Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Call 172 : LOVE HURTS

Hello Son,                                      (continue from Call 171)

Miss your handsome face ... :(

Thursday, March 3

6. The television was still on. A movie had started.

Safe Harbour

Mom was about to turn off the television when she caught sight of the word:



on the screen ...

Time stood still for just a second.

Why she felt she had to watch the show "just a bit," she doesn't know. She found herself soon watching the movie - more than the intended "just a bit" ... This would be the first time in a very long time that your mother took the time to watch a movie in the afternoon, and on a weekday too. 

Somewhere towards the middle part of the movie, 

Boy No. 1 cried out, "I miss my mom..." 

(his mother was in rehab). 

A painful lump instantly appeared in your mother's throat. Her vision blurred as she experienced an instant replay of tears...

Put it all down to : Pee - aM - aSs ...

Then, came Boy No. 2 ... the guardian found him squinting during a shopping trip, and later got him a pair of spectacles. That scene reminded Mom about your squinting and blinking a lot period when You were in pre-school. It was an early symptom of the alien invasion - but we couldn't have known. We got You a pair glasses.

See Orange Dot Link:


Click on the title to view.

Further on, there was a scene where Boy No. 3 celebrated his birthday. His cake happened to be a Baskin-Robbins cake.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Only the day before, Mom had gone through your birthday album to pick up a photo of your Baskin-Robbins cake for  Call 150 : Number Four.  

Honestly, what are the chances of catching a Baskin-Robbins birthday cake on television the day after your mother posted your Baskin-Robbins birthday cake in your blog? 

Surely, a coinciDANS ... :D:D:D

See how You slowly lead your mother from one ZAP to the next ... At this point, her thoughts were on You, because of the Baskin-Robbins birthday cake... emotions were running a little high...

Towards the end of the movie, Boy No. 1 was reunited with his mother, and he said the inevitable words:

"I love you, mom..."

Oh Gawd ... She had to hear that, didn't she? Just when all her thoughts were centered on her Son, she had to hear that. She felt a sharp sting in her heart that echoed throughout her body. That seemingly brief and simple line brought on an endless stream of silent tears like You won't believe. Before long, her chest felt heavy and burdensome

Note the word burdensome for a ZAP in church later ...

Today was just a weird day for her. 

Yes, weird. Totally, totally weird. It must be all the heavy rain that we've been experiencing the past few days. Besides, her PMS acting up on her, is seriously - no help at all.

Mom turned off the television when the movie ended. 

7. She went to the computer. For some reason, she found herself logging on to your Facebook... she was soon browsing through the music videos... going backwards to the older posts until she came across a black-screened video that showed the title: 

love hurts lyrics

By Nazareth.

Click on title to view.

There, she stopped ...

A light bulb flashed ...

She stared hard at the screen ...

That's it ...

The song that's gonna make her feel all better.

Love Hurts ...

Why, this song sums up everything ... the weirdness she was feeling that day. No, there's nothing wrong with her. Love hurts, that's all. She put on the head phones, turned up the volume and teleported herself to her umm... 

head-banging days...

One thing she needs to mention here ... 

Notice that the band's name is NAZARETH.

Na - za - reth ... (read that slowly, please)

Heh --- lo00??? 

Jesus of Nazareth ... ???

Of all the names in the world that could have been the band's name - it had to be one that connects her back to GOD. <3 

You must have whispered to Mom to go to your Facebook to check the music videos. You knew this video would make your mother feel better. It's strange to say this but that Nazareth video actually did make her feel better. Once she understood why she felt weird, she stopped freaking out. Otherwise, she could not understand the reason her chest was in so much stabbing-pain...

That's just LOVE, Mom ...

Yeah ... okay ... 

and LOVE sometimes hurts ...she knows now.

On Hindsight

In the morning, she read that God said, "I am wherever LOVE is." By evening time, she had learned that LOVE hurts, sees the name Nazareth, which brings her right back to GOD.

See that?

In the beginning, there is GOD, and so in the end

GOD is the beginning and the end ... <3

Mom sees your message, Son ...

Saturday, March 5 

Mom wrote this entry on Saturday. 

Half-way through, it was time to go for Mass. 

In church, your mother picked up the weekly bulletin and whilst glancing through, she spotted the words :

"Come to Me, all you who labour and are overburdened

 and I will give you rest."

Pause ...




Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Instantly, she thought of the line that she had written in her draft entry: 
"Before long, her chest felt heavy and burdensome."

OMG ... What a coinciDANS ...

You must have asked God to speak to Mom ...

Did You???

You must have, You must have ...

Or maybe ... You whispered to Mom to write the word "burdensome" so that when she sees the word overburdened later, she would see the instant connection.

Like now ...

Honestly, Mom felt like that line was there on the sheet of paper just for her. How often has she heard this phrase? 

Very often. 

Before, it was just a bunch of words that meant nothing to her... and did nothing for her.

Nothing ...

And today? 

Today, O -- M -- G ... 

Today, GOD spoke to her ... :D

Oh Wow ... what an awesome yet humbling experience ...

Tell Jesus Mom says thank you for the incredible message that she received at that incredible moment ... <3

Love You, Son ... <3

The Bulletin.