Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Call 117 : CALL HOME

Hello Son, 

Got up this morning at 6:30am.

For some unexplained reason, Mom went to the laundry room, to FIND a RED tee shirt. She dug into the laundry basket, claw her way into a pile of wrinkled clothes, came across a bright RED tee, and pulled that out. 

She misted it with spray-water, ironed it carefully, flapped it in the wind several times to cool the tee down, before putting it on.

Why she had to go through so much hassle first thing in the morning, she had no idea. On hindsight, she wonders now why did she not just picked the blue or pink tee that was laid on the bed, but had to go to the trouble of searching for a RED one.

There will be an answer, LET IT BE ... (the Beatles). :D

Justine and Mom were in school by 7:45am. 

Classes started at 9am. 

Teacher L said that Mable was absent today.

Mable? Jason's sister?

The girl who answered, "My brother's name is Jason

when Justine asked, "Have you finished coloring?"  ???

(See Call 109).

Hmmm ...

Anyway, Teacher L started with the circle time. This week's theme, being the first week of school, is Getting To Know You. The kids were excited with their finger puppets as we sang The Greeting Song, and greeted one another.

Mom went out of the classroom, while they were doing Numbers and Counting Exercises. Isn't it weird that your mother had to pick that moment to walk out of the class, to go to the registration area? She had no reason to go there. She found herself standing by the registration table, watching Grandma talking over the phone. 

Your mother just stood there ...

Moments later, guess what??? 

The Bambi kids started singing "Fly Fly Fly, The Butterfly..."

O -- M -- G ...


Fly Fly Fly, the butterfly
In the meadow is flying high
In the garden is flying low
Fly Fly Fly, the butterfly

 click on the link to view video

Fly Fly Fly ... is so your nursery rhyme. Remember???

That is one of your most memorable nursery rhyme when You were very little. It was this song that helped You to discover the joys of flapping your hands up and down. :D 

At one time, the one memory that we hold so dear ... You and Justine were sitting on the stairs at home, and we were singing this rhyme ... You had flapped your hands so excitedly, bouncing as You did so, and of course, drooling at the same time.

You were so cute, Son ... we will always remember that. Will post the photo here later. Mom remembers how You continued flapping about even after we had stopped singing ... :D

Justine was typing out the school's newsletter nearby. She saw Mom and started flapping her hands up and down - with the knowing grin. 

We felt You so with us then, Son ...

The connection was crystal clear.

Class ended at 1pm.

Your mother was in the class at the time, helping Teacher L to tidy up. It must have been about 15 minutes later before she stepped outside the school, and stood by the porch, watching the kids leaving with their mummies and grandparents. She spotted Meena, the Iranian girl who was in her concert performance last year, and watched her run to her mummy by the gate. 

Your mother's heart skipped a beat at the moment. Not only because it was heart-warming watching Meena skipping to her mummy's ready embrace, and seeing her mummy bent down to plant a kiss on her girl's forehead, but because something else had caught her attention.

Meena's large bag pack on her back. 

It was BRIGHT ORANGE. Your color.

With SpongeBob characters on it. Your favorite cartoon.

Orange and SpongeBob???
So your call, Son ...

Gee Wow! 

What a coinciDANS! :D

Even Justine said, "Since when is SpongeBob orange? It's normally yellow." 

The timing was precise. As usual.

Right at that moment as the girl was running to her mummy, Mom happened to be standing nearby, observing. Had that happened a few minutes earlier, your mother would have still been in the classroom. 

She would have surely missed the Orange Zzzza-PPP. :D

Justine said she was hungry.

It was about 1:20pm. 

We walked to the shops opposite the school, and decided to have lunch in one of the coffee shops there. This coffee shop was right beside SECRET RECIPE. Mom was thinking of a nice cup of cafe latte when Justine said she wanted to ear pan mee (flour noodles). So we had lunch at the coffee shop. It did cross your mother's mind to have her coffee at SECRET RECIPE after the noodles.

While waiting for the noodles, Mom called Dad. He was having an appointment and said he'd call back. It was clear that Dad was busy at the time, and would probably not be able to pick us up. We'd have to get a cab home.

Ah, a cab ...

Justine's about to witness how You send cabs our way ... :D

After we had our noodles, we didn't step into SECRET RECIPE as Mom initially intended to. She felt kinda silly walking out of the coffee shop and then stepping in the next one - right beside it.

What would people think???

Not so nice ...

So Justine and Mom walked to the side of the main road to hail a cab. About, say 20 steps away ...

Not far.

Quite near.

Under the hot sun though.

Mom said, "You watch how he sends a cab, Jus ..."  

"It will be immediate ..." your mother added confidently.

Your sister was all smiles.

And so we waited.

We strained our eyes to see beyond the road, on the left and on the right.

No cabs could be seen.

Not one cab.

Not even an occupied one.

We didn't wait long ... it was about a minute or two the most, when we both FELT that no cabs would be coming our way.

Yup, we both felt that.

Mom said, "He doesn't want us to go yet. I think he wants me to have my coffee. Let's go to SECRET RECIPE." 

The original plan.

We walked back.

You must have whispered to us, "Go to Secret Recipe ..." :D 


The nice air-conned cafe was welcoming ...

There was hardly any patrons at the cafe, only one table was occupied, so we kinda had the whole place to ourselves.

We sat on the long RED sofa.

Mom ordered her coffee and Justine asked for a slice of chocolate - banana cake. The waiter was about to take back the menus, when for some reason, your mother stopped him.

This is very unusual for your mother to do.

Even Justine knows that.

Mom asked the waiter to leave one menu for us. He had brought two. The waiter obliged.

Oh my, You won't believe what happened next.

We have not seen this menu before. 

We turned to the first page, and was overwhelmed by the bright RED inside the cover. It suddenly dawned on us that we were surrounded by RED.

The inside of the menu was RED.

The sofa was RED.

The sugar packets were RED.

Mom was wearing RED. Her posture in the photo is not so good - don't follow.

Woah, this place really knows how to get attention ...

Mom turned over the first page of the menu.

There was a full blown photo of a boy eating noodles.

We exclaimed together, "Eeee, so ugly ..." and giggled. :D

And then ...

Oh -- My -- Lord ...

The FIRST word at the top caught your mother's eyes.



Zzzza --PPP!!!

Mom pointed to the word and read the line, out loud.

JASON misses home ...

Oh my ...

Say what???

How queer ...

You must have seen our excited faces as we continued reading ... until we reached the part that read : 

"Will call home later."

Oh my ...


Will call home later???

Oh boy ...

What are the chances of reading on the menu, about Jason missing home and that he will call home later???

And then the next line that follows :

Good to know there is a cure for those moments you kind of miss ...

OMG ...

What sort of advertisement is this???

That moment, of reading that line, was totally awesome.

Totally incredible!


Yes, yes, of course it's good to know there is a cure ... 

for those moments we kinda miss.

Your Call-Blog and your Facebook ... 

Your mother's apparent cure. :D

Honestly, we couldn't believe our eyes ...

Jus and Mom were totally awe-struck!

Zzzza-PPP - struck!!! :D

Our coffee and cake came. We could hardly eat because of the excitement.

How not to feel your presence, Son???

We could TOTALLY feel You sitting there with us ... 

with the lazy smirk on your face. :D

Aww Son ... What are the chances, really???

What are the chances of getting this message???

No chance!!! No way!!!

Then again, we forget ... 

Did we not ask God to make a way for us??? :D

As we looked at the menu again, and again, and again, and again ...

And again ...

And again ...

We couldn't help noticing the RED and ORANGE colors on the right page of the menu. 

We did a quick flip to all the other pages in the menu, and found to our indescribable satisfaction, that this is the only page that has the RED - ORANGE combination.

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

It was a clear code.

Between mother and son.

Let's take a moment to absorb all these signs and inciDANS.

Yeah ...

Take a moment, c'mon ...

Take a moment ...

Take a super amazing incredible awesome moment ...

We left the coffee house still quite dazzled.

It was about 3pm.

As we were walking to the side of the main road again, Mom said, 

"Jus, you just watch - a cab will appear within ten SECONDS."

TWO seconds later (immediately), Justine yelled out, 

"There there ... a cab!!!"

Hah ... Does - Mom - know - her - son - or - what! :D

As the cab approached, we noticed that it was occupied.

We were like, "Aiyahhh Daniel, empty cab, empty cab ..."

Send us an empty cab, Son ...

Hmmm ... "empty cab" ...

Do You say "empty cab"???

Is that The Queen's English?

Mom's not sure ... Oh well, who cares ... because in a very short moment later, Justine says "less than one minute" ... 

About 30 seconds ...

An empty cab drove straight to us. 

A RED cab.

OMG ...

We could almost feel You watching us from above, at close distance. 

Seriously, Son ... 

You'd think sending us the RED cab was the end???

Oh no no no ... 

These days, we're so gonna be Bollywood-dramatic ...

Taken inside the cab.

Mom saw the number plate.

OMG ...

Should she be surprised???

Should she???

Her angel-sign ... (See Call 43)

We were like totally floating on air ... Jus and Mom ...

What an amazing, super-duper incredulous coinciDANS. :D

Can't wait to tell Dad about today, Son. :D

Love You so very much. <3