Monday, January 3, 2011

Call 115 : PRETTY SNOW

Hello Son, 

It's almost 4:30 pm. Just got home with Justine.

We were in school this morning.

Mom's mobile alarm rang at 6:30am. 

She came out to the computer table, shut the alarm, and was about to go back to bed, when a text message beeped in.

A text message so early in the morning?

Sleepily, she checked the message. It was from Aunty Jessie. 

Time of message was 6:32am.

Aunty Jessie's sms read : "It's snowing."

Mom replied immediately, "Yayyy, Jan will be pretty."

She put down the mobile, and went back to the bedroom. Oh, it was still early. She'd just snooze for another 10 minutes before getting ready for school. She flopped herself down on the bed.

Another beep beep came in.

Sigh ...

She waited for a few seconds before deciding she should just check the message. It could be important.

Getting up with the energy of an eighty year old, your mother went out of the room, to check the text message.

Aunty Jessie's text said, 

"It normally doesn't snow here. This is unusual.:)" 

A smile broke out on your mother's face, as she keyed in a reply, 

"Dans probably atendin HOW TO MAKE SNOW workshop n is trying out - Aunty Jessie's plc first. :D"


Mom was holding on to the mobile as she waited eagerly to read what Aunty Jessie had to say. Your mother was quite, quite awake by then.

Aunty Jessie replied right back, 

"Thank u Dans. :) It's still snowing :) u r doing great!" 


Hmmm ...

Wait a minute ...

Is this how you get your mother to wake up?

Quite effective, she must say. 

Anyway, Justine and Mom were at the kindy by 7:45am. 

Oh, something rather interesting happened in class today. 

Justine was helping Teacher L with the 5 year olds. 

Mom was there when the inciDAN happened. It was 9:38am. The kids were in the middle of coloring some kind of bookmark item for orientation.

At one point, Justine asked a little girl, " Have You finished coloring?"

The little girl looked up at her and answered, "My brother's name is Jason."


Did You hear that???

Mom heard. Justine turned to look at Mom. 

Yes, Mom heard. Mom heard.

Did You?

Have You finished coloring?

My brother's name is Jason.


Hmmm, Jason - Your second name. 

What a coinciDANS.:D

This little girl speaks and understands English.

She knows her Yes's and No's ...

Have You washed your hands? Yes.

Do You want some more spaghetti? No.
(We had spaghetti for break time today!)

Have You finished coloring?

My brother's name is Jason.

How not to feel the Zzzza--PPP???

Gee Wow ... We certainly felt You with us this morning, Son.

Thank You for being with us.

At noon, Dad picked us up and we went to see Aunty Carol at the General Hospital. She was busy when we got there, so we waited for her by the mini-shop. We sat on a cement bench, all three of us, waiting ...

Before long, we saw a patient walking towards the mini-shop. He was shaven bald, and had large plaster at the back of his head. It was obvious that he's recently had a surgery. He reminded us of your last surgery, yeah, the one You had, at the back of your head.

The man went into the shop and came out with a drink in his hands. He walked past us, and chose to sit on the pavement, about 5 walking-steps away from us. 

Yup, he was that near. It was difficult not to think of You when we had full view of the large plaster at the back of his head.

He sat in front of us for about half and hour, before he left. 

There were no other patients around us except for that man. Strange that we had to see him, or rather his plaster, for a good half and hour ... and think of You and everything that You went through, while waiting for Aunty Carol. 

Had Aunty C been on time to meet us, we would not have seen this man. She was delayed for half an hour, and at the same time, this man happened to sit near us, for almost half and hour.

Every lil thing reminds us of You, Son ...

You know, it was funny, but when he got up to walk away, Mom had a hunch that Aunty C would soon appear. 

And she did ... within seconds. At the most 30 seconds.

When the timing is all queer, You just know that an angel is nearby. :D

By the way, PRIVATE PRACTICE is on TV, at the point of writing this entry. 

It's 5pm. A character in the show just said he is diagnosed with a glioma ...

A thousand and one ailments he could have said, but he had to say the one that You had.

Aunty Jessie sent an email at 7:33am after the text :

The last time it snowed here was in 1987. This is unusual but sweet indeed. We came out of the movies n i saw the rain. I said good thing we didnt take the dogs up to the mountains to play in the snow. Minutes later it started to snow. It doesn't normally snow here. You brought the snow to us, dans? :)

We're so thinking about You, Son ...

You sure know how to make your presence felt ...

Love You. <3