Monday, March 28, 2011

Call 180 : HELLO JASON

Hello Son, 

Thursday, March 24

Mom published Call 177 : Manga Message at 1:09 am. 

As she was writing the entry, she had felt somewhat frustrated that she had not been able to find that white feather that had fluttered down on her a she was walking to the Ladies at Tapah rest area. She had the eviDANS of the manga book but the most important eviDANS was missing from the blog. 

She had in fact called out your name in her head for help to find the white feather ... Yet, it did not surfaced. :( She did not, and could not, see it anywhere near where she was standing at the time. It must have flown even further as it was practically weightless. 

You must have known how disgruntled your mother was, not being able to find that feather that had descended on her so magically ... in that seemingly strange manner as the one in the Manga book (Call 177).  You must have heard her grumbling and complaining about not being able to find the feather.

That Thursday evening, as Mom was at the computer telling You about the Manga Message (Call 177), Dad had suddenly exclaimed,  "Hey, Son's BB gun pellets ..."

Mom turned to look. Dad had apparently dropped a coin in the crook of the sofa. As he slipped his hand into the crook, he grabbed some other stuffs out. Dad showed Mom a handul of about 6 or 7 tiny yellow pellet - balls. 

Strange ...

Mom was on call with You, and Dad at the same time, though out of the blues, had to find something connected to You. Get the attention ... was what You were doing ...

Mom thought, "Okayyyy ... You're near ... You want us to know that You're near ..." 

A short while later, Mom turned on the television. American Idol was on. She wasn't paying much attention to it. She was still at the computer table. A female contestant was singing, though Mom can't remember her name now. Elena or something. Your mother had thought her outfit was umm ... not so great. 

A few minutes must have passed before she heard Ryan Seacrest introduced the next contestant, Stefano, singing Lionel Ritchie's song HELLO ...

You must have seen your mother sit perfectly still ...



See Call 13 : No Boundaries
and Call 14 : Hello Sebastian

Mom burst out to Dad, who was reading the papers before the telly, "Hey, did you hear that? HELLO ... Hello Son HELLO ... Son's saying HELLO ..." :D

Dad looked up from his newspapers and chuckled.

Stefano began singing ...

Mom watched him sing intently. She found herself almost holding her breath as he came to the lines:

I sometimes see you pass outside my door 

Hello ...  is it me you're looking for???

Zzzzzaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Mom sprang forward in her seat, 

"OMG! Did You hear that??? I sometimes see You pass outside my door ... He's talking about his room!!! OMG ... Hello ... is it me you're looking for? He knows ... The white feather ... I couldn't find it at the rest area ... and I was complaining to him and grumbling about it as I was writing out the entry (Call 177) ... I wanted to put a photo but I couldn't ... OMG, he knows ... he really knows what's going on ... Hello, is it me you're looking for? OMG! Can You believe this!"

Mom was totally totally totally overwhelmed. 

Totally. The bond, the connection, the fireworks ... 

She felt it. She really, really felt IT. 

The ZAP - it was incredible!!! 

OMG ...

For the rest of the night, Mom was humming and singing only the one line, 

Hello, is it me you're looking for ... :D:D:D

Later that night, there was a movie on telly. 

The title was YOU DID WHAT? 

No, Mom wasn't watching it. The telly was on though. When the movie ended, she happened to notice the black screen with two contrasting white lines across the screen that said, 

"In loving memory 

of Jason (surname)..."


Jason ...

In loving memory ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Oh Wow ...

Two inciDANS on the telly this evening ... 

You notice? Mom's noticed this for a while now. The inciDANS that occur, almost always happen in pairs. One inciDAN is too unbelievable, so two has to happen. Besides, how else do You get a coinciDANS but for two inciDANS? :D

Hmmm ...

Hello ... is it me you're looking for? And then ...

Jason ... <3

Mom was totally unaware then but something amazing was about to happen the next morning ...