Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello Son,

Monday, March 21
Your 14th month with Jesus & Mary

Got up this morning when the alarm rang at 7am. 

Saw a text message from Aunt Jessie. She said that Nova didn't make it through the night. :(

Scrolled down to see time of text. 

Somehow, Mom wasn't surprised to see the time stated as 4:40:57am.

Hmmm ...

It's got to be the angel numbers, huh ... 

See Call 43 : Angel Sign


With Sebastian the cat, and now Nova, up there with You, Mom told Aunty Jessie there must be a reason why we went to the States for the one month holiday in 2004. To meet Seb and Nova, so that it would be an exciting reunion for You guys today. You must be proudly showing him off to your other angel friends, we think. :D

Today is your 14th month with Jesus. 

Mom had a strong feeling we would encounter some special inciDANS today. We did, You know. OMG ... we so did. Indeed, we had the most incredible day today. :D There were all kinds of signs to remind us of your constant presence with us. 

Thank You Jesus for that. :D God is really good to us. He truly has made a way for us. <3

1. Orange Moth ...

We left the condo at 9:21am. 

We were driving up to Penang this morning. Justine and Mom were in the lift going down to the ground floor, when we spotted an orange moth. It was quietly perched towards the bottom of the lift wall, minding its own business. 

Yeah, that same orange species that visited in Call 60 : Orange Moth. 

See also Call 148 : Lift Sign

Was that a Good Morning greeting from You, we wonder? :D

2. Electric Dreams ...

We were on the expressway heading up north. 

We planned to stop in Ipoh for lunch. Strangely, this time when driving up north, the radio reception was very clear, and so the radio was on and we did not put on a CD, as we usually do once we were out of KL. 

During the drive, the song TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS came on several times in preview, briefly for like 5 seconds or so. Mom thought, what a perfect song for today! 

Together In Electric Dreams ...<3

At 3 separate times during the journey, Mom had asked Dad to stop at the "next rest area." She wanted to use the washroom and also to buy some kuaci (sunflower seeds). Three times, mind You, Mom asked Dad to stop. 

Dad did not stop.

Each time we passed a rest place, Mom would be like, 

"Eh, you're supposed to stop at the rest area la ..."

Dad would promise, "Okay, okay ... the next one ..."

Three times, Dad heard ... yet he drove on and did not turn into the rest area.

Soon ...

TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS came on the radio ...

The time on the dashboard was 10:54 am. 

Mom pointed out to Dad, "That's 44..." 

"The song's from Son..." she added happily. :D

Though you're miles and miles away
I see You everyday
I don't have to try
I just close my eyes

We'll always be together
however far it seems
(Love never ends)
We'll always be together, 
together in electric dreams

click on title to view video

This song was popular during your mother's college days. Yeah Daniel, we'll always be together, together in electric dreams ...

Mom said to Dad, "You notice how clear the reception is today? It's his 21st, he sent us that song, it has to be clear..." :D

Dad smiled.

A few minutes after the song ended, Dad turned into the Tapah rest area. The time was 11:05 am. 

3. White Feather ...

Mom got out of the car and walked towards the direction of the Ladies. Oh boy, You will not believe what happened next. 

Mom was walking walking walking ... honestly, not expecting anything to happen. She was walking to the washroom ... what could happen on the way to the washroom?

There were people walking behind her, and people walking opposite her, either going to the washroom area or walking back to their vehicles.

Suddenly, OMG ... a tiny white fluffy feather fluttered down from above and floated slowly right across Mom. 

Zzzzzaaaa - pppp!!!

Oh My Gosh ...

Had Mom put out her hand, she would have caught it. 

But she did not ... put her hand out.

She was so stunned, she continued walking. There were people walking behind her, and in front of her, like she said. The feather descended. She saw it ... she saw it floating down in front of her. It happened so suddenly and so unexpectedly. She had taken a few steps forward, before she stopped and decided she wanted to pick it up. She waited by the side for the path to clear. As soon as it did, she quickly retraced her steps to find the feather.

It was a really small white feather. It couldn't have been more than 1 cm. Yeah, it was that tiny.

Mom searched high and low, but she could not see it anywhere within her sight.

The incredible thing is this ...

OMG ... this is just too incredible!

Yesterday evening (Sunday), Mom had finished reading a MANGA book entitled MELECH. Mom had bought You the first one called MESSIAH, remember? We read that together during the last 4 months before You left us. Later on, we bought the second book, MUTINY

Anyway, about 2 - 3 weeks back, Mom bought the 3rd book when she was with Justine at the Salvation bookstore in PJ. She had started the comic book but had put it away. Then, a few days ago, she had brought it down from the book shelf and somehow found herself continuing where she had left off.

For some reason, even Dad noticed it, but Mom could not put the book down as she was reading it yesterday (Sunday) and had felt compelled to finish the book that day itself. 

So Mom was reading the MANGA comic on Sunday evening...

She came to the second last page ... 

Something caught her attention and made her sit right up. 

OMG ...

What is this???

She stared at the comic ... White feathers appear to be fluttering down ...

White feathers???

See Call 128 : White Feather

It was a picture of King Solomon looking dazed and somewhat flabbergasted, at several white feathers that was a-fluttering down from above. 

Mom turned to the next page ... which was the last page of the book ...

OMG ... she couldn't believe what she saw ... the feathers appeared to fall off from what looked like an angel's wing

Oh My God ...

You have gotta be kidding ...

Mom jumped up from the sofa with the MANGA book to show Dad the last 2 pages. 

You remember the white feather that zapped Mom before midnight on your First Anniversary? Well, Mom told Dad, that here's the confirmation that that earlier feather was from an angel. Confirmed, that white feather was from You, Mom said.

This is concrete eviDANS. <3 Mom waved the book at Dad with the excitement of a child.

Only last night, Mom read the comic about the white feather with the mysterious ending, and today, a white feather descended upon her???

OMG ...

You must want your mother to know that this white feather too is from an angel. From You for certain. :D You must have whispered to your mother to finish the book because she just could not put the book down until she reached the end.

The white feather's from me, Mom ... <3

OMG ...

That was surreal. If Mom had not finish the book, she would still be excited to see the white feather no doubt, but she would not have been certain that it was from an angel. 

Now ... now ... OMG ... what do You think???

She could not find the feather though. Not that she made a lot of effort to search for it. She didn't. Or rather, couldn't. There were people walking to and fro, and all Mom could do was to walk around the area where the feather floated past her just now, without appearing - ridiculous. The timing was immaculate. In front of Mom and behind her, there were people. We were all walking. Yet, the feather fluttered down right in front of your mother's eyes.

Mom was as dazed as Solomon must have been. After the washroom, she went back to the car. Excitedly, Mom told Dad and Justine about the inciDAN. She was quite breathless. "I have to take a snapshot, give me a minute," Mom said, grabbing her camera.

Even though she could not find the feather, at least let her remember the spot where the white feather had zapped her. She will remember this inciDAN forever. <3

There are no words. That was just super awesome! 

Thank You, Son ... <3

Mom was completely stunned when she saw the tiny white feather floating across her path, before her eyes and within her reach.

She was totally dazed, like Solomon would have been ...

Can You imagine how your mother felt when she turned to the last page of the book??? OMG ...

She was walking towards the middle part of the tiled - lane when the white feather descended on her. She's never, ever gonna forget that moment, Son. Never!

She wanted to wait for the path to clear before taking the photo. Strange enough but the path cleared moments after she thought that. You read her mind, that's for sure ... :D

4. Perfect Timing.

We left the Tapah rest area about 11:20 am. The radio reception was soon scratchy. Mom turned off the radio. 

She couldn't help commenting to Dad, "You notice? The reception was clear throughout the journey up to Electric Dreams just now. After the song, the reception became blur. It's like we can turn the radio off now."

She suddenly realised that there was a reason why Dad did not stop at the earlier rest areas. Mom had asked Dad to stop at 3 separate times during the drive just now. It was only after the Electric Dreams that Dad stopped. 

Get the attention first with the song ... then ZAP!!! :D

5. Lunch in Ipoh.

We turned in to Ipoh for lunch. 

It was about 1 pm when we arrived at the coffee shop. Approaching the coffee shop, Dad drove slowly, looking right and left to see if there were available parking space. There were vehicles parked all along the road side leading to the coffee shop.

Would You believe it but there was a nice parking space waiting for us right in front of the eatery?

Thank You for reserving the spot for us, Son ... :D

Special reservation ...

We enjoyed the Ipoh Hor Fun very much ...
Justine wanted dessert ...

Miss having You at meal times ...


During lunch, Mom was still going on about the white feather inciDAN. It was just too amazing, can You blame her? She read the book yesterday, and today, a similar inciDAN happened. It was unbelievable! 

The feather just now was from an angel. Yes, an angel. That's her conclusion. She knows that to be true and nobody in this whole wide world, not even the Pope, will be able to tell her otherwise. :D

How incredible is that?


After lunch, we resumed our journey up north. Would You believe it but a few minutes later, 4 minutes to be exact, (we got in the car at 1 pm), the song WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL came on.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

The time was 1:04 pm. Station 94.3.

Justine reminded that she had changed the station from the ELECTRIC DREAMS station just now. You must have whispered to her. How would she know when to switch? Honestly, how??? The song truly described what your mother was feeling right then. 

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, You can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when You don't say a thing

By Ronan Keating

Yeah Son ... try as your mother might, she could never explain ... what she hears when You don't say a thing ... No, You might not say any thing but You had directed your mother to the last page of a certain book, and boy, did that picture speak a million words on your behalf today!

CoinciDANtally, Justine was supposed to sing this SAY NOTHING song for You on your 21st last month (your 13th month in Heaven) but she decided to sing "How Gentle Is The Rain ..." instead because she said the first song made her feel like she's asking You not to talk. :D

See Call 161 :  God's Guarantee

A big celebration must be happening up there for your 21st today ... :D

7. Number Four.

Rain drops began hitting the wind screen at 2:33 pm. It started to drizzle. Mom sang instantly with a wide smile, 

How gentle is the rain
that falls softly on the meadow

See Call 156 : Valentine Song

Dad said, "2:33 is actually 4 ..."

Mom paused to decode.

Yeah, that's right. Decode : 4

Who's Number 4?

I Am Number Four. :D

Grin ...

8. The Mall.

We arrived in Penang about 3 pm. 

Dad drove to Queensbay Mall. Walking into the mall from the carpark, we were greeted by a Number 4 on the wall, with an orange strip above it.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Had it been a number 2 with a purple strip, or a number 6 with a yellow strip, it would have been insignificant. But a number 4 and an orange strip??? We totally felt your presence, Daniel ... :D

9. Dinner

Before leaving the mall, we had a nice dinner at KAPITAN Curry House. 

The tandoori set was delicious!

Bon Appetite!!! :D

The briyani lamb was out, out, out of this world!!!

Aloo Ghobi Masala (cauliflower and potato curry).

Hmmmm - mmmmm - mmmmm ... :D

10. At the meeting ... 

After dinner, Dad drove to the Viva center. 

At one point, Mom was taking down a testimonial from a man by the name of David. He shared that he has been suffering form fungus on the feet for the last 3 years and doctors' medication and cream have not helped him get rid of it. 4 days of soaking his feet in ozonized water and the fungus completely cleared.

Mom asked him for his full name, "You're David ...?"

He replied, "Sebastian... David Sebastian."

Mom turned to look at him. 


Oh boy, isn't that your cat's name, Daniel? :D 

Call 11 : Favorite Cat

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

11. The Hotel ...

We left the center at about 10:30 pm and drove to Tune Hotel, Burmah Road. At the entrance of the small area allocated for car park, the guard gave Dad a parking ticket and said, 

"No more parking space. Park by the side (drain)."

You wouldn't really let Dad park by the drain, would You? Not especially when You've been with us the whole day. And it's your 21st today. Mom was quite sure You'd do something.

She was right. Hah! :D

Dad drove in and we immediately saw an empty spot. That was the last empty spot. With our car in that spot, the parking was now clearly full. Thanks Son. That definitely was from You. Can You imagine even the guard thought the parking spaces were all taken up? There were only 15 or so bays in the hotel compound. 

Yet, the guard made a mistake ...

Our car was parked on the second spot from the left ...
The guard was quite puzzled when he saw the empty space. 
He was quite sure all the parking bays were occupied.
We laughed in the car ... Hehehehehe ...

12. The Room.

Dad went to the front desk to check us in. 

We went up to the 5th floor. Dad was leading the way. Mom was pretty sure our room number would have some kind of angel code. It's the end of the day. You've been with us the whole day. You would definitely give us a sign here at the hotel to show us that You are near.

Dad stopped at room number 515. 

Mom saw the number and quickly found herself starting to decode. No matter how hard she tried to crack the code, she couldn't see her angel sign. She frowned to herself ...

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

That's strange ... No Zap??? No proper close at the end of the day? You mean, the parking was it?

We put our bags down, and went out for a quick supper right opposite the hotel. We had some noodles. Half an hour later, we went back to the hotel. 

As we were walking to our room, Justine pointed out to the little positive notes that appeared under each room number. Mom had not noticed that and wondered what was written under our room number ...

She soon found out.


Who would we think of when we hear the word soul?

Exactly her point ... :D

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

13. First Email ...

After taking a shower, Mom checked her emails. Aunty Carol sent a photo of her trip in Shanghai. She said she saw a rainbow and thought of You.

Call 177 : 14th Month

Wow ... 

What a coinciDANS that this morning, Mom posted the link to the video Aunty Carol made for You sometime in July last year to the song SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (Call 177).

somewhere over the rainbow ...

14. Second Email ...

march 21, 9:15am

Aunty B wrote a line in her email that said, 

"that moment of silence will break and touch the deepest part of your soul ..."


Soul ??? 


Oh Wow, what are the chances???

The 4 letter - word caught your mother's attention alright. Also, the phrase "that moment of silence" ... moment of silence ... like when - You - say - nothing - at - all ... that's a moment of silence ... wouldn't You say? 

Oh Wow ...

She read on ...

Aunty B wrote the following ...

"I spoke to Daniel a few weeks back - I was kinda sad over someone & I just said to Daniel "We seem so connected even though I hv never met / know you.  It seems you hv been using me to make some connection to your mum and am just glad to be of any assistance and I told him my problem.  I said " I cannot understand why this person is treating me this way." No reply came but a sense of peace came and I was comforted with this message in my head saying I just gotta trust in my prayers for miracles to take place.  You know what - that person OPENED up to me on what was the problem that troubled him and everything went on fine...... your son TOUCHED me ...THANK YOU, Lynn ... you hv brought him up well..."

Mom was totally delighted in learning that. :D She was beaming from ear to ear. Mom read out aloud to Dad and Justine. Dad and Jus both thought the inciDAN was amazing!

This ... Yes, this was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Happy 14th month, Daniel ... <3<3<3 

We love You so very much ...

What a fantastic day we had today ... :D

God is so very good to us ... <3<3<3

(continue on Call 179)