Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello Son,

This morning, a tiny lil grey-white feather came fluttering down from the kitchen window and landed on the sink.

Yup, in the presence of your mother. 

Just when Mom went was filling her water bottle with filtered water from the sink tap. 

Honestly, she was just standing there ... and looking out of the window ... not expecting anything spectacular to happen in that short brief 2 minutes ... only waiting for her bottle to be filled, when the lil feather came f-l-o-a-t-i-n-g down, right before her eyes.

Can You believe that???

The right panel of the window was closed, whilst the left panel was opened only half-way. Like 45 degrees, You know. 

Even then, the lil grey-white feather could find its way in ... 

Did You blow it in? :D

You must have made some efforts not to laugh seeing your mother's stunned expression - her jaw would have dropped as her eyes raised heaven-wards, hypnotized by the zig-zag pattern that the feather was making, as it made its way down ... down ... down ...

Mom was by the sink only to fill up her water bottle. She was about to go to school with Justine. She was only there for a few minutes. Had she been in the kitchen a minute later, she would have missed "all the fluttering down."

The timing was perfect. 

As usual.


Right on the dot.

Not too early, not too late. It was right on time.

Your mother was just staring out of the window, and the lil feather, only 2cm in length, chose that very moment to make an entrance. 

Oh Gee ...

Wow ...

This happened once before, 2 months or so back.

Felt your presence first thing in the morning, Son ...

Anyway ...

How was our day???

Well, we had a really nice time in school this morning.

Oh, by the way, a cute lil Thai girl joined us today. 

She is so adorable - She gave us a Thai Sawadekap-greeting. 

Did You see her putting her hands together with her head bowed, as she said, 

Good morning, Teacher ...?

Oh my ... 

How cute is that?

You do know the Thai greeting, right? 

Exactly that, she did. 

So demure and so charming.

So loveable.

She's got long hair, right down to her waist. 

Longer than Justine's. 


Her name's Nur Diana ... :D 

You'll see later that your aunt's name seems to be getting all the attention today ... for some reason ...

Anyway ...

After school, Mom went to get her bag from the registration table. When she got there, she grabbed her bag, flung it on her shoulder, turned abruptly around, and was about to walk away, when she heard the Principal (Grandma) calling out - 

Would You believe it -

"Where is Daniel? Is Daniel there?"

You must have seen your mother stopped immediately in her tracks, as she listened to Teacher E answering, 

"He's not here today. He'll be here tomorrow."

It so happened that Justine was also at the area, and she heard it too.

Hmmm ... 

We were so meant to hear that ... at that fraction of a second. Grandma was not at all aware of the impact of her unintentional line ... She was looking through her registration records at the time ...

Of course that seemingly innocent line brought a smile to your mother's face. :D

Yes Son, where were You???

Man, when the timing is just toooooo unbelievably perfect, our guardian angel is definitely around. :D


At noon, Mom received a phone call. 

It was Aunty Diana's father-in-law (to be). He wanted to inform that the church choir has chosen to play the music that was played during the bridal march at Princess Diana's wedding, for the entrance procession.

Pause ...

Princess Di's wedding music???

Mom told Aunty Di about that and we were like ...

Oh My Lord ... Say what??? 

What sort of music would that be???

We haven't the faintest clue what Princess Di's wedding march was like, but we're gonna leave it and let that be. 

It'll be awesome, we feel. 

Told Aunty Di to practise her ROYAL walk down the aisle. :D

Hee hee ...   >.<
Talk to You tomorrow, Son ...

Love You ... <3