Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Call 66 : NASI LEMAK

Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 65)
We left the Bangsar Mall at about 3:15pm.

Dad had to meet somebody at KL Sentral. In the car, on the way to KL Sentral, Mom had turned on the radio in the hopes of getting that ZINGGGG BOND-message.

However, for reasons unknown to her, there were no song-messages at the material time. 


Dad went went to see his friend briefly, to pass him some products, and we met up shortly after at a cafe at about 3:45pm.

Ah, this Mom has to tell You.

We were at a self-service cafe. 

Mom was at the food counter. She had spotted a tray of small packets of nasi lemak bungkus. She picked up one packet and moved forward to the counter. 

Dad was behind her.

Handing the packet to the cashier-girl, Mom casually asked, "Your nasi lemak fresh, ah?"

Let your mother tell You exactly how the girl responded.

You wouldn't believe this but the girl wrinkled her nose, and made a face like she had smelt a container-load of rotten fish or something. 

Then she shook her head subtly, subtly for obvious reasons, and said in low tones, "Not fresh - since morning."

It was almost 4 pm then.

Mom was so stunned, her jaw must have dropped. 

She honestly did not expect that honest respond from the cashier-girl at all. The reply was so unexpected, she was still holding the packet of nasi lemak in mid air a few seconds after the cashier's reply, and she stood there momentarily still until she heard Dad say, 

"Take something else. Don't take the nasi lemak."

Oh my, would You believe that???

You must have whispered to the girl to tell your mother the truth. 

Especially when Mom's just gotten over a stomach upset not so long ago, last Thursday. Yes, it was a Thursday, she remembers, a Silent Thot day.

As we were having our tea, your mother was still very tickled by the inciDAN, the incredulity of it all, she felt like bursting into laughter. 

Dad was like, Shhh not so loud, You're gonna get the girl in trouble. 

The poor girl, she probably cannot understand why she did what she did just now.

You really were with us at the cafe then, weren't You? 

How cute is that?

Everywhere I am, there You'll be ...

And You've been there each and every time, wherever we are, true to the lyrics.

While we were having our tea, Mom happened to lament that since Saturday, yes, since we uploaded the video IF I DIE YOUNG sung by Justine, Mom has not received any song-messages from You.

Saturday, no song, she can understand. 

Justine had sung IF I DIE YOUNG. That was the song for the day. 

But what about Sunday and Monday??? You mother would like to know ...

Been waiting for 2 days, Mom complained to Dad.

Anyway, after tea, we went back to the car. We had to pick Justine up after her 4:30 pm paper.

Dad was driving out of the car park, after going through the ticketing-machine, when Mom turned on the radio.

The DJ was making some announcements and then, GUESS WHAT???

The very first song that came on after the DJ spoke, was  :


Dad and Mom turned abruptly at each other. 

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! 

We were just talking about it at the cafe.

A big grin spread across our faces. 

The time on the dashboard showed 4:28pm. 

Aww Son, You must have heard Mom grumbling just now. We were so happy to hear the song, we sang enthusiastically with the radio.

Yes, Dad too. :D

Thanks for that, Son. <3

We arrived at Justine's school just as she was walking out of the school gate. It was 4:40pm. As she was crossing the road to our car, Dad pointed out that Jus was wearing a orange name tag, and using Dad's orange watch for the exams.

You must have been able to spot her easily with all that orange on her ... :D