Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Call 44 : RING RING

Hello Son,

Today is November 2nd. All Souls' Day. Gloomy word, Mum thinks, so she's taking it upon herself to enhance the word to:

All ANGELs' Day :D

How about that? :D Sounds much better already.

Mom's got a pretty AMAZING story to tell You about today.

Totally AWESOME!!! She really doesn't know how to start, please help her to write this out the best You can. Okay? 

Monday evening (1/11) ... Mom was in the middle of preparing a new blog for You. 

Dad had suggested this when we went to your Flower Garden on 21/10 recently. Dad had taken some photos and thought it would be nice if we could keep them in a separate blog - a special blog just for your flower garden. So Mom picked a blog-template, sent an email to her Godson on 24/10 to ask him to do the necessary to prepare the blog. 

Anyway, on Monday morning (1/11), she checked and the blog is still not done. By afternoon, she sent an sms to her Godson, to ask if he had prepared the blog, and he replied instantly, that "he just did it half an hour ago." (time of sms 2:03pm)

You must have whispered to him to get it done, because Mom was thinking about it the whole time that morning, and his timing couldn't be better. She needed the blog to upload some photos and publish the entry on All Angels' Day on Tuesday today (2/11). :D Get used to the new name, yeah?

Oh, so the new blog's ready? Grrrrrr-eat!!!

That Monday afternoon (still 1/11), she started to upload the photos taken at your Flower Garden on Sunday (31/10). At the same time, she wondered what she should write under the DESCRIPTION of the blog title. 

On a separate FIREFOX window, she started to type in, this line and that to describe the blog, delete and re-type, delete and re-type again, more than 10 times before she finally came to one simple line that she thought is perfect for the blog description:

"Here I am, Lord," says Daniel, on 21 January 2010.
(remember this line!)

Simple line, straight to the point. It looks neat too.

She named the blog FLOWER GARDEN 21 ... 

21 being the date (21st) that GOD called You. She scribbled in her diary that the name came to her at 11:42pm. Not that the time is important, that's just to show You that by the time she was done with the Flower blog, she didn't have time "to give You a call" on Monday. She was supposed to write your next Call 43.  She hasn't forgotten.
So on Monday, she "did - not - call - You."

Anyway, upon writing the number 21, Mom instantly thought of the song : 21 GUNS  (GREEN DAY). 

She has never uploaded this song before on your Facebook because the lyrics are just --- out. Totally. 

Put down your arms and what not.  

What's that about? 

She somehow could not appreciate the song back then. However, the lyrics NOW bring her back to a time when this song could have described perfectly how we would have felt at one point or another in your journey here, especially towards the end.

True to the song, "You threw your arms up into the sky, You and I," and we surrendered to God completely. 

Anyway, let's not get side-tracked here ...

Mom's entry on the Flower Blog was ready by Monday night time, and she set it on self-publication on Tuesday 2/11 @ 7:05am.

Tuesday morning (2/11)...

Mom checked the new blog and found that her entry was "published successfully." She then logged into your facebook to post the link there. In her entry, she wrote a short message and ended with these words :

We love You so very much. 
(remember this line!)


Remember those 2 lines in red

Later on Tuesday morning, Dad and Mom went to church to attend the 9am mass. After mass, we had a quick breakfast at a coffee shop nearby where You and Justine used to have wan tan mee when You both were little. During breakfast, Mom happened to ask Dad, 

"How many chapters are there in Commercial Law?" 

Dad couldn't recall, and asked, "Why You suddenly ask that?"

Mom explained that she wanted the info for her Call 43.

Anyway, we were soon back in the car. The radio was on. A song was finishing. The next song that came on was : 


Here I am, the one that You love
Asking for another day
Understand the one that You love
Loves You in so many ways

A dinosaur-song, no doubt. Mom had attended their concert way back when she was in Form 2 at the stadium. She remembered that time, three-quarter pants were the IN fashion, and she had to fold her long bright yellow pants up to below the knees, just to be seen as following the trend. Pathetic, she knows. Justine would probably say, very la-la. :D 

Anyway, Mom was belting the song out like she was on some Idol contest or something. At the same time, she keyed these words (part of the chorus) into her mobile:

here i am 1028

10:28am ... Why she had to save that in her draft, it's hard to tell, because it's not like the song gave her goose bumps or she felt that OMG connection. No, nothing of the sort. No spark. No Bond.

However, AF-TER she keyed in those words, she looked at the mobile screen and found herself staring at the line,  

here i am

And then it happened ...

Zzzzzappppp. The Spark. The Bond. The Connection. The OMG that made her gasped. Literally.

The line that dazzled her :-

Here I am, the one that You love ...

Felt your presence instantly. Mom was bursting with excitement, trying to tell Dad about the song, and she was like :  

"OMG, last night on the new blog, I wrote the line "Here I am, Lord" and this morning, I posted an entry on his facebook and my last line was, "We love You so very much." Now, I'm getting a message :

Here I am, the one that You love ...

OMG ... "

The words came tumbling out of Mom's mouth : "He just gave me a response. He knows, he knows about the Flower Blog. I said, HERE I AM, and now he says the same thing, HERE I AM. He knows I will connect with that. I said, We love You so very much, and he responds, "Here-I-am,-the-one-that-You-love." You heard that??? HERE I AM - he's making a link to what I wrote yesterday (Monday) on his flower blog. I made the blog for All Angels today, and today, he sends a message that links back to the blog, and at the same time, responds to my last line on the facebook. He just communicated with me!" 

It always sounds ridiculous whenever she tries to explain THE BOND. This really is something just between Mother and Son. It's just so difficult to explain this - connection. It really is impossible to explain, but when it happens, You'd know. You just know!

Like NOW ...

She couldn't believe it. It was so amazing! What are the chances? No chance. Angel chance.

Mom was practically delirious. It's so incredible. 

We love You so very much, she had said. 

And he replies, Here I am, the one that You love.  

O Lord. Had she written, We miss You or We're thinking about You, she would not have noticed a connection, because there would be none. 

But she had written, We love You so very much

And he had said implicitly, Here I am, the one that You love.

OMG, she can't get over it. 

She cannot get over it!!! 

She just cannot get over it!!!

It was incredible!!!

We arrived at Central Market to get some groceries. Dad parked the car and soon we were at the supermarket. Mom had a big silly grin on her face and she must have been talking to herself or something, because some people had turned to look at her. She didn't care. 

Nope, she didn't care.

She really DID NOT care.

She was too ecstatic!

Here I am, Lord, she had written on Monday night.
We love You so very much, she wrote on Tuesday morning.

And she received a message later that same Tuesday morning,  

Here I am, the one that You love ...

OMG ... Surely she can forgiven for repeating that line over and over and over. It was so awesome!!! She hugged herself with glee. She could not concentrate on getting groceries. Not at all. What groceries - she was floating on air, with a big cheshire cat's grin on her face. :D :D :D

We were done in about 20 minutes. Dad got a carton of milk and some eggs. Mom could not focus. After paying, Dad said he wanted to go to the Gents. Mom waited by the counter, still replaying the event. It was just too incredible. Somebody, please pinch her.

A few minutes later, her attention was somehow brought to a faint distance music that was playing in the supermarket. She was not aware there was any music before that, but now she hears a clear song, only the following lyrics (it was the ending of the song) :

Ring ring, why don't You give me a call
Oh, ring ring, why don't You give me a call

Ring ring, why don't You give me a call???

By Abba. The time was 11:11am. She couldn't believe her ears.

O-M-G ... the last time when Mom delayed in writing your next call, you had sent the very next day, the song (Lean On Me):

Just call me 
If You need a friend
Call me 

(the CALL ME was repeated 22 times)

Yesterday Monday, she had missed a call and today Tuesday, she gets a message :

Ring ring, why don't You give me a call ...

There were no other songs in the air after that. She didn't hear the beginning of this song either. She only heard the ending, only those RING RING lines. After the song faded off, some muffled sounds was heard before the PA system was turned off. Absolute silence. When Dad came out from the washroom, Mom blurted, "Did you hear the RING RING song?"

Dad said, "No, toilet got no music."

Mom was stumbling all over the place trying to tell Dad about the song, and how Monday yesterday, she had missed a call, and today, she gets a message :

Ring Ring, why don't You give me a call ...

Dad listened. It was too much to take in, she knows. In the car, the radio came on when the engine started. A song was on (can't remember which one now). After that song, the DJ said, "Yes, and that was RING RING by bla bla bla." (the DJ introduced the last 2 songs)

"Did You hear that? The RING RING song was on MY station. That message was definitely for me." :D It was weird because there were no music in the supermarket to begin with, and when music could be heard, it was the Ring Ring lines, and then after that, muffled crackling sounds, and then silence.

Oh boy ... Mom's so glad Dad heard the DJ. Because when Dad came out of the Gents, there was no song in the air, and he had only been gone like 3 minutes. Honestly, before that RING RING song, there was no music on the PA system either. It was just so strange.

Wow Son, strange but totally awesome. 

Totally. She couldn't believe it.

Dad dropped Mom in school. Late morning. Still Tuesday.

In school, Teacher Q's daughter was at Grandma's table, doing a video on the laptop. After casually chatting with her, Mom remembered that she is a law student. So Mom took the chance to ask her, Are You taking Commercial Law? She said Yes. 

Honestly Daniel, how You place people here and there, for your mother to help her out, just amazes her. Thank You for that, Son. She needed some information about Commercial Law, which the young girl was able to assist.

Shortly after, Mom made a call to a friend. She wanted to order Santa Claus' hats for the coming concert. Tried calling a few times but couldn't get through her line. Finally, she called back, she must have noticed the missed calls. Mom's said : "Eh, so difficult to get You. Where are You?"

She said, "I'm with my cat at the vet's."

She's with her CAT at the VET???

Holy-Sebastian-Crab ... 

Instantly thought of Sebastian (Aunty Jessie's cat who recently went to Heaven too). Woah Daniel, You really want us to remember Sebastian too huh, especially today. The flower blog was all about You and Grandpa and Aunty Tracy, but nothing about Sebastian.

Awww, Son, You and your "favourite cat in the whole wide world." We're remembering Sebastian today too, Daniel. Yes, we are. 

Thank You for reminding us.

Today was just simply amazing, Son ... Especially the -

Ring Ring, why don't You give me a call ... :D

The tune is now soh in her head. Ring Ring, why don't You give me a call ... Unbelievable. <3