Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello Son,

Something amazing happened this Friday evening!

Mom was in the kitchen preparing juice. She was singing IF I DIE YOUNG softly to herself at the time. In fact, throughout the day, she has been humming this song, as well as RING RING, which drove Justine crazy. :D

The juice was ready. Called Justine to take a glass. She was at the computer writing an article for her school magazine. She wouldn't let Mom see what she wrote but said it's about You. :D She says she will post it on the blog on a special day. 

Hang in there, Son ...

So, Mom was washing up the juicer. Sill humming the song IF I DIE YOUNG. Just love the lyrics of the second part :

Lord, make me a rainbow,
I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with You
When she stands under my colors 

She cannot comprehend how these lyrics were written so perfectly for her. It really felt like a message from You. That You somehow arranged for this song to be composed in this manner for the benefit of your mother. From the kitchen, Mom asked You if You had anything to do with the song. Then, she called out to Justine and said :

"Jus, can You check on the internet and find out when was the song IF I DIE YOUNG out? Before or after Daniel?"

Mom was thinking to herself; If this song is released AFTER her son left us, then she is quite sure he has something to do with the lyrics, especially the rainbow part. Justine yelled from the desk :

"June 2010."

June this year??? After Daniel??? She knew it!!! He must have whispered those lyrics into the composer's ears. Drying her hands with the kitchen towel, Mom went to the computer screen and for a brief few minutes, we both read some info on Wikipedia, about the band group. 

Justine's cellphone-radio was on the desk, beside the computer, and Mom heard the Hindi song that was on at the moment : 

Lecha Lecha 

From here on, listen very carefully ...

After a few minutes at the computer, Mom went to the sofa and plonked herself down. Picking up a Recipe Book for Toddlers (she bought this when You and Justine were very young), she started to flip over the pages when Justine suddenly shouted, 


Mom sprang from the sofa and rushed to Justine. Jus held her mobile-radio in her hand and said, 


At first Mom was like, "Which song?"

Jus exclaimed, "IF I DIE YOUNG."


After the Lecha Lecha song, the next one was :  


The song that Mom has been humming in the kitchen, and the one that Jus and her had JUST searched about on the internet. Honestly, what are the chances??? It was barely 2 minutes ago when we were just checking out the info of that song and band on the internet.

Only this morning, Mom had told You in Call 43 (she wrote Call 43 this Friday morning) that: 

"You can't be subtle with your mother. 

She won't get it. You just have to 

give it to her straight..."

This evening, while preparing juice in the kitchen, Mom specifically asked You, if You had anything to do with that song. And what d'ya know? That song appeared RIGHT AFTER the one that was playing (Lecha Lecha) on the handphone-radio when we were reading the info about the song. Awesome!!!

That was your response, wasn't it, Son? Giving it straight to your mother like it is. Mom asked You a question, and You gave a response immediately. You DID have something to do with the song, didn't You? Mom knew it! She just knew it! She could feel the lyrics were written just for her. That OMG-moment a minute ago was so very priceless. 

Thank You for that Daniel. Your mother loves the song very very much. The tune has grown on her. That rainbow bit is simply brilliant. Yes, as long as You are safe with the Lord, Daniel, nothing else matters. How comforting to hear that line, honestly Son :

Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother, She'll know I'm safe with You when she stands under my colors ...

Who writes lines like that???

It's incredible ...

We have decided to jump Q and do this song first for your next video, instead of the ones that we have listed down. :D 

After all the lightning-zaps and  

sparkling bright OMG stars ...

Jus and Mom thought of making something special for dinner. Dad is still in Singapore, so dinner is just for the both of us. We attempted to make a PIE. Our first time baking a pie. :D Will add the LINK to the dinner-blog later when it is done.

Pat a pie, Pat a pie, Baker's Man
Bake me a pie as fast as You can
Pat it, and bake it, and mark it with D
And put it in the oven, for Justine and Me! 


See the angel-wings and 
the halo that Jus made?