Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 125) (Thursday, January 20)

We had a nice late lunch under the tree. 

About 3pm, everyone went up to the condo. 

The kids showered and chilled out before the TV ... 

Mom left Justine and the friends at the condo, while she went to Grandma's place for a while. There's much omg-discussion going on about Aunty Diana's wedding on January 29 and 30.

Your mother came back to the house at about 6:30 pm. 

You know, the whole time, she had the sausage inciDAN in her head. She knew she would be writing that in the blog. She couldn't help but wonder if You were gonna zap anyone else ... your close buddy Oliver, in particular, who was instrumental in planning for the gathering of your friends at the garden this morning, along with Ken and some others your mother may not be aware of.

First Anniversary on January 21.

Nothing seemed to have happened so far since the sausage inciDAN with Nik this morning ... 

Nothing unusual. No zap. 

The next day (Friday) was a school day. 

It was already late in the evening. 

The kids would surely need to go home soon. Justine had called for pizzas to be delivered to our place. Dad would send the kids back home after dinner.

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, Mom warmed up the leftover rice and curry chicken from lunch time. 

The pizza guy came past 7pm. 

We laid the pizzas on the table. 

Mom brought out the rice and chicken. 

Then she went into the kitchen.

The next thing she knew ...

There was a sudden burst of loud laughter and giggles from everyone outside. 

Oliver hurried into the kitchen. 

He asked Mom for a kitchen cloth, rather urgently. 

Then, as calmly as he could, he kinda muttered that he had spilled something. 

Oh, don't worry about that, Mom had assured immediately ...

Your mother's mind had picked up some sort of signal, and was instantly working at full speed.

That familiar speed ...

You know ... faster than a speeding bullet. 

Yeah, that speed. :D

Mom ran the kitchen towel under the faucet, squeezed out the water before handing it to him. 

He went out. 

Mom followed behind, and took a peek outside. 

The girls couldn't stop laughing ...

Hehehehehehehe ...

Hahahahahahaha ...

Harharharharhar ...

On and on and on ...

Then, Mom saw rice scattered all over the floor. 

My oh my ... what happened here. It looked as if somebody had flung a plate full of rice high up in the air and allowed it to fall like confetti. There was rice all over the place!

Zzzzaa--PPP!!! :D

Mom went in to get another kitchen towel. Oliver was on his knees, trying to sweep and clean up the mess. The girls couldn't stop giggling. 

"What happened?" Mom asked.

Justine, in between tears of laughter, said that Oliver was holding a plate of rice, accidentally touched a hot pot ... flinched like he had an electric-shock, and the next second, his rice went flying UP in the air.

Hehehehehehehehe ...

Your mother soon found herself laughing too ...
No, not at your friend ... 

That was You, zapping your friend ...

Yes, You, Mom knows. :D

"Daniel is saying HI to You," Mom told him with a smile.

(See Call 95 : ICE CREAM)

In the midst of continued laughter and recount of the inciDAN, we had our dinner. Mom told your friends that Dad will drop them off at 7:30pm, after dinner. One of the girls said,

"We're gonna record a video for Daniel after dinner..."

Aww ... heard that?

How cute is that? :D

Your mother was wondering what video to upload on your Facebook on Friday the next day ... Your 1st Anniversary. 

Wonder no more ...

The five wanted to sing, FALL FOR YOU.

They did a really great job! 

Only one practice. Don't play.

You must have heard them, huh ...

Here are some photos taken in the condo :

Oliver with your Pikachu ...

Melissa with your Pokemon Annual 2003 ...

Briana with your Pluto slippers ...

Smile, Kids ... :D

Getting ready for recording ...

This one's for You, Daniel! <3


One of the two songs that You sang to your mother 
the night before You left.