Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Son,                             (continue from Call 108) (Thursday, December 30)

Aunty Diana's fiance ... 

Christopher, met us at the lobby, just as we were about to take the lift to the room. He had a rather large and bulging plastic bag with him. 

It was Aunty Di's Bollywood bridal dress. :D

In the room, Aunty Di tried out her dress ...

My Oh My ...

Kareena Kapoor, step aside please ... :D


As your Aunty Di paraded in her outfit, we couldn't help but hear the soft ting-ting sounds that came from her dress. Upon checking closer, we found tiny lil bells attached to her shoulder-sleeves.



The number plate this morning ...  


Ahh, mystery solved.

There must be a reason why we were drawn to the song  


You probably knew before any of us that Aunty Di would soon be trying out her bridal gown with the bells in the hotel room on the 6th floor. :D

Now we know why ...

We can all so hear the bells! :D :D :D

Christopher said that his mother had prepared lunch for us and was expecting us ...

We were soon on our way to Chris' house.

On the way there, Chris stopped by OUR LADY OF LOURDES (church). This is where the wedding ceremony will take place. 

Getting out from the car at the church, Mom couldn't help but feel melancholy, as she walked to the man-made Grotto of Our Lady. 

An exact replica of the Grotto You had spent 25 days at in Lourdes, France in September 2009. We will never forget our time at Lourdes, Son. Not in a million years. On hindsight, our time in Lourdes was to prepare You for Heaven.

Before we left the church, we dropped by the souvenir / book shop. Chris bought two of the same books, Daily Reflection On God's Word, and presented one to Mom. 

Aww, that was awfully nice of him ...

Hmm ... 

Wait a minute ...

You didn't whisper to him to do that, did You? You must have. It was like, he already knew he was gonna get that daily-bible. We went into the book store, he walked straight up to the cashier, picked up the two books which was on the counter, and paid for them.

Gee Son, You must have whispered to Chris to do that, come to think of it. Later at Jusco, he did a similar thing - something that instantly reminded Mom of You.

Thanks Son ... will do ... will read a page a day.

We were soon in the car, on the way to the house. 

For some reason, Justine suddenly blurted out singing NOBODY

Did You hear that???

Important to note that the radio was not on, and during the journey at all material times, this NOBODY song had not come on. It wasn't like Justine had heard it somewhere, some time today, and that it was in her head, and that made her sing it. 

No no no ... out of the blues ... she just suddenly sang it.

Out of the blues ...

Or maybe out of the orange ... >.<

Mom joined in at the "BUT CHIU":

Justine sang in the car :

I want nobody, nobody but chiu 

I want nobody, nobody but chiu

How can I be with another

I don't want any other

I want nobody, nobody

Nobody, nobody ...  

By The Wonder Girls

We arrived at Chris' house some 15 minutes later.

House No. 40.

Oh ... 40???

Ah, interesting ...

Had it been house No. 39, there would have been no Ohhh and Ahhhh.

No connection. 

No sudden increase of pulse rate.

Don't You think?

Chris's father greeted us at the door. Then his mother and sister appeared at the door. They were very friendly, and welcomed us warmly into their house.


You - will - not - believe - what - happened - next!

Oh Gee ... You won't believe it!

Are You ready for it, Son???

Andddddd ... ACTION!!!

We entered the house, and walked into the living room. 

The television was on. 

It was on the cartoon channel.

Beckoning us to sit down, Chris' father walked over to the television and clicked to a different channel - nobody prompted him to do so - he just walked over to do that ... on his own initiative ...

And guess what ???

OH -- MY -- GOSH (said slowly and in complete disbelief) ...

You can't be serious ...


Would You believe it... 

... but the Wonder Girls were singing and performing  

NOBODY on the station that he switched to.


O--M--G ...

Justine and Mom turned to look at each other and mouthed the :



Goshhh ...

We didn't say anything though ... but let Mom tell You, 

your mother's brains started over-working at full speed. 

Faster than a runaway train ...

Or a speeding bullet ...

Or the speed of light ...

All previous records held for quick thinking, were instantly broken, she thinks ...

Her ee - equals - to - am - see - square instantly popped up in her head ...

The facts on hand: 

radio not on - Justine sang NOBODY - house No. 40 - walked in - cartoon on - father changed channel - and adacadabra -

"I want nobody, nobody but chiu..."

Oh WOW!!!

That was incredible.

How did that happened???

In the first place, when guests come to the house, and your television is on, what would You normally do? 

You'd turn the TV off, right? 

Wouldn't You turn the TV off?

Especially, when this is the very first time we were all meeting. In fact, we thought the father walked over to the TV to turn it off. 

Instead, he went to change the channel

and lo and behold - NOBODY by Wonder Girls was on.

Justine had just blurted this song out in the car like 10 minutes ago.

Honestly, what are the chances???

Gee Wow ...

You must, 



whispered into Justine's ear to sing the NOBODY song ... and then in the house, nicely whispered to Chris' father to change the channel.

The BOND.  :D

That - is Mom's Nobel Prize winning conclusion.

Is she correct?

There - is - no - other - explanation for it.


Oh Peh-lease ... 

Don't even think of suggesting it's something else ...

There is no other, no other explanation ... :D



Except of course ... 

It was one heck of a super-awesome coinciDANS. :D

That was really incredible, Son ...


Straight from a Bollywood drama-script.

Teng deh teng ... :D

(continue on Call 110)