Monday, January 17, 2011

Call 121 : ANGEL CARS

Hello Son,                                                                             

We went to Penang on Monday today. 

Left the house at 10:30am in the morning. We drove to Bangsar to pick up Aunty Hayley. Soon, we were on the north-south highway. The radio was on only for a little while because the reception was not good and Dad had put on a CD when the audio became scratchy.

Before that, at 11:24am, TEARS IN HEAVEN by Eric Clapton filled the car. Mom jotted the song down in her note book. 

Hearing the song made us all think of You ... even more.

The anniversary celebrating your first year in Heaven is just around the corner...

January 21st ...

How a whole year just flew by ... 

This would be like the longest time ever that You have been away from us. One whole year. Thankfully, God is faithful and God is good because somehow, He has allowed our Mother-Son connection to continue despite the impossible distance.


Did she say immm--possible???

Has your mother forgotten the countless times that she had said and assured You that NOTHING is impossible with GOD??? :D  

You don't have to say it, Son ... 

Your mother's right, she knows ... :D 

Nothing is impossible with GOD! :D

We turned into Ipoh at about 1:20pm for a short lunch break. 

Dad drive to one of the coffee-shops and there, we had the most delicious Ipoh Hor Fun (rice noodle soup) with steamed chicken and bean sprouts - ever.

Dad said, he went inside the coffee shop and found one large table waiting for us right in the middle of the eatery. The rest of the tables were packed with patrons. :D We were not surprised - no, not at all. :D Thanks for that, Son ... :D

Remember these famous Ipoh dishes ... 
Having said that, nothing can beat Mama Mary's cooking, 
that's for sure ... Have You put on weight? :D

Left Ipoh at 2pm and continued our journey up north. 

We arrived at Penang Road about 4:30pm. 

Dad dropped us around the vicinity before he drove off to park the car. We walked into the mall, to use the washroom. Just as we were about to approach Guardian Pharmacy, Aunty Hayley suddenly mentioned something about her "toothpaste." 

That immediately reminded Mom that she had to buy a toothbrush. She did not bring hers. 


That was kinda strange how Aunty H suddenly, out of the blues, talked about her toothpaste. You must have whispered to Aunty H to mention the toothpaste. :D You knew your mother had intended to buy a toothbrush before going to the hotel.

You were with us that day, Mom could feel it.

Anyway ...

After dropping by the pharmacy and the washroom, we went straight to have our cendol and rojak.

While we were enjoying our cendol ... 

Justine pointed out to an aquarium in the corner. She said it reminded her of a time when You had a moment with an aquarium in somebody's house - she couldn't remember who. 

She related that, there was a magnetic cleaner that was stuck against the wall of the aquarium, one on the inside and the other on the outside. You were apparently quite fascinated with them and was moving the outer magnet about. Then at one point, You somehow pulled it out ... 

The both of You must have watched in horror as the magnet on the inside of the fish tank began to sink to the bottom.

Dad remembers that inciDAN. We laughed and interrogated your sister further. She remembers vividly, the uh-oh expression You gave, as if it happened yesterday. :D

Shortly after, Justine exclaimed, "Hey, look at the numbers."

We all turned to look to where she was pointing. From where your sister was sitting, she was able to see a telephone number that was advertised on the wall of a shop, opposite the cafe we were at.

Oh my goodness ... 

Would You take a look at all the angel signs. (See Call 43)


A coinciDANS no doubt, but that didn't stop us from instantly feeling your presence. :D

We left the cafe at about 5:30pm. Driving to the hotel, Justine exclaimed again, "Hey, see the car number!" 


Our angel sign again. 

Mom was clamouring for the camera to pass to Justine for her to take a shot. Jus was sitting in front. Mom needn't have hurried, because it turned out that the car drove in front of us for quite a while. Were You escorting us, Daniel?   >.<

Another coinciDANS, no doubt. :D

After awhile, Dad took a different turn and we left the 444 car. Believe it or not, but within a minute or two, another O-M-G angel - sign car slid in front of ours. 


Once again, Mom was like, quick quick, take picture. :D

Jus took a picture.

Would You believe it but this 2nd angel - sign car actually drove us right to the hotel, before driving away?

Awww ... You were escorting us, weren't You, Son? :D

We checked into our room, took turns to shower and freshened up. We were going out to a Viva gathering at 7:30pm. 

At 6:45pm, Dad said it was time to get going. 

We all hopped into the car. Just as we were driving out from the hotel to the main road, would You believe it but another O-M-G angel - sign car drove past us. As the road was clear, Dad drove out and soon we found ourselves following the angel - sign car.

My oh my ... 

What are the chances of having 4 angel-sign inciDANS occurring in a short period of 2 hours? All the 3 cars happened to be driving right in front of our car. It was unbelievable. It would appear like You were really escorting us ... :D

The 3rd angel - sign car escorted us, all the way until we took the lane to turn into the Viva office.

That was some escort service You arranged there, Son ...

We all had a big smile on our faces at that moment ...

Fast Forward ...

We left the center shortly after 10pm. With all the angel signs that day, Mom kinda had a feeling that You were going to end the day with some kind of message.

A mother's intuition.

It was a feeling.

The radio was on 98.1.

Just as we were driving away, the song 1234, I LOVE YOU came on the radio. Your mother found herself holding her breath. That was so your style. 

Get the attention first, then give the message. 

 By Plain White T's

Mom was reminded instantly, on her birthday in June last year. Justine and her were driving back home, after a whole day of inciDANS, there was a jam on the highway, and a car with the number plate DAN was right in front of us. 

Justine had squealed when she spotted the car. 

The whole day that day, You had made your presence felt. 

Very strongly too.

Seeing the DAN car, cause our thoughts to be centered on You, and when it was, the same song,  

1234, I LOVE YOU had come on the radio. 

It was so incredible. 

Your mother still remembers the ZAP moment. :D

How You do this, Daniel, zzzza--pping us over and over and over, just amazes us.

Simply and purely ... 

There's only 1 way, 2 say, those 3 words, 

4 You-uu ... 

I LOVE YOU ... <3


Aww Son ...

We love You too ... so very very much!

(continue on Call 122)