Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call 59 : ALL DOGS

Hello Son,

When Justine came home from school on Monday noon time, Mom told her about some videos she happened to view this morning of some girls singing IF I DIE YOUNG on their guitars on the internet. 

Jus said to : Check on the IF I DIE YOUNG video by Sam Tsui.

Mom didn't. 

She wasn't on the computer then. Anyway, good thing she didn't check, she had thought TSUI was spelt SOOI. 

Anyway ... 

On Tuesday morning the next day, when Mom logged on to your Facebook, imagine her surprise when she saw the video of  


on the top entry posted by MC. 

The very video that Justine had mentioned the day before!

Oh woah ... :D 

That was pretty awesome. :D 

Talk about the connection between Heaven and Earth in sync at that moment.

 FACEBOOK LINK : See entry below TUE 16/11 to view Sam Tsui's video

Seeing the video on your facebook made Mom wonder if she might receive a song-message today ... 

What d'ya think? :D

She was in the car, driving back to the condo. 

Justine was with Aunty Carol. They were going to the dentist. Mom turned on the radio. 

WONDERFUL TONIGHT had come to an end. 

The time was 1:36pm. 

Normally, the song-messages would be instantly on when she turns on the radio, or the next full song. She waited patiently for the next song. The unfamiliar introduction came on. You must have chuckled when your mother screwed up her face.

What song is this, Daniel? Mom asked aloud.

Don't You have a message for Mom today, Son? 

She's about to reach home like in 2 minutes. 

Approaching the traffic lights at the mosque area, Mom purposely slowed down and drove with the speed of a limping snail.

She was startled when an impatient driver behind her honked. 

Oh, be Quiet!!!

Turning into the lane in front of Justine's school, Mom found her ears suddenly pricking up to the lines of the song at the moment. She had not been paying much attention to the it as it was an unfamiliar song, until she heard these lyrics :

Turn around, 
I'm standing right beside You
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
I will always be there for You

Oh Yay, her message has arrived. :D

A big wide smile appeared on her face. 

She beamed like a child who's just been given a giant rainbow - lollipop.

Hearing the first line, she'd reached for her mobile and started to key in the words with one hand. By the time she heard the "I will always be there for You" line, she knew she'd be checking on the video later.

Thank You for that, Son. You made Mom's day! :D

Hmm, You must have made that silly driver HONK just now. 

That loud honk really made your mother jump almost out of skin as she was far away in her thoughts, and brought her right back just in time to hear those lines. She could have missed it. And would have missed it, as she wasn't listening to the radio then. 

Her mind had switched off the moment she heard the intro and knew it wasn't one of the BOND-songs.

Indeed, she cannot remember when was the last time anybody had HONKed her so rudely.

Anyway ...

That last line brings back fond memories of a cartoon VCD You used to have : All Dogs Go To Heaven

I Will Always Be With You

This animation is one of your and Justine's VCD collection when You both were very young. Do You remember ALL DOGS? It's a really, really nice song. At the time of writing this Call-Entry, Mom can't seem to find the video for that song on the radio. 

It's REFLECTIONS by Bryan Bishop she found out, but there is apparently no music video available. :( 

Will check with Justine later. May have to download from mp3. Not sure how to do that even though can cleverly say "mp3."

Oh well, never mind, we'll take it slow, step by step.

Who's she kidding? Where's Justine? Call Justine ...

Meanwhile ... 

Gonna upload the ALL DOGS video and paste the lyrics here. 

Open a new window to play the video.

Let's take a trip back to memory lane, Son. :D

You sing Charlie's-part ...


And ..... GO ...

(click on music video link above, not the picture.)

I will always be with you
Makes no difference where 
your road takes you to
Even if we're apart
Now we're joined at the heart
Though our moment may be gone
You and I will still live on

I will always be with you
I'll be by your side whatever you do
Other memories may fade
But the ones that we made
Are eternal as a star
Now I'm part of who you are

And I'll be there with you 
in the sound of your laughter
I'll be in the tears you cry

'Cause the way you and I 
have touched one and other

Doesn't end with goodbye

I will always be with you

Like a guardian angel constant and true

When you're lost in the night

(Lost in the night)

And you can't see the light

My love will see you through

I will always be there

You'll have me there

I will always be with you

Thank You for always being with us, Son,
like a guardian angel, constant and true ... 

Even if we're apart,
Now we're joined at the heart,
Though our moment may be gone,
You and I will still live on.