Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hello Son,                                                         (Wednesday, January 12)

Mom left the house at 8am in the morning with Aunty Hayley.

Today is Aunty H's 3rd day of her procedural check up.

In the car, Mom related about her wedding shoes incident last night. 

On Tuesday night, the night before. Dad had taken down her wedding shoe-box from the top shelf at the store room. Mom wanted to check to see if she could use them for Aunty's Diana's wedding. 

Those wedding stilettoes are crazy high - and she has not seen another pair quite like this. Nor has she taken them out for the last 19 years! Why she suddenly felt she has to wear such ridiculously high heels now, she has no idea ...

It's definitely not because her balance on high heels has improved, over the years ... 

Far from that ...

Dad brought the shoe-box down. 

Opening the box, Dad lifted the stiletto up by hooking the front-strap with a finger. You won't believe this, Son, but the shoe started to disintegrate - Yes, DISINTEGRATE - into fine sand. 

Honestly, the platform part and heels, 

everything that was below the soul of the shoe

instantly crumbled before our eyes.

We have NEVER seen shoes disintegrate in that way before. Not in our entire lives. Mom has kept her wedding shoes for sentimental reasons (19 years!), but since they crumbled and fell apart, Dad said to throw them away.

She had to say goodbye to her wedding heels ... no choice. She couldn't be expected to be keeping shoe-sand in her shoe box now, right?

Putting the shoes away, Dad commented somewhat humorously, "from ash to ash."

From ash to ash.




Ve -- ry  fun -- ny.

Note the sarcasm. :S

Aunty H chuckled and repeated, "From ash to ash. Hahaha."

We arrived at the parking area about 8:45am. Took the free shuttle to the medical building. At the ground floor of the building, while waiting for the lift, Aunty H commented about the notice boards.

A doctor happened to come by, overheard her expressing constructive comments about the signs on the wall, and asked, 

"Yes, any comments about the notice boards?"

We were startled as he had snucked up from behind us quietly. We didn't hear him approach. Aunty H brushed it aside and said no, she was just making a remark about bla bla bla (can't remember what now). The three of us stepped into the lift as it opened.

The doctor was awfully nice, and said he welcomed all suggestions and feedback, and that he would bring up whatever comments that we make to him to the board meeting.

Ooooh ... that was quite unexpected.

Getting off at our floor, Mom said, "Hmmm, that must be Daniel whispering to the doctor : That's my aunty, take down all her comments ..." :D


At the clinic, Aunty H presented her appointment card. 

The nurse asked her to take a seat first and will call her later. Mom walked over to the magazine stand. She wanted to look for that magazine to read that article again - the one she stumbled upon the day before - A Simple Equation ... followed by that jaw-dropping message. 

See Call 113

Hopefully, it was still there.

It was.


She's gonna take her time and slowly read the article - again. :D

And she did ... It made her day - again. :D

After that, she flipped through the other pages, and happened to come across a photo of Kareena.

Eh, Kareena Kapoor???

What a coinciDANS ...

Didn't she mention that name on Monday, 3 days ago, in Call 109 (Nobody Nobody)? Mom had said in Call 109, when Aunty Diana tried out her Bollywood bridal gown,

"My oh my, Kareena Kapoor, step aside please ..."


Okay ... Okay ... 

So maybe, that really was just a coinciDANS. 

A real coinciDANS.

Still ... Mom couldn't help but noticed that there was only one Bollywood actress on that page, and it had to be the one that your mother had mentioned. 

Not Aishwarya or Kajol or Priyanka or Rani or Preity.

But Kareena.
The one that your mother mentioned.

Hah. So there. :D

Amusement was written all over Aunty H's face.

Mom flipped over the page.

Flip flip flip ... when she stopped at a page that featured a man. 

Jimmy Choo.


Jimmy Choo??? The shoe guy???

Oh boy ... 

Last night, your mother's shoes disintegrated, this morning she told Aunty H about it, and an hour later she reads an article about SHOES???


That's funny.

What a coinciDANS! :D

Honestly! Mom began to read the article ...

Turning to Aunty H shortly, your mother exclaimed in disbelief, 

"What are the chances, Aunty, of coming across this page about Jimmy Choo saying he wants to teach the younger generation how to make better shoes, after telling You this morning that my heels disintegrated last night?"

She looked at the title again - SOUL MAN ...

Yup, everything from the SOUL of her heels and below had crumbled into sand.

Strange, very strange ...

You must have whispered to your mother last night to get Dad to take down her wedding shoes, just so You could zap her this morning.

Right Son? :D

Cute ... very cute.

We felt your presence with us at the clinic, Son ... :D

Truly ...


Fast forward ...

Aunty H was done with her check up, and we were walking out of the building. Immediately, a cab appeared.

Mom and Aunty H exchanged a knowing smile. Before hopping into the cab, Mom noticed the number plate, and felt an overwhelming warmness spreading in her heart.

Her angel sign. The double 4. 

See Call 43 : Angel Sign.

You sent that cab to us, Mom was very certain of it. 

Mom told Aunty H, "See the number plate? Daniel sent this cab to us." :D 

Aunty H acknowledged with a wide grin.

However, the cab driver turned out to be an unfriendly and grumpy person. He started grumbling and continued grumbling the whole time we were in the cab. 

He was like muttering under his breath: Where do You want to go? There ah, I'm not going there la, very jam there, I'm not going there...

Grumble Grumble Grumble ...

Mom asked him to just drive on - we'll get down wherever ...


He drove on ...

Grumble Grumble Grumble ...

You must then be reading your mother's mind. 

Mom was like, 

Aiyoh Son, did You have to send this horrid guy to us? He's a horrible man. :S Not only that but Mom told Aunty H that You're the one who sent the cab. And You sent Mr Grumpy? What must Aunty be thinking ...

The cab driver dropped us off at the end of the junction. Aunty H paid him RM3 and we got off. You must have seen your mother's non-smiling face as she flashed a look of disgust to ... 

... to the sky. 

We walked away in the opposite direction of the cab to the parking area. We must have taken about 10 to 15 steps away when we heard a ...


We turned around. It was the cab driver, waving to us. Mom thought we had left something in the cab, and so she hurried to the cab, with Aunty H behind her. She yanked the door open. 

The cab driver asked, rather sheepishly, and in a  much nicer tone,

"Where - do - You - want - to - go?"

Aunty H said, "Kam Hor" and Mom said, "Sungai Wang," simultaneously. (shopping mall)

The cab driver was suddenly helpful, and replied in a surprisingly friendly manner,

"Oh, if You go this way (he pointed right), it's Sultan Ismail, you go that way (pointed left), it's Tun Razak." 

He - suddenly - turned - nice. 

Even Aunty H noticed that. Isn't that strange? 

This man was grumbling the whole time we were in the cab, in that harsh Chinaman-tone of his. Then, after we got down, he honked us like he suddenly realized that he had been mean and rude to us ...

We had already walked a good 10 to 15 steps away from the cab. We were not near his cab at all. His calling us back was an after-thought ... after You whispered to him to be nice. :D

Zzzza -- PPP !!!

A smile appeared on your mother's face.

She knew right away.

It was nobody, nobody but chiu! :D

Thank You, Son ... :D

You were watching us the whole time, weren't You? You saw the man being rude and nasty, and You must have told him to be nice.

We went to get the car, recalling the inciDANS of the day, with that unexplained feeling of absolute satisfaction, before driving back to Taman Desa. 

We didn't go to the mall in the end. Instead, when we were back in Taman Desa, we drove to the shops to have our breakfast. Turning into the lane where Mom suggested we could have our food, we noticed a whole stretch of vehicles parked along the right and left side of the road. 

A never-ending long queue of cars from one end to the other on both sides of the road ... 

Yet ...

Believe it or not, but there was ONE empty spot directly opposite the cafe, that appeared to be waiting for us. :D 

We came out from the car and re-checked the stretch of vehicles before us. As far as our eyes could see, all along the road, on the left and right, were filled with vehicles. This was the only spot that was available. 

Not only that, but the parking space was right opposite the cafe that Mom had suggested we go to.

How nice, Son ... :D

Thank You for that.

Definitely a coinciDANS. :D

Talk to You tomorrow, kay ... <3

Love You Son ... <3