Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello Son, 

Today is Thursday. Silent Thots Day.

Your mother was wondering what she could share on the ST blog today. By the way, Daniel, Mom wants You to know that she loves writing the Silent Thots Blog. As a matter of fact, she loves writing all your blogs. The poetry blog, the food blog, the call blog, and the flower blog too. 


Mom cannot imagine how she ended up with so many blogs when in the first place, she wasn't even a blogger.

Note the past tense.

Sigh, yeah, but of course, now she is. 

Pure bred.


Mom remembers asking You what she should write for the Silent Thot entry, because at the material time, she had no clue whatsoever.

Nothing in her head.

No smart comments, please.

However, somehow, when she was on the computer, You led her to a website, and without wasting any time, directed her to the story of "The Ant and the Contact Lens." 

Mom didn't even have to do any extensive search or read any other articles before discovering that story. Funnily, out of more than 50 separate sub-topics in that website, she had randomly clicked on a topic, which led her to a list of short stories.

From that list, she had picked the very first story at the top. 

That was how she found the Ant story. 

Effortlessly ... to say the least. :D 

When it's effortless, Mom knows You have something to do with it. :D

That is a really inspiring story, Son. 

Thank you for bringing it to Mom's attention so she could share that on the ST blog. :D

By the time she was done with the entry, it was dinner time. 

Ah, dinner time. Let Mom tell You what happened during dinner. 

Aunty Carol came over to have dinner with us.

We were on the sofa, eating in front of the TV. 

There was nothing interesting on TV at the time, so Aunty Carol put on a DVD. 

She picked BOUNTY HUNTER for some reason. 

There was a pile of DVDs under the TV case, and of all the movies she could have picked, it had to be BOUNTY HUNTER.

Wait, wait ... You'll see why later.

Starring Jennifer Aniston. 

No, that's not it.

Anyway, Mom's kinda seen the beginning of that movie, several weeks back ...

Yup, just the beginning, that's all ...

It wasn't a show that grabbed her attention like ... like ... Mamma Mia. :D

So anyway, the movie was on ... and there we all were, eating our dinner and watching the movie.

Then, there came a part where the girl's lawyer said these words :

When the Judge calls your case, 

You had better be sitting


The lawyer (in the show) emphasized those last 4 words very authoritatively. Mom wasn't really following the show, but that line, that line she heard. She gulped down mouthful of rice and almost choked.

What was that???


She couldn't believe her ears. 

She was so meant to hear that. Had those words come on towards the end of the movie, she would have missed it, because she stopped watching the movie when she finished her dinner.

Felt your presence immediately.

You're right next to Mom, she knows. :D

Oh-so-totally right next to Mom.

Since Call 46 : Hair Mystery ...

and the song ESPECIALLY FOR YOU that had come on the radio that day:

Verse 2

Especially for You

I wanna tell You I was feeling that way too

And if dreams were wings, You know

I would have flown to You

To be where You are

No matter how far

And now that I'm - next - to - You

... well, since that song, that last line has become a very special line for her.

On top of that, she had been singing the song on the karaoke music video on youtube the past few days, that morning included.

Then in Call 51 : Angel Eyes ... 

Mom wrote about how she was thinking about the above ESPECIALLY FOR YOU song as she was driving home that particular day, when suddenly a truck with the angel number happened to slip smoothly right in front of her car. 

Your mother had said, before the truck made its presence felt, that You could read her mind and when the truck appeared, she wrote that, sending that truck with the angel number was your way of telling her that You are ...

Right - Next - To - Her.

Just imagine ... She was at the time thinking about her son, and moments later, she sees the angel sign. It had felt like a respond from him. He knew what was in her mind and he responded.

Like he was telling her, "I'm right here, Mom." 

So can You blame her when she started to feel somewhat hyper that night after hearing those words spring out so unexpectedly: 

"You - had - better - be - sitting - right - next - to - me," 

That line kinda sent a ZZZZZ-APPPPP roller-coasting through her veins.

The Sparks.

The Fireworks.

The Stars. 

The Bond. :D

It had to be Aunty Carol who'd put on that DVD because your mother would not have picked BOUNTY HUNTER to begin with. She would have most probably put on a comedy, like Two And A Half Men or Friends. 

But no, not BOUNTY HUNTER.

Definitely not.

Why, the first 10 minutes of the movie had suggested to her, when she first viewed it a few weeks back, that it wasn't her cup of uh, teh si peng.

You must have whispered to Aunty Carol, to put that movie on. You know what those lines mean to your mother. :D Especially that time when she had been practising the song daily since Call 46. 

You know, it's difficult to explain what went through her mind, heart and soul when she heard those lines. 

It was like attempting to finish up a 1,000-piece of a complicated jigsaw puzzle and finding that one little piece is missing, and then suddenly the missing link is spotted right - next - to - You!

It was there all the time.

Just that You didn't know.

The emotions that were involved, knowing the missing piece was right next to her, and not knowing, were 2 astonishingly contrasting feelings.

What a startling discovery.

And the great sense of relief and utmost joy that followed after. Ooh, what a feeling.

Oh, that was precious, Son.

It was like some kind of an - instant connection on a spiritual level - happened.

Between mother and son. 

Between heaven and earth. 

A communication between the third and fourth dimensions.

You would know what Mom means. :D

That was pretty awesome. <3

Who would have thought that BOUNTY HUNTER, a movie that she wouldn't have watched had she been by herself, would have a BOND-message for her. :D

Mom had a perpetual smile while washing up the dishes in the kitchen thereafter. No, she didn't finish the movie. She didn't have to. She had received her son's message, a reminder that he's RIGHT - NEXT - TO - HER ... and that one simple line was enough to brighten her whole day - evening.

Totally ... <3<3<3

So totally ...