Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hello Son,

Dropped Dad at the Coach Station in Bangsar this morning at 9am. In the car, Dad and Mom were discussing a problematic-issue that is being faced by a family member. Not sure what the solution is. Mom told Dad that,

Daniel will help us. He'll show us a sign what to do. :D

Please ask Jesus to give us a sign to tell her what to do, kay?

After dropping Dad off, Mom picked up Aunty H from her house, which is nearby the coach station. We went to Petaling Street today. Mom has to look for Santa Hats for the children's performance. The concert is on Saturday 13/11. 

Upon reaching the road that faces the main China Town entrance, there was a large truck that was in front of our car. For some reason, your mother's eyes were drawn to the number plate of the truck :

4024 1004 

She saw her Angel-signs and felt an instant connection. It was like You were responding to her request, showing her a sign that You are near, and You know what's going on (about the family issue). You have a plan then, she concluded happily. You must have. God must have given You the instructions. :D She felt somewhat assured and left that problem aside as we turn into the open space car park.

Aunty H and Mom went to meet up with a friend Aunty YF at her toy shop. No, she doesn't sell Santa Hats but she was to show Mom where to get them. Anyway, we went to the Food Court to have breakfast before browsing around the place.

After our food, we walked along the main lane, and had tau foo fah. Then, Aunty YF went back to her shop and, we walked on to the first gift shop. We were supposed to check on two shops that would most like have the Santa hats. Christmas stuffs were all up, in the first shop. 

However, the Santa hats that were on display were a lil too fanciful and therefor too pricey for school use. Also, they did not seem to have children's size. The store lady was very helpful, and made immediate calls to her two suppliers, even though we did not ask her to. She couldn't confirm when they could deliver and so took down Mom's number, and said she would give Mom a call when the delivery arrive.

Oh dear ...

Mom doesn't really have the luxury of time to wait and see, as the Concert is in 10 days' time. She was thinking, if she can't find the hats here, she'd have to try the malls then. 

Coming out of the 1st shop, we went into the second shop, that is right beside the first one. That second shop also had similar Christmas stuffs and all. We didn't think the Santa hats would be there, since both shops had similar stuffs, so if the first one did not have it, chances are the second one would not as well. Or so we thought. We didn't even want to bother to go in at first. The reluctance was there, we felt it, and You were probably shaking your head seeing our not-very-enthusiastic expression on our faces. But somehow, something made us walk in ... 

Someone, she means ...

And hey ... so glad we did - because ...

We spotted a large rack that had piles and piles and piles of Santa Hats about 10 steps away from the entrance of the shop! Plain ones, perfect for the concert-use. Still adult size but that would have to do. Bought 20 pieces and one small cute tiny one for You. :D

A definite load off Mom's shoulders.

We went home after that. Dropped Aunty H off at her place, and drove back. Mamma Mia was playing on the radio. Hearing that song brought back memories of the family watching the DVD in the living room. You were with us then. We had all commented that the Pierce Brosnan guy could not sing and why was he cast as the main guy, and why not the gay guy Colin Firth, he's cuter and he sings better ... You said that the James Bond guy was hairy and Justine said, he sings without moving his mouth :D ... 

Remember that??? Your mother just have to smile thinking about the Mamma Mia moments. :D

On that Wednesday evening, Mom wrote Call-Entry 44 (Tuesday's Call). She uploaded the song 21 Guns. Justine was doing her work on her desk, and her cellphone radio was on, very very softly in the backround. 

So there Mom was, typing typing typing away, when suddenly, on Justine's cell-radio, the song 21 GUNS came one!

The time was 6:54pm, the station, 95.8.

Jus and Mom turned to each other, simultaneously and abruptly, with our mouths wide open. 



We were so surprised to hear it, because first, we both heard the song playing on Mom's lap top (cos Mom had to test out a few 21 GUNS videos before selecting a clear one to upload) and then a short while later, we heard it on Justine's radio. Jus said that she has not heard 21 GUNS on the radio for a while now. 

Mom was still on that Call-Entry, and having the song come on out of the blues, especially when she'd just selected a video and uploaded it on the draft-entry, made her feel like she REALLY was on call with her son. It somehow felt like You were giving her some kind of response!

Oh wow, that was awesome, Son!

Honestly! There are no words for that moment.

Thanks for that Son. Call us every, every every day, okay. :D Promise Mom that. :D She knows You will. A Mother's intuition.

So anyway ...

That Wednesday nite, past midnight, Mom was in the living room, keeping Justine company as she spent some time doing her revision. It was 12:30am, when the song I'LL BE MISSING YOU came on Justine's cell-radio. These days, she's keeping her radio on, very very softly, as she studies. The songs help to keep her awake, it seems.

Yes, yes, it seems ...

Hearing the song, Mom thought of the videos we have made for You, because I'LL BE MISSING YOU is number 4 on the list (of videos to make). We are so proud of the very first music video we made for You, FALL FOR YOU, and the second one, THERE YOU'LL BE. Video number 3 is supposed to be WIND BENEATH MY WINGS and the next one in line is, I'LL BE MISSING YOU. 

(Ah yes, at that time, IF I DIE YOUNG somehow did not make it to the list  - no sign for that ... AT - THAT - TIME. Yes, AT - THAT - TIME, now IF I DIE YOUNG  is gonna cut Q and be the next one.)

So anyway, Mom was thinking thinking thinking about the next video, because Justine's exams is around the corner and she was wondering if she can really do it herself. Your mother, she means.

You wanna know what happened then?

Please sit down if You're standing because ...

Right after I'LL BE MISSING YOU, the next song came on by piercing itself through the silence of the night, despite the very very low volume, before filling the air and space of the living room with its grand presence, again despite the low volume. 

Justine pumped up the volume, thinking Mom did not hear it. Huh, how could your mother not hear your song? On the first two notes of the introduction music, her ears had pricked up like an Alsation's.

OMG ...

It can't be ...



On the radio NOW???


Lightning-fireworks-sparks just dazzled our minds, leaving us in mental uh, ecstasy.


How incredible. How absolutely incredible!!! Mom was just thinking about your videos a moment ago, with emphasis on your first one FALL FOR YOU, because it had taken us quite a bit of time looking for all the images, and then even more time, to upload. And before she knew it, the next minute, the FALL FOR YOU song is on the radio. 

Oh My. Who can read her mind, but You? (apart from God and Mother Mary, of course) Honestly Daniel, Mom really felt like You were giving her a response, like You want us to know that, You're near by. Very near by. And You know what we are thinking.

We are so in awe by the connection.

It's so, so amazing how You connect with us despite the impossible distance. Wait a minute, excuse me, did she hear right? 

IMPOSSIBLE, she said??? Ah, but then, nothing is impossible for You now, is there. No boundaries. No restrictions. No limitations. Awesome Son, just awesome.

Thank You Jesus for the BOND that we continue to have. :D

We love You so very much. <3


Sunday 7/11 8:52am ... You won't believe what just happened! Mom was just about to publish this entry when she received a phone call from the family member who is having the "problem." The one that Mom mentioned at the beginning of this Call-Entry. The family member is so very happy that she's got her solution. OMG Son. There must be a reason WHY your mother is only writing this entry out today, and not on that WEDNESDAY 4/11, which is the day this entry is all about. Had she written and published on that Wednesday, there would still be no solution to mention. Like no proper happy - ever - after ending to the entry. It has GOT to be today, like RIGHT NOW, just SECONDS before she was about to post it. You really know what's going on, Son. That is just so cute. :D So AMAZING!!! TOTALLY!!! TOTALLY!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!