Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Call 123 : CUTE DRESS

Hello Son,                                           (continue from Call 122) (Tuesday, January 18)

We picked up the camera from Uncle Ken and were soon on our way to Queensbay Mall. We were going to chill out at J.Co (coffee & donuts) for a bit before our next appointment in Juru at 3pm.

Mom told Justine that we could try to look for her dress at the mall. Her dress for Aunty Diana's wedding. She's been out shopping with both your Aunty Diana and Aunty Carol, the past few weeks, but have not come across a dress that she really likes.

Little did we know that You were gonna help your sister find the dress that she would be wearing on Aunty Diana's wedding.

So anyway, the mall is really huge. 

Dad has been to this mall several times, but today was the first time, he's driving to the mall using a different route, as he had to stop by at the University just now. Today, he had to follow the Gold Coast Resort way. 

And in so doing, ended up taking a different entrance in to the mall. The one that is on the opposite end to the one he normally used. 

Funnily, despite following the sign that said CAR PARK which led us down to the basement upon entering, we somehow found we had to drive UP to the roof top. Dad was quite amused about that and was commenting that this would be the first time, he entered a basement car park but ended up on the roof top.

Coming out of the car and entering the mall, we found ourselves at the top floor of the mall. Dad said, he has never come to this side of the mall before. He's normally on the opposite side.

We walked to the nearest escalator, which was in front of us, about 30 steps away. As we approached it, we noticed that the escalator was under maintenance. Mom leaned over the railing to see what was beneath / below and spotted a mannequin in a cute dress. She called Justine and pointed the dress out. Your sister was eager to go down to check out the boutique.

Believe it or not, but looking up from below, the repair workers had removed the "DANGER - UNDER MAINTENANCE" sign at the escalator and we found it working smoothly.

We went down.

At the bottom of the escalator, we spotted another mannequin in a cute outfit in Boutique X in front of us. The first shop was about 5 shops away. We decided to try out all the shops, starting with the first shop and the in - betweens, and finally Boutique X.  

We selected 2 outfits. Jus went to the changing room. Mom found a seat and flopped herself down. As she sat and waited, she couldn't help but notice a fire extinguisher right before her eyes.


She blinked. Her angel - signs. (See Call 43)

Oh Wow ... 

Say what You like but Mom felt your presence instantly.

The dress must be here. This is the shop.

True enough, Justine came out in the first outfit, and said, 

"I like it." :D

The rest is history. 

Dad said once again, "I've never come to this side of the mall before. You see? I have to leave the camera in the car, so we have to take a different route to the mall, and use this other entrance..."

Yes Son ... It's all very mysterious ... :D

BONES mysterious ... 


All the same, we were very happy that Jus has found her dress.

After that, we chilled out at J. Co. See how happy Dad is with his coffee? :D Justine had yogurt ice-cream and Aunty H and Mom had iced milk tea. :D

We left the mall at about 2:30pm.

Met up with Uncle N at 3pm at a noodle shop in Juru. 

Yeah, eat again.

You must have been shaking your head ...

Mom remembers how You said, 

"Dad's -- eating -- again" 

before chuckling to yourself, at the hospital, a few days after You came out of your 3 day coma. This was about a week before You left us. Just hearing You speak those few words and seeing You chuckle was magical. Especially when your doctor had said that You were not likely to come out of your coma. 

God was in control ...

Pause ...

Taking a moment to inhale deeply ...

Anyway, we left for Ipoh in an hour or so. 

By the way, note the chilli sauce squirted in the shape of a number 7 on our carrot cake dish. 

There were 4 side dishes with the number 7 chilli sauce on our table. Be patient, yah, and see how the number 7 turns up again in a short while later.

We arrived in Ipoh at about 6pm. 

At the Viva center, Justine went to the water dispenser. Taking out a cone, she reminded Mom that You used to put your fist into the cone (You were in primary school then) like the Pokemon character, Beedrill. 


And behave like one too ... with all the pointing and poking in the air ... :D

We met up with some friends. Proceeded to dinner. 

Talk talk talk some more. 

It was about 9 pm before we called it a day. 

Believe it or not when the bill came, the amount showed RM77.xx

Honestly, it was just so weird to see all the number 7s that afternoon, and then see the RM77.xx appearing on the bill.

A coinciDANS, no doubt. :D

We drove back to KL ...

Justine was sitting in front with Dad. For some reason, she was totally awake and hyper (her own words), and she was singing and keeping Dad company. Don't ask what Aunty H and Mom were doing behind. 


Zzzzzzz ...

Fast Forward ...

Mom awoke to hear the song TEARS IN HEAVEN on the radio. 

 By Eric Clapton

Tears In Heaven??? 

Again??? (See Call 121)

"Where are we now?" Mom asked. It was past 11:15pm.

Aunty H said, "Bangsar."

We have reached KL. 

Mom smiled to herself before commenting that,

"He's ending the day with a song." That is so your style.

Tears In Heaven had come on when we started the journey on Monday, and it had come on again, as we were about to end our journey on Tuesday. 

Tears In Heaven ...

A song that made us think of You immediately.

Mom knows it's your way of telling us that You were with us throughout the journey. :D As your mother allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the moment, the next song that came on was:



You had played this tune for your mother during the year that her kindergarten class was doing the Aladdin dance during their concert in 2008. You were supposed to attend the concert but You didn't in the end. Can't remember why now - You had something on with your friends. So, You made the effort to learn the song and played it on the guitar for your mother. :D

A whole new world. Mom remembers how You'd pluck the strings to the tune ...

You were certainly with us throughout the journey, Son ...

Everywhere we are, there you'll always be ... <3<3<3

Thinking about You, Son, as your first year anniversary approaches...