Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 124) (Thursday, January 20)

After the flowers were planted, and the candles lit, the garden site cleared, we sat in a circle and said our Rosary. 

In the middle of the fourth decade of the rosary, we heard a faint sound of a helicopter flying above. At a far, far, far distance. Mom tried to take a photo. The helicopter was far away and it was so small, she couldn't get the focus.

Aunty Hayley nudged her.

Mom turned. 

Aunty Hayley pointed to the sky - RIGHT ABOVE US. 

Mom tilted her head back ... 

... and saw in awe, a white, long never-ending trail that was stretched right across the sky.

Right -- above -- us.

We had to literally look straight up, from where we were sitting to look at the trail.

And admire it.

And get nicely zapped by it. :D

A smile appeared on your mother's face.

The timing is always so immaculate. 

This has happened more than a few times. During our prayers at previous times at your garden, something would happen that would make us look up into the sky. Just so we could feel your presence. 

Also, not forgetting SKY SHOW  (Call 86) ...

You must have been watching us on a soft cotton cloud that morning. Probably waving too huh. Is that why the clouds today look kinda scattered and dispersed? :D Was Mother Mary with You? She heard us say the Rosary, You think? Did Jesus like the song we sang? 

For Those Tears I Died ...

Yes, of course - OF COURSE - the trail is left by an airplane (note the impatience). 
It's obvious ...

However, now that You're an angel, the rules have changed. We're so not gonna state the obvious. Can't blame your mother, can You? It wasn't obvious to her that You would pack up and leave before she did. So, the white trail in the sky - that appeared during our prayers, not before or after but during, and not somewhere over that side, or the other side, but right above us - well at best, a coinciDANS. :D Yup, a coinciDANS. Okay fine. Nothing to get overly excited about. Just a lil something to zap us and to remind us that You are near. :D There must be a reason why your aunties call You, DANS, since You were a lil boy ... not Dan or Danny ... but DANS. Now we know why ...

Your friends arrived about 10am. 

Justine said one of them had called and coyly said that they were lost among the graves ... 


Anyway, here's a video for You.

We were singing the first song :


If You check it, you will notice that somewhere in the beginning, around the time .40, there is a broom-broom sound of a motorcycle. 

Isn't it meant to be that Mom was standing in a position where she was able to see the motorbike passing through, that carried 2 Indian workers, possibly the caretakers, who were wearing ... 

believe it or not - bright orange tee shirts.


Wink Wink ...

The funny thing is, most of us know that your color is orange ... orange is YOU ... yet for some reason, none of us were in orange that morning. Not a single person was in orange. 

Then, all of a sudden, your mother was alerted by the broom-broom sound of the motorbike, and the next thing she knew, the bright orange tees just zapped her!

Instantly, Mom just knew You were with us. :D


It can't be explain ... but when it happens, You just know.

You'd think that was all ... 

Nahhh ...

Towards later part of the video, You will see a quick shot of the sky (the second one - there were 2 sky shots in the video). Mom had signaled to Justine to point the video skywards (:D) because your mother had spotted a new white trail that had cut across the sky towards the ending part of the song.


Oh my gosh ...

The white trail had appeared during our singing session too. 

Note, once again, the eviDANS appears, not before or after - but during a moment that was centered on You. Had it been before or after, there would have been no ZAP!

But ... it had been ...

DURING, Son ... due-ringgg ...

Another coinciDANS, huh. :D

Your mother had a big, wide smile on her face. :D

You must have seen that.

We left the garden at 10:30am. 

Dad had made hotdogs for your friends. 

So the plan was to have everyone chill out by the pool at our condo and enjoy one of your favourite food while You were here on earth...

Hot dogs.

It would have been about 11:30am when we had the picnic by the BBQ area at the pool side. Everyone was happily making their own hotdogs, squirting ketchup and mustard over a yummy cheesy- sausage braised in onion sauce and sandwiched in a roll.

Everything was as normal as could be.

Not for long ...

At one point, one of your friends, Nikeles dropped his sausage. 

Ah ... an inciDAN was about to begin ...

Mom did not see it happen but there was a small commotion as some of the guys were yelling for him to quickly pick it up. Mom poured a cup of drink to help him rinse the sausage, thinking it had dropped on to his shorts ... but it turned out that it was already kinda smeared with sand. 

So, Grandma asked him to give it to Kish.

Kish was delighted. :D

Little accidents, like watching in horror, as the sausage You are about to bite on, roll off your plate, do happen. 

Nothing unusual, You'd think.

Wait ... wait for it ...


Nik picked up a second sausage.

Would You believe it - but that sausage also rolled off his plate and dropped on to the ground?

Within less than 3 minutes, TWO sausages had rolled off his plate ...


Mom felt your presence immediately.

To appreciate her instincts, read Call 95 : ICE CREAM ...

By the way, this is the boy who had passed your mother a photo of the both of You after You followed Jesus home. Nik had given Mom this photo below a week or so after You left.   

Daniel and Nik receiving their First Holy Communion at 7 years old. How cute the both of You look. :D


Mom thinks so. :D 

She said to Nik that You were probably saying HI to him. :D 

Honestly, had he drop the sausage once

nobody would think twice about it. 

Uh, by "nobody" ... your mother means Mom. 

However, the - second - sausage - also - rolled - off - his - plate, 

moments later. 


Have You anything to say, Son? :D

Anything -- at -- all?

Like maybe - Guilty as charged ... :D

Anyway ...

Words are not necessary. Mom knows. 

Besides, being Zzzzzza-PPPed is enough. :D

Your friends went swimming after the hotdogs. :D

Kish is having a great treat!

Our picnic stuff.

 Squirt the ketchup all the way ... :D

 Faith means walking on water ... :D

 Remember the beach balls?

Fun time ... :D

Zzzzzzz ...

 For your entertainment ... :D

You must have pointed back from your cotton cloud ...

Like this ... but pointing downwards ... :D

Curry chicken with pilau rice for lunch @ 2pm ...

(continue on Call 126)