Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello Son,

Justine and Mom had lunch at JoJo restaurant today.

We were craving for the pan mee noodles (flour noodles) and the sambal especially. 

It was 12:50pm when we arrived at the area. 

We just knew You'd get a nice place for us to park despite the lunch hour. All along the roads, on both sides, were filled with vehicles. Then, just as we were driving on, we saw a car on the opposite side of the road leaving it's space. 

Now why were we not surprised? :D 

Mom drove across and slipped the car right in. 

Beautiful spot, if we may say so. 

It was the first parking lot at a junction, right before the turning-in to the lane of the restaurant. Your mother just had to drive into it, and not like, having to try to park in between 2 vehicles. Thanks Son. :D

By the way, there just aren't that many nice girl-drive-car images on the net. The above will have to do, yeah?

We walked over the eatery and got ourselves a table. The lunch crowd was not there yet for some reason. The waitress came over and took our orders. While waiting for our food to arrive, Mom sent a text message to Dad:

v r at jojo. dans with u. and us.

The night before (Sunday), Dad was at the Novena Church and he had sent a text message :

"Hymn pg 444 on eagle's wing. He will raise YOU up 
on eagles' wing and bring u up to shine like the sun." 

This is a very beautiful hymn, Son, be sure to listen to it without distraction. 
Put your guitar down and switch off God's TV for a few moments.

Mom smiled as she read Dad's sms. 

A sure Angel-sign that You are with Dad. As You are with us. Dad has been away for 3 days, and so much BOND-connection has happened. How to even begin to tell Dad when he comes home?

We enjoyed our noodles, and shared an iced milk tea. 

When the bill came, we couldn't help but find ourselves staring at it. 

There is was - the Angel-sign - again. :D

Hmm, fair ... very fair, was what Mom was thinking. 

You gave Dad an Angel-sign, and now You were giving Jus and Mom one too. That's really cute, Daniel.

After lunch, we drove back to Taman Desa. 

Mom drove towards the shops and upon seeing the congested trail of cars along the shop lane, asked Justine to go down to Sri Kota to get a stuff or two that we would need for dinner. Jus said, no, she's not gonna go down to the grocery store all by herself. 

So there. 

No choice but to park the car in the impossible crazy peak time. 

Excuse me, but did she say - impossible???

Has she forgotten that nothing is impossible now, for You? 

She followed the trail of cars, bumper to bumper, till the end of the row of shops, and was about to to turn right at Chelos, when a lady walked to her car ...
right - in - front - of - us

Mom stopped and put on the signal.

"Saw that, Jus?" Mom asked. 

"See how your brother got us a parking? He knows You don't want to go down by yourself." :D

Justine was literally grinning from ear to ear.

My, did You saw the perfect timing? 10 seconds earlier or later and we would have missed it, and probably have to go round and round and round the shop-area again. Precisely why your mother asked your sister to just run in to get the stuffs in the first place. 

But noooo-oooo ... She wouldn't get down the car, your sister ...

Thanks for watching over us, Daniel. :D 

We can really feel You with us today. <3

This evening, Justine took a break from her books and created your next video, IF I DIE YOUNG.  We found a nice, orange background for You, quite easily. :D

It's for your next 21st, but we're gonna upload it at our earliest. Jus will be having her exams soon and Mom doesn't want to disturb her then. Will add the LINK here later when it's uploaded.

Talk to You later, Son ...

Love You. <3 

Time of Posting : Wed 9/11 @ 9:11am