Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello Son,

Saturday, March 26

Something totally amazing happened this morning. :D

OMG! It was surreal ...

On Thursday 24, Mom told You about the Manga Message on Call 178. 

On Friday morning, she found a tiny white feather stuck on the window pane in the kitchen. She couldn't get it to paste it on her journal because it was almost torn. Besides at the time of writing this Call-Entry, the feather's still on the window ... it's kinda nice to have it there in the kitchen somehow ...

So, that's the background ... :D

This Saturday morning, Mom was mopping the floor. 

This is the way we mop the floor
mop the floor 
mop the floor
This is the way we mop the floor
So early in the morning

So anyway, after she was done mopping the dining and living room areas, Mom went to the kitchen. She was about to wash her hands at the sink when she spotted something white on the floor, about two steps away from the sink. 

You must have seen your mother halt abruptly in her tracks. 

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

What is this???

OMG ... It can't be ...

It was a tiny white feather ...


It was lying by itself, in a very conspicuous manner. You couldn't miss it. Yet it was well away from the sink. Had it been near the sink or by the sink, Mom might have just stepped on it ... and maybe damage the feather in the process ... or it might have gotten wet ...

Mom picked it up carefully and placed it in her palm. 

Oh my ... what a perfect feather, she found herself admiring.

It was soft and perfectly shaped, pure white as snow and totally untainted. Mom could not believe she was looking at yet another feather in her hand. The Manga book she read on Sunday 20th has prepared her for these white feathers.

King Solomon himself had looked flabbergasted at the several feathers that descended on him ...

 Call 178 : Manga Message

First, she had expressed deep regret for not catching that tiny white feather that had fluttered down on her, probably from heaven :D ... who's to say otherwise ... at the Tapah rest area on Monday 21st ... 

Then, she had complained that the next feather You sent her on Friday 25th was stuck on the window and had looked somewhat miserable and there was no way she could get it out of the window without damaging it further ... 

And today ... 

OMG ... today, she gets a perfect feather???

You really are listening to Mom, aren't You? 

This white feather is just perfect!!!

Is this what you're looking for, Mom?

OMG ...

Mom cupped it carefully in her hand and couldn't wait to show Dad and Justine. Mom presented the white feather like she was presenting a tiny newborn chick in her hand.

"See what Daniel sent this morning?" she had beamed.

Before we knew it, we were speaking in tongues for the next 20 seconds. Ramble ramble ramble ... no one understood what the other was saying ... :D

Can You ask Jesus if that's counted as speaking in tongues?

It was just incredible, Son ... Thank You for dropping the feather down. It's now safely taped in Mom's journal.

It's about 1.5 cm in length ...

That's not all ...

Later that morning, Dad, Mom and Justine decided to drop by your sister's college to finalise her registration matters. She would be starting her first day at college on Monday.

Okay, so listen very carefully to what's about to happen ...

OMG ... the timing was just immaculate ...

Dad went to get the car from the basement car park. 

Justine and Mom got in the car at the lobby. 

Mom turned on the radio.

A familiar music was on.

A few seconds must have passed before Mom recognized the music (it was only music, no lyrics were sung at the time).

Mom turned to Dad and asked in disbelief, 

"Isn't this HELLO???"

The time was 11:34 am. 

The station 105.7, Mom's station.

Dad said, "Yup, it's HELLO ..."

OMG ... 

A few more seconds passed before the lyrics came on :

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

OH -- MY -- LORD ...

Are You kidding her???

What are the chances???

What - are - the - chances, honestly??? To hop in the car, right at the moment, and to hear that line???

It was fantastic that Dad and Justine were in the car, so that both of them heard it too. Can You imagine how Mom would have tried to tell them had they not been in the car??? She would again be speaking in tongues ... and they wouldn't be able to understand what she'd be saying ...

Wait a minute ... is that why You always make sure that most of the inciDANS have a witness???

Great idea, Son, to always have a witness to these wonderful inciDANS and coinciDANS. 

See Call       : Hello Jason

As You know, Mom has always referred to 105.7 as her station. Something made her decode right at that incredible moment and to her utter most delight and surprise, it was a number 4. Her angel sign.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

Oh My ... how many song-messages have come on this station for her??? Always at some "unbelievable" moment. Excuse her, but  ... Who is Number Four???

I Am Number Four ... :D

See 150 : Number Four

  By Lionel Ritchie.

Mom found this video and noticed with a OMG - exclamation that it was posted on Dec 24, 2008

Your 14th birthday. 

The first HELLO video that she searched for and checked, is connected to YOU???


OMG ...

Mom had simply keyed in the following tag words without much thought :

youtube hello lionel lyrics

4 thumb-nail music videos popped up. 

Mom picked video number 4 - the last one ... bottom right.

The music that had come on in the car when your mother turned on the radio is around the time 2:44 onwards ... if You listen to it, the next lyric after the music was the ZAP!!! message for your mother ...

OMG ...

How awesome was that??? 

Anyway ...

After attending to the stuffs at college, we went to Midvalley Mall. We had a bit of lunch, and bought some stationeries. On the way back to the car, we passed a row of mobile stalls. 

An elderly man called out, "Lawyer Phua!" before extending his hand, and flashing Dad a big greeting smile.

Dad was like, "Ohhh, HELLO ... "

Is it me you're looking for ... Mom thought with a secret smile. 

Hehehehehehe ...

You must have seen her smile faded as quickly as it had come on, to be replaced by a look of surprise as she stared at the boy who was handling the side stall. He was wearing an over-sized tee-shirt with a large print in capital letters on the top right, that said, "UP."


Zzzzaaa -- pppp!

Mom instantly recalled the movie that You and Mom had gone to watch at the Garden's cinema. Dad was outstation at the time, and Justine was away at camp. We had a large delicious piece of cheesecake, a hot chocolate for You and cappuccino for Mom.

Remember??? Felt your presence instantly, Son ...

Mom instinctively pulled out her cellphone and pretended to send a text message. She was trying to snap a photo of the boy. Just as she clicked on the button, Dad stepped in her way. So Mom got this photo of Dad's back instead.

Arghhhh ... 

The boy with the UP tee-shirt is right in front of Dad.

Justine wanted to have some ice-cream before going back. So we went to Baskin - Robbins at Gardens. Two shops before the ice-cream parlour, both Dad and Justine raised their hands simultaneously and pointed at a display window.

Mom turned to look ...

It was a bird cage

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

We stopped to observe for a bit. 

Dad commented, "It's empty ..." 

Justine said, "The door's opened ..."

See Call : Bird Cage

Yes, that's because he's now free as a bird, soaring high in the sky ... 

No, You're no longer trapped in a - cage ... 

Yeah, you're right UP UP UP in the sky, on a cloud and somewhere over the rainbow... <3

We love You, Daniel ... <3

Justine misses You very much ... <3