Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call 112 : AT LEAST

Hello Son,                                                              (Tuesday, January 11)

Oh, what an amazing day we had today!

You're making your presence felt more than ever.

Don't even know how to begin ...

A bit of background - so You'd appreciate the inciDAN better.

1. Monday morning (Jan 10)

Before leaving the house at 8am, to meet Aunty Hayley at the guard house, Mom published Call 109 (Nobody Nobody) @ 7:25am.

Later on that Monday night, Mom wrote Call 110 (Red Backpack) which she wanted to publish the next morning, Tuesday, before leaving the house at 8am.

2. Tuesday morning (Jan 11)

However, on Tuesday morning, she was in a rush to get ready by 7:45am, and did not manage to post Call 110 ... until she got back to the house around 4pm. By then, she was overwhelmed by the inciDANS that happened that Tuesday morning ... which Mom's gonna tell You now.

It was nobody, nobody BUT CHIU ... :D


No other, no other explanation ... BUT CHIU. :D

Hope You are sitting down, Son ... :D

So anyway ... 

Aunty Hayley came to pick Mom up at 8am on Tuesday morning. We were on the way to the Hospital. Aunty H is having a 4 day procedural check-up, and your mother was accompanying her. 

Aunty H had said that Mom need not accompany her. 

However, for some reason, your mother felt very strongly that she had to. She had to follow her to the hospital.

God knows why ...

You too know why ...

Mom found out why later ...

Reaching the car park area at about 8:45am, we parked the car at an open space area. The hospital shuttle-van was waiting by the side of the road, a short distance away. The day before, we had taken a cab to the respective medical building. 

It was very far to walk in ...

Aunty H and Mom got up the van. 

Several passengers came on board after them. A father and his little girl sat beside your mother. 

So, imagine the seat ...

From window : Aunty H, Mom, small girl and the father.

It was quiet in the van, no one said anything. There were about 10 passengers altogether. Every one was just minding their own business.

The van was soon on its way to drop and pick up passengers on designated spots along the Hospital route. At one point, when the van made a sudden halt, the little girl was thrown off balance against your mother. 

The father immediately said to Mom, "Sorry sorry..." 

and to his daughter, "Be careful ..."

Mom responded, "It's okay, it's okay..."

Smiling, Mom commented to the father, "Pretty girl. Umur berapa?" (How old?)

The man answered, "Tiga ..." (Three)

Then he added, "Thalassemia ..."

Ohh ...

He explained, """Semalam, tangan kanan. Hari ini, tangan kiri." 

(Yesterday, right hand. Today, left hand.) He was referring to the blood transfusion.

Ohh ... 

Instinctively, Mom reached for the little girl's hand, and sayang (lightly rub? soothe?) her bruised hand.

"Sejak bila?" (Since when?) Mom asked.

"Sejak lahir," (Since birth) the father answered.

He continued that the transfusion takes about 5 hours, and that his little girl has been enduring this procedure, every 3 weeks for the last 3 years, and will continue for the rest of her life. His wife and him take turns to bring their daughter to the hospital. 

Good thing, he added, that he had his own business, otherwise it would have been difficult to take time off to attend to his daughter. He has two older children who are in primary school. They are both okay, he said, but this one, this one needs all the attention.

Mom can so relate ... with a heavy heart.

Perhaps it was her time to say the, At Least ...

Remember the At Least story Mom told You about?

At least, You had your son for 15 years. My baby only lived 11 days.

At least, You had your baby for 11 days. My baby died 10 minutes after delivery.

At least, You're lucky to have experienced pregnancy and child birth. I cannot even conceive and have been trying for years.

At least, You are blessed to have a partner to share your life with. I am single and lonely, and still looking for my mate.

And the At Least list goes on ...

Mom listened as the father explained the diet his daughter had to observe ... how she has to stay away from certain food ... why she looks pale ... She's an active and cheerful child, he said as he smiled down at his little girl.

Mom felt her heart skipped over to his, and softly whispered ...

At least ... 

You still have your little girl with You ... My son is not with me ...

The van was slowing down, and the father looked like he was ready to get off with the child. 

Mom turned to the father, and said the first thing that came to her head, "God has given You an angel ..." and to the little girl, she gave a lil squeeze and said, "God bless You ..."

The moment she uttered the word "angel," Mom knew she shouldn't have said that. He may not appreciate your mother's sincere intentions. Thankfully, the father showed a grateful expression on his face. 

Thank God. 

He replied with a friendly smile, "Thank You."

Mom watched the man and his daughter get off the van, and walked away into the distance.

Silence followed thereafter ...

First thing in the morning, You sent someone to touch your mother's heart. It was only a brief 5 minutes or so talking with a stranger ... but the inciDAN made her feel like a better person already.

Aunty H and Mom got off at the next stop. We were soon at the clinic. Mom waited at the waiting area, whilst Aunty H was in the treatment room.

Something incredibly awesome happened a short while later ...

Are You ready for that??? :D 
Fasten your seat belt, Son, we're about to take off! :D

Mom walked over to the magazine stand ... 

(continue on Call 113)