Friday, November 26, 2010

Call 69 : FOR YOU

Hello Son,

This Friday morning, Mom has just published Call 53 : BOUNTY HUNTER on your Call-Blog. 

With that post, she is currently 2 call-entries behind todate. :D

The draft was ready last night but she kinda delayed posting it because she wanted to look for a nice music video to the song ESPECIALLY FOR YOU to go along with that entry.

This song is a dinosaur-song, she must admit, and there just weren't all that many ESPECIALLY FOR YOU videos to view to begin with. 

She delayed checking. 

She could have just added the same link as the one in Call 46 : HAIR MYSTERY, but she thought of looking for one with lyrics on the screen. She couldn't find one the last time.

Anyway, this Friday morning ... 

Mom thought, oh heck, let's just post the entry. When she has the time, she will look for the video. Deep inside, she knew she'd probably not look for it, because she had done so when preparing Call 46. Clear videos for that song were quite limited. Sorry to have to say that. Sounds negative, she knows ...

Then You know what happened?

OMG ...

Mom cannot believe it, but You somehow brought a simple and nice ESPECIALLY FOR YOU video straight to her! Honestly, your mother knew right away that YOU linked that video to her. 

Let her tell You exactly what happened.

On Thursday morning, yesterday ... 

Dad and Mom was on the road driving to the Viva office. A song had come on, a dinosaur-song, which had some nice words that Mom couldn't help but key whatever lines she could hear into her mobile to check on the video later when she has the time.

She keyed in :  

"9:50am cos v r gonna b together forever u n me always flyin high in the sky"

Friday morning today, after posting Call 53 : BOUNTY HUNTER (without the ESPECIALLY FOR YOU video), Mom thought of checking out the "forever you and me" video instead for Friday's entry.

1. In the google-search box, she typed in the words :

youtube forever you and me lyrics

and clicked ENTER.

2. A page appeared with 2 videos right at the top, followed by a list of websites. She picked the video with the lyrics on screen against a pink background. The other video had a man's face, a face that didn't quite look particularly attractive. She ignored it. Chuckle.

Clicked on the PINK video.

3. After viewing the PINK video, which was pretty okay, she scrolled down the list of related videos on the right column, and spotted one with a pale ORANGE layout, towards the bottom. Orange, pale or bright, she gotta check.

Clicked on the ORANGE video.

4. She could have used this video, but somehow she found herself checking another one. She looked at the thumbnail videos on the right, from top going down. 

First one, the unattractive man. Next.

Second one, blue video, looked boring. Next.

Third one, the same PINK video. Next.

Fourth one, BLACK video with white fonts. Clicked on it.

5. The BLACK video was okay too, but somehow she felt like checking another one. Just one more, she thought. So, she viewed the thumbnails on the right again.

First one, again the unattractive man. Next.

Second one, there's some kind of picture with lyrics. Clicked on it.

That's when the ZZZ--APPP happened!!!

When that video appeared on the screen, she was not looking at it. 

Her eyes had caught the words ESPECIALLY FOR YOU

The TOP thumbnail video on the right.

Especially For You by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

OMG ...


The Sparks ...

The Bond ...

The video she wanted to look for but didn't ...

It's - right - there!!!

"And now that I'm next to You ..."

Awww Son ...

You just know what to do, don't You?

You knew Mom wanted this song, and You brought it to her.

Since You had brought this link to Mom's attention, it must be a clear video. It was. 

She clicked on it and within the first few seconds, decided she liked it. 

Immediately, she added the link to her entry this morning, Call 53 : BOUNTY HUNTER 


Mom's gonna upload this version instead, and not the steamy one as above. You're under-aged for those sort, she feels. What would God think? 

By the way, she's just noticing now (at the time of writing) that, the words on the screen are : 

 Forever You And Me

Those were part of the lines that caught her attention in the first place. A coinciDANS alright. You read Mom's mind. :D

The title of this song is actually HIGH. 

Couldn't help but wonder with amazement the list on the page at that moment. How the ESPECIALLY FOR YOU video could have wandered to this page in the first place?

Especially when she had wanted to look for song last night but didn't ... 

Only someone knew that she really, really, really wanted the ESPECIALLY FOR YOU song video with lyrics to go with Call 53 but didn't quite know how to look for it.

Thanks Son ... <3

(continue Call 70)