Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Call 67 : THE SON

Hello Son, 

You'd be happy to know that this morning at 7:30am, Mom went to the pool. Dad plunged in and said the water was warm and nice.

He lied.

Oooh, it was so dddd-arn cccc-old. 

You must have shook your head watching your mother chattering and shivering in the water. 

Nevertheless, she managed to pull herself together to do a few laps, knowing You'd probably be watching to see if she's gonna keep her promise to start exercising ... 

Anyway, let her be the first to tell You, she didn't enjoy it. 

The swim, she means.

To be honest.

Brrrrrrr ....

Oh well, at least the ice is broken. The regime has started. :D

The first step is always the hardest.

And she's taken that first step. Hah! 

She's on her way ...

Later that morning ...

Justine came rushing through the door at 10 am. 

She had just finished her English Paper One in the morning, and her Paper Two was due to start at 10:30am.

She was rummaging through her pile of books and notes, looking for something. 

Mom asked her what she was looking for.

She replied in a hurry, "My novel notes."

Dad said, "Can Mom help You find?"

Jus said, "No ..."

No? Hmmm, better not stand in her way. Mom could see her frantically searching high and low for her notes.

Mom said, "Ask Saint Christopher to help You find."

Justine mumbled under her breath as she continued to look for her notes, "Saint Christopher, help me find ..."

A few minutes passed. 

Justine gave up, saying, "Can't find it..."

She was about to run back to school. 

Mom said aloud, "Daniel, help your sister find her notes. Please Son, help Jus find her notes."

As Mom was saying the second sentence, Justine dashed into her room. 

Moments later, she yelled out, "Found it! Found it!"

Mom smiled to herself. Thank You Son. Jus says You must have taken over from Saint Christopher. :D Or possibly it's his day off today. :D

It was so immediate. We called your name and within seconds, Justine was like, "Found it, Found it!" 

You must have whispered in her ear, "In your room."

Jus ran out of the house, but not before yelling out to You, "Thanks Dans!"

That was nice, Son ... :D

Thank You for that.

In the afternoon afternoon, Mom was gonna prepare an entry for the Silent Thot Blog for tomorrow, tomorrow being a Thursday. 

The last time she had no clue as to what to write on the ST Blog, she had asked You to help her. 

You had promptly led her to the story of "The Ant And The Contact Lens."

Today, she thought she'd do the same thing. 

Just to see if the last time was a coincidence or a coinciDANS. Hah! Mom's testing You, Son. How about that? :D

So in front of the computer, Mom said, "Daniel, help me find a story for today's Silent Thot." 


You ready???

Sit tight and let her tell You what happened next. 

She did a google search under the words "inspirational short stories." 

A list of websites appeared on the screen. 

She scrolled the page up and down, and then randomly clicked on a link that brought her to the cover-front page of the website which says "Stories of Inspiration."

Holding the mouse, she scrolled down and would You believe it but the very FIRST story on the site was entitled :


Mom literally sat upright when she saw that. 




On Saturday 20th, we were at your Flower Garden. The next day Sunday, while viewing the photos taken at the Garden, we discovered one peculiar photo where the caterpillar brought our attention to the word "SON."

In fact, Dad has his own interpretation of the photo. 

He said, the photo not only showed the word, "SON" but also the word, "MA."

"Isn't that what he calls You? Ma?" Dad reminded.

Mom was absolutely silent for a few seconds. 

Ma ... 

She had not noticed that.

Between MA and SON ...

Oh Gee ...

Oh My ...

Oh Wow ...

Mom read the short story on the site and decided to use it. 


Woah Daniel ... 

Thank You for bringing Mom to the story. 

She really likes the ending. 

She remembers coming across this story before a few years ago on one of her email-forwards. It sure is a timely reminder for her. Again and again and again, she just wants to be reminded that You are safe with Jesus. Now that You have eternal life, You don't have to worry about dying anymore. 

While Mom was writing THE SON draft, she received a text message from Aunty Jessie (from the States) at some point

If You remember ...

Mom received an email from Aunty Jessie on Sunday November 14th, about a pretty moth that visited her home. 

In her email, she didn't specifically mention the color of the moth, but from the photo that was attached, Mom remembers thinking it was some kind of pink with black dots. 

She's looking at the photo NOW, and she cannot for the life of her understand how she could have seen it as pink at the time. 

It's so not pink at all!

Definitely not pink.

Anyway, Mom read Aunty Jessie's sms :

"Aiyo does my moth look pink to u? I'm jumping here! It's orange! bright orange with black dots on white wings. when it opened the wings, it's orange..."

2nd sms right after :

"It's bright orange. It was nite time no flash cos use cell camera ..."

Oh wow Daniel ... 

You must have asked Aunty Jessie to tell Mom that. 

Your mother honestly did not know Aunty Jessie's moth was also orange. Aunty Jes didn't mention in her email, and when Mom first saw the photo, it wasn't like anyone could tell immediately that it was an orange moth.

It wasn't obvious.

The orange color. 

No, it wasn't. 

Mom's glad Aunty Jessie straightened that out.

Then on Thursday November 18th, exactly a week ago, (she remembers it was a Silent Thots' day), You had sent us an orange moth just before the day was over. Before midnight.

Following that, on Saturday November 20th, we had the orange-black caterpillar inciDAN. 

Pretty overwhelming ...

What a great awesome feeling when we get the BOND-connection. What are the chances of Aunty Jessie and Mom having an orange moth visit us both in a short span of a week? :D 

On top of that - ORANGE??? 

We have certainly not seen orange moths before. That was definitely a hot topic for conversation. 

Between Mom and Aunty Jessie. 
Another thing your mother must mention, as she was looking for images to go with the text, there was one photo that reminded Mom of You when You were very young, in preschool. 

The photo of the soldier.

Do You remember You told us that You wanted to be a soldier when You grow up? 

Of course it was just something fleeting that You said when You were a little boy, and it didn't stick for long, because You wanted to be a postman too. And there was the time, when You thought being a gangster would be just as cool. :D

It's just that, sometimes, Mom cannot help but wonder ... 

Those lil things You used to say when You were growing up, and the songs You sang when You were older, she sometimes wonders if all these were part of God's plan too ... so your family has something to connect to when You went home to God before your parents.

Every lil thing now somehow reminds us of You.

Like, everywhere we are, there You'll be.

We are so grateful for the connection, Son. Be sure to tell God that.