Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello Son,                                 (continue from Call 109) (Thursday, December 30)

At Christopher's house ...

Chris' father handed the draft booklet for the wedding mass for us to go through. Aunty Diana and Mom started checking the draft out, flipping the pages, running our fingers down each line ...  she on the left page, and Mom on the right. 

Like pros.

At one point, Aunty Di pointed something out at the introduction page, and she made a comment about it - which Mom cannot for the life of her remember what now. She wanted to change something on that page, something which Grandma had put in.

Uh-oh ...

Anyway, Mom agreed with her reasoning, and said, "Okay, change that. Mom (our mother) won't know la ..." From here in Ipoh, Chris' father will send the booklets for print. The next time Grandma sees the booklet, it will be during the wedding ceremony.

Aunty Di struck out the sentence with a pen. Immediately at that second, Justine who was standing behind us, and leaning against the sofa, exclaimed in a put-on, high-low, stern tone, 

"That - ain't - what - your - momma - said!"

Guiltily and very quickly, Aunty Di and Mom looked at each other, 

"Aiyah, better not change that, mom's (our mother) not gonna like it..."

There was a short silence before Justine burst out laughing ...

Hahahahahahahahahah ...

Heheheheheheheheheh ...

Aunty Di and Mom stared at her.

Justine was laughing out loud. Good thing, Chris' mom and sister were in the kitchen, and Dad was having a conversation with Chris' father. They weren't paying much attention to her.

In between giggles, heheheheheh ... Justine said that she wasn't referring to us, hahahahahaha ... nor was she talking to us. She was watching HOUSE which was on the television at that moment, and had merely repeated what that main character, Dr House had said : 

"That ain't what your momma said."

That's all.


Then ...

Aunty Di and your mother were like, 

"OMG ... it's a sign la, better not change that ... 

Put it back, put it back ..." 

The part that we were going to amend, we left it as it was.

Grandma's original way.

Hmmm ...

Was that YOU, Son??? 

Was that You trying to tell us that Grandma would not be happy with our tempering with her perfect booklet??? :D 

Man, it sure felt like You had a hand in making Justine say those words at that EXACT time. We actually felt bad, Aunty Di and Mom ... like we were caught red-handed doing something naughty.

Yeah, You're right ... Grandma would be pretty mad at our intervention - especially when we did not get her approval for the change.

You must have alerted Justine ...

It was nobody, nobody ... BUT CHIU!

What a coinciDANS. :D

Soon Chris' mother called us to the dining hall. We had a really nice lunch. She had prepared a delicious spread of Indian cuisine for us. :D We all had double helpings, believe it or not.

Yum yum. :D

At 4pm, we left the house.

We decided to go to the mall. 

We were meeting up with one of your mother's cousins, Uncle C, that evening for dinner. His wife had just given birth to a baby girl a week ago. Mom wanted to get a baby gift set for him.

Soon we were at the baby's department at the mall.

Fast forward to 2 hours later ...

Mom still could not decide what to get. 

Everything was just so cute. 

Your mother found herself going round and round and round the department, totally clueless as to what to get. She wasn't all that keen to get clothes as babies tend to grow quickly ... 

Milk bottles? 




Oh dear, what should she get???

At one point, Christopher came with a bright red day-out backpack wrapped in a translucent gift wrap and two little bows. 

He said, "Bryan picked this one." 

Mom took it reluctantly, and looked it over. 

She didn't like being rushed. It has been, after all, only 2 hours since they entered the mall. 

Hmmm ... it was a nice backpack though. There was even a warmer in the front part of the bag that could apparently keep milk warm till up to 2 hours.

Your mother took the bag and held it in her arms ... No, she was not all that ready to jump on it and commit herself to it just yet ... she wanted to continue to look around - just one more time - for the hundredth time.

As she was walking around, she couldn't help but notice the price tag of the backpack that showed RM43-90. 


Ooh ... that's RM44 if You round it up to the nearest ringgit.

Her angel sign.


That suddenly made Mom think of the times when You were at the malls with us, how You would pick up an item, any item close at hand, which would somehow be hilarious and normally not connected to anything close that your mother would be looking for, and shoving it into her arms, before ushering her to the cashier with the impatient,  

"Let's go Ma, let's go ..."

Thinking about those moments brings a smile to your mother's face.

Did You whisper to Chris to pick up the bag and shove it to Mom, with the silent, yet loud, message, 

"Just get this and let's go ..."

Suddenly, it felt - right ...

The bag, yeah ... it suddenly felt right. 

It would be a great gift for Uncle C. He'd love it, Mom felt. 

So happily, your mother went to the cashier with the red backpack.

Wow, Daniel! You can even help Mom pick up a present all the way from Heaven.  

Nothing is impossible for God's angel. Mom can see that now.

Clearly ...

Perfect vision ...

Amazing. :D


Dad later saw the backpack as we were walking back to the car, and said, "Hey, I was looking at that bag just now."

Mom replied in jest, 

"Yeah, but You didn't bring it to me. Dans got Chris to bring it to me..." :D


Dad said with an air, "Ohh, I thought I'd leave it to Christ ..." :D

Hehehehe ... 

That's the latest joke, did Mom tell You? She hasn't told You this, has she? Well, Aunty Di told us that the nurses in the hospital spell Chris' name in short as C-H-R-I-S-T

Hehehehe ....

You didn't know did You, that your Aunty Diana would be married to CHRIST. :D

Thanks Son, for helping Mom pick up the gift. That bag really turned out to be a great gift! Uncle C liked it very much. :D

Dad snapped this photo as uhh, proof ... :D

Call You tomorrow, Son ... <3

Have to go rest the eyes now ... >.<