Monday, November 15, 2010

Call 57 : FUMING MAD

Hello Son, 

Wanna say something about the concert on Saturday. 

The costumes for the Thriller Rock performance was perfect in the end. You know how much tension there was, right? We originally picked purple-black outfits. Very prom-looking. We absolutely loved the purple-black costumes. 

Then, would You believe but 10 days before the concert, when Teacher L and Grandma went to the costume shop to collect the orders, the boutique-woman arrogantly told them that she had SOLD our purple-black costumes to another school. 

Her reason was that, we didn't pick them up earlier. 

Your normally quite easy-going mother was fuming mad when she heard about this. 

She was in MPH when she received the call from Teacher L, she remembers. Had she been at home, she would have RAISED her voice an octave or two higher, and used even more uh, flowery words, to deliver her utmost ...


DIS-satisfaction ... 

DIS ... DIS ... 


and all other negative DIS-es there are in the dictionary, over the phone.

So there.

After the phone call, your mother kept asking herself why this, this, this ... stupid thing ... had to happened. When there are no words to describe the emotion, just use the S word. It covers everything that is not good. 

She had fallen in love with the purple-black costumes, and You would know that. 

You SHOULD know that.

Come on ...

Don't tell her You didn't know that. 

Not possible.

You KNOW mom loved the purple-black prom nite costumes. So why did You allow this to happen? Ten days before the concert and You allowed your mother's chosen costumes to be SOLD to another school? Why??? She couldn't believe it. 

Honestly, she couldn't believe this FIASCO had happened!

Teacher L informed Mom that the shop-woman suggested a red-black costume instead. Take it or leave it, the woman had apparently said. We didn't want the red-black one in the first place, because it didn't come with matching boy costumes. 

So now we have no choice, but to take the red-black for the girls, and silver-black for the boys. Not matching at all!

We were so, so, so DIS-appointed with the change.

Teacher L couldn't stand the black and dull color of the boy outfit and so she decided to paste colorful stars on the pants with double-sided tape. We had to find some red cloth of previous concerts to tie at the waist and to get red ribbons for the collar just so the outfit won't look so dowdy and dreary.

It was only on the concert day on Saturday ... 

... while making up and changing the children, that Mom gradually realized that, hey ... the kids didn't look all that bad. 

In fact, the costumes turned out better than expected. A much better choice than the initial purple-black one.

Justine saw the dance video (Call 55) and commented that she cannot understand how we could have wanted PURPLE in the first place. It's Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Rinas, You gotta wear RED, NOT PURPLE, she said. How would the red Santa hat match the purple costumes, she asked in a tone that suggested that our initial choice for PURPLE was absurd.

So, yes, the unexpected change to RED costumes did turn out good in the end. :D

Mom thinks You must have canceled the purple outfits on her behalf. :D Anything that suddenly turns right in the end, your mother knows You have something to do with it.

Thanks Son. :D

After the Concert, which ended about 6pm, and all parents and children had left, Mom came out from the changing room and sat in the hall while watching Dad take down the backdrop. Aunty H was sitting beside her. 

She had sat there barely 5 minutes when the song:
(maroon 5)

came on loud and clear over the sound system. 


The BOND. :D

From the stage, Dad turned to give Mom a knowing look, pointing to the ceiling (the song).

Won't Go Home Without You ...

The first song that You sang to Mom the night before You left us. Mom felt your presence instantly. You were with us that afternoon, she's sure of it. The perfect costumes was already a sign. 

And now the song. The second sign. 

Mom thought of the day before the concert at the hair salon, when she flipped through a magazine and saw an article on SECONDHAND SERENADE. The second song You sang to Mom, after You sang WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU, the night before You left us.

What are the chances of seeing Secondhand Serenade on Friday and now hearing WON'T GO HOME WITH YOU on Saturday, the next day?

Clearly a coinciDANS. :D

Wouldn't You say so???

You definitely know how to make your presence felt, Son. :D

The connection is so precious. :D

From the concert hall, we drove to Jalan Gasing to have dinner at the chicken rice restaurant. 

Justine and Aunty C were attending mass in SFX. 

Vehicles probably belonging to the parishioners were parked all along the road, making it quite a slim chance for us to find a proper parking at the row of shop-area. Dad turned into the lane of the row of shops, nevertheless. 

As we approached the chicken rice restaurant, would You believe it but a Kancil gave its signal to reverse out of its parking spot. 

Mom was like, "There, there, there..." (pointing to the spot).

However, there was another blue car that was in front of us, waiting by the side of the Kancil that was about to reverse out. 

Dad said, "That (blue) car is waiting to go in."

Mum was thinking, "Can't be, can't be ..."

It really felt like You had cleared that spot for us. True enough, we saw a lady half-running to the waiting blue car, hopped into it before the car went off. 

The Kancil reversed out.

Mom turned to Dad, happily, "See??? That's our parking. I knew it!"

Such a perfect spot too. It was directly in front of the mamak restaurant, that is right beside the chicken rice shop. 

Our third sign that You were with us that day.

In the restaurant, after Dad gave the waiter our orders, Mom couldn't help but notice that we were surrounded by ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE everywhere.

There were about 20 waiters waiting on tables, and all of them were in ORANGE tees. 

So, how not to think about You, Son. 

Our 4th sign. :D

Thank You for that Saturday, Daniel. 

For the perfect costumes. For the song. For the parking space. And for the overwhelming ORANGE-reminder, that You are always with us. <3<3<3