Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello Son,                                                  (continue from Call 121)

This Tuesday morning, Uncle Ken (Dad's brother) had dropped by the hotel to take us out for breakfast. 

It was about 9:30am. 

We were in the lift going down to the lobby from the 18th floor. Of course, the lift had to stop at the 14th floor for a guest to get in. 

But of course ...

The elevator could have stopped at any of the seventeen floors on the way down - but it had to be floor number 14

The angel - sign (see call 43).

Just seeing the number 14 lit up in red, in the lift, made your mother smile. A secret smile to herself. :D

Uncle Ken came in a purple car. 

Not his, he had clarified quickly, it was the university's. 

A privilege for the university's professor, obviously.

He drove us to Super Tanker, a food court near the local market. We had a really nice breakfast of all kinds of hawker food including curry mee, fried kuey teow, nasi lemak and keuy teow thng.

We left the food court in an hour or so. 

Uncle Ken dropped us at the hotel and drove off. 

We walked to the lift. Someone had pressed the button for the lift. Mom saw the number indicating the elevator was going down, down, down ... 

Would You believe it??? 

It stopped at floor number 14 again ... before coming right down to the lobby.

A coinciDANS, of course.

A knowing smile appeared on your mother's face. She could feel her son's presence. :D

We went up to the room. to pack up. We had to check out before noon. 

And so we did.

12:15pm ... we were in the car. 

Aunty H had to change her shoes. She was at the boot with Dad. Mom suddenly found herself looking for the camera. She couldn't find it in her handbag. She remembered that the last one who had the camera was Dad.

Mom asked Dad about it.

Dad looked somewhat stunned. Then, he started looking here and there and everywhere. The camera couldn't be found. It wasn't in the car, not in the boot, not in the suitcase, not in the computer backpack, not in his pockets.

Where could it be???

Dad was getting flustered as he re-searched the boot and the bags. 

Mom called out to You loudly,  

"Daniel, help us find the camera." 

In a split of a second later, Dad (at the boot) exclaimed, 

"It's in Kia Kien's car!" (Uncle Ken)

Mom heard that. Justine heard that. Aunty H was at the boot with Dad, she must have heard that.

Your mother couldn't help smiling to herself. :D:D:D

The BOND. 

It was unexplainable.

The ZAP ... 

You can't describe it but when it happens, You just know.

Yes, You just know.

It'd happened.

You must have whispered to Dad ... :D

Mom heard Dad make a call to Uncle Ken. He came back to the car and said that Uncle Ken had returned the car (remember, the car is not his - it belongs to the University) and that he had to go check and see if the camera was still there.

Mom knew the camera would still be there. 

She just knew.

Dad was still looking worried so to get his mind off while waiting for Uncle Ken to call back, Mom asked Dad to check the hotel room again. 

Dad went back in the hotel.

He came out some 20 minutes later. 

Hands empty. Frown still in place. 

Shook his head as he was walking to the car, and said, as he got in, "Not there."

Of course it's not there. It's with Uncle Ken. Didn't You tell Dad that? What's taking Uncle Ken so long??? Shouldn't he be calling already?

Finally, the mobile rang. Dad answered. 

It was Uncle Ken.

Yes, the camera was with him.

"We'll swing by your department and pick it up," Dad said over the phone. Tension left your father which was replaced by a quick sigh of relief.

Mom had to smile to herself. 

She knew it!

She - just - knew - it!

Thanks Son. :D

Josh Groban and Lee Mead

We drove to the University. 

On the way, the song YOU RAISE ME UP came on the radio. 

The time was 12:26pm. No prizes for guessing whose face popped into our minds when we heard the song.

HE raised You up, Son ... GOD truly did. 

What an appropriate song to remind us that your First Year anniversary is coming up ...

In 3 days' time.

(continue in Call 123)