

She said something, but Dad and Mom couldn't hear from the room.

Mom yelled, "What???"

Justine yelled back, "ORANGE MOTH!!!" 

A moment of silence. Then ...

"Did Jus say, ORANGE MOTH," Mom asked uncertainly. 

Dad shrugged. We hurried out, to see Justine pointing on the floor beside the book shelf. 

Oh my, there perched on the floor was the prettiest orange moth we have ever seen! Felt the instant ZAPPP!

The familiar electrifying BOND-ZINGGG coursed through her.

Oh Wow Daniel, You really read Mom's mind. 

You really really really did. 

Just a few days ago, Aunty Jessie had sent a photo of a very pretty moth that visited her home. (Call 58 : Hello Kitty) 

Upon seeing that picture, Mom couldn't help but think to herself, "That moth is so pretty, How come our moths here are so dull and boring?" 

She had only harbored this thought in her mind and did not mention to Dad or Justine. So who would know except for her Son ... who could do something about that? :D

A broad smile appeared on Mom's face. 

You really are very, very near us, aren't You, Daniel? Sometimes, it's just so hard to believe despite all the song-messages that come on at that precise second, on more than God-knows-how many occasions. You didn't want us to fret about You and go to bed that night without letting us know that You are near. So You sent us a pretty Moth. 

And ORANGE, Daniel??? 

An orange moth???

How did You manage to find an orange one, Son? 

Dad was busy trying to snap a photo of our lil visitor. Jus was saying that, the moth must have been injured because it kept going round and round and round in circles and it looked like it wanted to fly, but couldn't take off.  

Tak tentu hala, her exact words. 

While Dad was trying to take a close shot, Mom said, to close the windows so it wouldn't fly away. Dad said, No, don't do that, don't keep the moth a prisoner. 

We downloaded the photos on the computer immediately just to check if the photos were clear. Jus noticed that Dad took several photos without the moth opening its wings. 

"You have to take it when it's opening it's wings, Dad, it's the body that is ORANGE," Jus said.

So, Mom asked Jus to take some more photos, but You know what?

The moth had disappeared. 

It was barely 5 minutes since we came to admire the moth. We couldn't find it. We were all in the living room the whole time, yet none of us spotted the moth flying out the window. So, all the spinning, turning and twirling around was a lil show then for Justine? 

Dad said to Justine, "Your brother wanted to entertain You," and then turned to Mom and said, "It must have heard that You wanted to close the windows and fled." :D

You know what happened next???

Mom was writing the inciDAN in her diary when Justine came and placed on her sparkling-white table, ONE STRAND OF HAIR. (Call 46 : Hair Mystery)

"This fell on my desk when the moth came," Jus said.

Mom looked at the hair. 

We turned to look at each other. It was a short hair, about 3 inches long or so. The whole day long, there had been no sign of any hair on your sister's desk, and just as the moth came in, the one strand of hair was spotted on her table. That one strand is very smart. It knows how to be conspicuous. Just like the one strand in Call 46 - it just knows where to land so You'd see it. 

Jus has tons of books on her desk at that moment, yet she could see that tiny one strand on a small, clear opening on her white table, at the same time the Orange Moth made its presence felt!

Oh Wow ...

Mom went to bed that night with a light heart and a smile on her face. Her BOND-sign had come just before the end of the day. 

That was precious, that MOTH moment. 

And the hair ...

Thanks for that, Son ... <3 <3 <3