Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello Son,                                                 (continue from Call 63)

That caterpillar inciDAN was pretty incredible. 

We really did not expect that. 

How cute of You to send us a lil caterpillar? 

Note clearly that Mom said, "SEND" and not, 

"transformed into.":D


Did You have to ask God for special permission to send us the little crawlie? 

You must have bugged Jesus to allow You to send a lil something to your family this morning at your Garden, huh, being Justine's birthday and all. 

It was a very clever caterpillar, You know - it just knew it was on a mission of some kind. 

The word SON somehow linked Mom to the article on THE SON that she prepared and published in the Silent Thots blog that following Thursday. 

Which means, You had in fact sent a lil caterpillar that brought along with it, a very important message

How clever is the caterpillar?

After we left your Garden, we went to Midvalley Mall. 

Justine said she wanted to have a Japanese lunch. 

So we ended up in a restaurant that we've not been before - Sushi Tei. 

Justine slipped into one side of the bench, and Dad sat on the opposite bench. Believe it or not, but Mom was not sure where to sit at that moment. You know how Mom and Dad always sit on one side, and You and Jus on the other side. 

Well, today she wasn't sure where to sit. 

Dad sensed her hesitance and said, "Sit with the birthday girl." 

Were You sitting beside Dad then?

Dropped Justine home after that, while Dad and Mom went to get some fresh crabs.

Yup, we're gonna make crabs for your sister's birthday dinner tonight. :D 

We decided to just make only crabs so we don't kelam - kabut in the kitchen later trying to cook too many dishes.  

Only crabs.

Dad will make Chilly Crabs and Mom will attempt, Crabs with Pasta.

Yup, tune in for uh, IRON CHEF later tonight. 

It will be exciting, let Mom assure You.  :D

Sad to say though, that your mother was likely have some points taken off right from the start because she won't be able to kill her crabs - by herself. :(

Oh bother ...

Anyway, we bought 8 large very - much - alive - crabs from the Central market nearby. 

Dad said, the actual price was RM113-99.

"Looks like Daniel's giving us a treat," he added with a smile.

Chuckle ... RM114 ... our Angel sign. 

Aww, how nice, Son. :D

Aunty Carol came over about 4 pm to make Justine's cake.

Grandma, Aunty Iris, Aunty Pauline, Dad (standing), Anty Carol and Justine.

Here're all of us ... about to have dinner. 

It was 8:30pm. 

Aunty Hayley was standing beside Mom, also busy snapping photos. 

There's You watching over us. 

Only God and Mother Mary know how much we miss You during family dinners, Son. 

Having said that, little did Mom know that our Heavenly Father would find a way, a sign, for You to let your family know that You were right beside us during Justine's birthday dinner. :D

Wait for it ... 

Don't go away, the sign's coming right up - after the next 2 photos.

Aunty Carol and Justine reminded us all how You used to whack your crabs, and have the lil bits of shells flying at everyone ... 

You'd say "Oops! Sorry ..." 

... but would continue hammering away anyway. :D 

We miss You messing up the table, Son ...

See how engrossed everyone was ... :D

Ah, this is it ...

The sign Mom mentioned earlier  ...

A sign to let us know You were right beside us during dinner. :D

You know, we downloaded all the photos taken at your Garden and during the dinner (including this family photo) on to the desktop the day after (Sunday). 

Mom was pondering over it on Sunday, and wishing that we had taken the above photo with You (your portrait) in the background. So that, at least, with You in the photo, eventhough it may be only a portrait of You, it'd still be a family photo, with all of us together ... 

Dad, Mom, Jus and You.


How strange ...

Justine is singing the line : 

Never let go , never say goodbye ...

right at this moment ... <3

Oh Wow ...

Anyway ... 

As Mom was staring at the photo and wishing the impossible, like turning back the time and changing our positions before taking the photo, she suddenly noticed the number that appeared above the photo image. 

4 4 4






She felt it instantly ...

Your heavenly presence in the photo.

Huh, and who says You are not in the photo??? :D

She may not be able to SEE You in there, 

but she knows You were there alright. 

Right beside your family. :D

Your Angel-sign said so. :D

See Call 43 : Angel Sign.

We took almost 200 photos that day on Justine's birthday. 

Yet, it was this family photo that carried the Angel-sign. 

The photo that Mom wished You were in, has the Angel-sign.

Of course it is a coinciDANS ...

How awesome is that?!

Mom had a perpetual smile on her face the whole day that Sunday.

See how easy it is to make Mom happy? :D

Thank You for that, Son ...

That was just awesome! <3


Then, one more thing came to your mother's attention. 

The video we took of Justine singing the song IF I DIE YOUNG 

at the Garden this Saturday morning.

If You play the video ... 

By the way, Mom took this video, that's why it's shh-shaky ...

You'd notice that everything seems pretty normal while the video 

camera was focused on your sister. 

Then, as Mom moved the camera to your porcelain photo frame, there was a sudden burst of light that was somehow captured on the video. 

The ray of light was present threreafter, almost as if it were shining on Justine as she sang the song for You.

How awesome for the ray of light to just beamed in like that!

Of course, it was the SON shining His rays down.

Mom played and replayed the video several times. 

Dad and Jus also saw the light, and Dad commented in good humor, 

"Ah there, Daniel is shining his light on You, Jus ..."

Jus was smiling all the way ... 

Then, at one point, Mom thought to herself, whether it was possible for the ray of light to have come from You? 

Wouldn't that be nice if it did? 

How could she find out, she wondered? 

Is there a way for her to check?

Hmmmmm ...

Then ...

All of a sudden ...

She jumped with excitement ...

She suddenly got the idea of checking the time the ray beamed through. 

Now how would Mom know how to do that? 

Unless someone whispered in her ear and said, "Check the video time." 

As You'd know, Mom normally doesn't even notice the timing of the videos that she views, and she has certainly viewed a lot, mind You, since You left - more than 300 videos at least.

But this one ... something was urging her to check the time the ray broke through.

And so, acting on her instincts, she peered closely at the time of the video, as it was showing your photo frame ... and just when the light shot across ...

Mom glanced at the time ...

O -- M -- G ...

It can't be ...

She checked again ...

And again ...

Yet again ...

A few more times ...

And another few more time, just to be sure ...

There is no doubt ...

It was as clear as can be ...

That ray of light broke through at the time showing ONE ONE FOUR (1:14). 

Definitely JUST BEFORE 1:15. 

At 1:15, the light was already there (in the video clip), and at 1:13, there was no light present ...  which means, that ray came on at exactly 1:14


O - M - G ...

How amazing is that!

That was so precious, Daniel. 

You must have asked Jesus to shine His rays exactly at the time because You knew Mom would spot the connection immediately when she saw the time. Had it been a different time, your mother would not have seen the significance. 

There would not have been an OMG - connection.

No Sparks. 

No Fireworks. 

No Bond.

No Smile.

But but but ...

The light had somehow beamed through and made its rays detected at that special split of a second. Watching Justine sing the song, and having the light shine through on her in that magical way, at that time, sure made the eyes all misty.

That moment couldn't have been more beautiful.

What a day it was on Saturday, on Justine's birthday.

So much happened today.

It started at your Garden ...

The caterpillar pointed the word SON to us ... 

Then the crab dinner @ RM114 ... 

The family photo @ 444...

The light from the SON @ 1:14 ... 

Oh my ...

Pretty astounding and quite overwhelming.

We definitely felt your presence with us, Son.

What a special treat for Jus, Daniel! :D 

Be sure to thank God and Mama Mary for that. :D