Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello Son,                                                      (Thursday, December 30)

Today, we are driving up to Ipoh.

Dad, Mom, Justine and Aunty Diana. 

Aunty Di's fiance, Christopher has been spending the Christmas break with his family in Ipoh. Aunty Di was supposed to go up to Ipoh today to try out her Bollywood bridal dress, and then Christopher will follow us back to KL. 

The both of them will be reporting back for work at Tawau Hospital on Jan 1st.

How fast 2 weeks of Christmas break just flew by.

We left the house at 10 am.

Dad drove to the Viva office to pick up some products.

When we were leaving the area, there was a car in front of us. As the traffic was slow moving, Mom couldn't help but notice the number plate of that car in front.  


That's the car. You should be able to see the number plate BEL 6 
with your super sonic laser eyes. :D

Bee - Ee - Ell - Six ...

Hmmm ... 

Your mother could feel You at work ... 

Yup, working out a connection ... :D

Mom could just picture You trying to figure out -  

Now what else can I do to let them know 

I'm right there with them??? :D

Mom turned to Aunty Di who was sitting behind with Justine, 

"Eh, see the car in front ... BEL 6 ... 

He knows wedding bells are in the air la ..." :D

Aunty Di burst out in giggles ... nodding away ... 

"Yeah, I CaN HeaR THe BeLLs ..." 

she said in a sing song manner. 


The moment Aunty Di sang that, a Zzzzza-PPPP happened and your mother felt goose bumps instantly.

That song (I Can Hear The Bells) is from Hairspray ...

We had watched the movie on Aunty Di's birthday night on the Dec 27, 3 days ago. 

Grandma had said, when the movie was on, that :

"Daniel and Amah were watching this movie together, 

when Amah was baby-sitting him."

You must have been in Form One (13 years old) then.

Aww Son ... Grandma was baby-sitting You??? 

Anyway ...

During that movie on Aunty Di's birthday ... 

Both your aunties and Justine were singing the song, I CAN HEAR THE BELLS, and at that time, we were all discussing whether we could use this song for Aunty Di's wedding.

We thought the words for Round 1 to 5 (in the song) are actually  quite cute. Problem was, the lyrics for Round 6 is not suitable...

Round One
He'll ask me on a date and then

Round Two
I'll primp, but won't late because

Round Three's
When we kiss inside his car
Won't go all the way
But I'll go pretty far!
And then,

Round Four
He'll ask me for my hand, and then 

Round Five
We'll book the wedding band, so by  

Round Six 

Amber, much to your surprise

This heavyweight champion

Takes the prize and ...

Heavyweight Champion???

Aiyahhh ... can't use the song then ... 

Mom did not mention about the HAIRSPRAY movie, or the  I CAN HEAR THE BELLS song, when she called You on Calls 105 and 106 since we were not going to use the song. What's the point of telling You something that we are not doing, right?

Ah, but your mother forgets ... that even if she doesn't tell You, You'd still know ... :D

Mom looked at the number plate again ...



Were You laughing at that Round 6 too when we did? 

At the heavyweight champion? 

Aunty Di - heavyweight champion? 

That's a funny thought, huh? :D

What a coinciDANS for us to be driving behind that car, 

and to notice the number plate.

Mom got your message, Son ... :D

You were definitely with us that night, and now ...

In the car ...

As always ... :D

from the musical movie HAIRSPRAY

You know what ...

Was checking the lyrics for the song just now and realized that the name of main character in the movie is:


Tracy ...

Aunt Tracy ...

... in Heaven with You. 

She left at the age of 23 in 1996. 

Same way as You. 

You both must have had a lot to talk about when You first met, huh.  She is a fun-loving person and we can just imagine the both of You having a blast up there. 

God sure knows how to pick the best.

Isn't it strange - that of all the one million names the producers / writers of this movie could have used, they would choose one that would be connected to You someday??? :D

Someday ... like now ...

Yes, Mom's sure Aunty Tracy would want us to know that she's with us too - especially when her little sister Aunty Di is getting married and all. :D

Be sure to tell her Mom says Hi.

Soon, we were traveling on the North-South Highway and on our way to Ipoh ...

(continue on Call 108)