Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello Son,                                                          (Your First Anniversary) (Friday January 21)

This is the notice that we placed in THE STAR papers 

on your 1st Anniversary on Friday, January 21, 2010.

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Video on left side entitled : This one's for You, Dans.

(Video is originally uploaded on your Facebook. These video clips were taken 
by Aunty Carol on her mobile. Although unclear, they are precious to your family.)

The day before, Thursday January 20

we went to your garden, with your friends, then back to the condo. 

Several inciDANS happened :-

1. Call 124 : Caterpillar Message

2. Call 125 : Runaway Sausage

3. Call 126 : Confetti Rice

Mom felt your presence throughout the day. :D

This evening, Friday ...

Mom was cutting out your notice from the newspaper. Justine was at her laptop, watching American Idol at the same time. Dad was in the kitchen. 

We were waiting for Aunty Bee to arrive. 

She was coming over for dinner. 

Past 8pm, Aunty Bee called from the guard-house. 

Mom told Dad that she would go down to the lobby to get Aunty Bee. She had walked out of the gate, and was hooking the lock back, when she suddenly heard the song in the background : 

"Somewhere -- Over the rainbow ... "

Mom called out to Justine, 

"Is that Somewhere Over The Rainbow?" 

Jus yelled back, "Yeah!"

Woah ... 

One of the American Idol contestants was singing the song right at that moment.

Zzzzzzza -- PPPP!!!

Oh My ...

Your timing once again, Son, is immaculate. :D

Mom was so meant to hear that. 

Somewhere Over The Rainbow is the address she had put on your notice in the newspaper ... the notice that she was cutting out just a few minutes ago.

Honestly, what are the chances of your mother hearing the words she had chosen for the notice, on the television? Besides, had she left the house just a few seconds earlier, she would have missed that. 

For certain. 

You made sure your mother heard the song before she left the house, didn't You? That is so your style ...  Mom knows.

The precise timing. :D

Mom had a big smile as she went down the lift to get Aunty Bee. :D

Fast Forward ...

We had a really yummy dinner. 

Dad had prepared Hainanese Chicken Rice complete with the chilly sauce and garlic-ginger side condiment. :D 

We spent some time catching up until about 10:30pm.

Before Mom tells You what happened next, and believe You me, it was something rather incredible, so You'd better sit down and listen, she needs to remind You of :

Call 43 : ANGEL SIGN

where, she had written below the picture of the guardian angel watching over two little children, the following paragraph:

"Did You tell God that your mother needs to feel some kind of connection, otherwise she might not realise that her Son is nearer to her than she's aware of? With your mother, You can't be subtle, because she just won't get it. You will have to give it to her as it is. :D Better yet, leave a white Angel's feather on her desk some day..."

Mom wrote that entry on November 1, 2010.

So anyway ...

Mom cleared the dishes. After that, she prepared a Call-entry for You. Shortly after, she got up from the computer table to go to the kitchen.  She wanted to boil the left-over soup from dinner, to keep it good for the next day.

Something amazing ...



was about to happen before the close of your First Anniversary today, on Friday, January 21 ... 

before the stroke of midnight ...

O -- M -- G ...

It was unbelievable ...

Mom was at the kitchen sink, facing the window. 

As always, the right panel of the window is closed, whilst the left panel was opened halfway at 45 degrees. You will remember that the kitchen area can sometimes be windy, and if both panels were opened, it would be difficult to cook as the flame would be dancing about. 

Your mother reached out to the left panel, with the intention of closing it. Suddenly, a tiny lil something flew right in and stuck itself on the top side of the faucet - the side facing the window. 

Huh, what was that?

From where Mom was standing, she could not see what it was.

Instinctively, she turned the faucet to her side and looked ...

She found herself holding her breath.

O -- M -- G ...

Mom couldn't believe her eyes ...

Are You kidding her???


Like - 


Did You see what she saw???

A -- tiny -- white -- feather???

Zzzzzaa -- PPP!!!

A -- 



Oh My ...

Oh Wow ...

Oh Gee ...

Oh Lord ...

You must have grinned yourself silly when You saw your mother's OMG expression. :D She must have looked like a cartoon.

Carefully, Mom picked up the tiny white feather and cello-taped it on to her notebook. It was about 2 cm in length. Checking the clock on the wall to jot down the time of the inciDAN, she saw that it was a few minutes before midnight.

Oh My ...

What a PERFECT close to your First Anniversary, Son ... :D

You really made your mother's day, Daniel ...

That was super amazing! 

Thank You for the white feather, Son ...

What a wonderful, out of the world, coinciDANS ...

Honestly ... say what You like, but Mom knows ...

It was nobody, nobody BUT CHIU ... <3

(See Call 109 : NOBODY NOBODY)

Here's the eviDANS ... :D