Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Call 173 : RABBIT HOLE

Hello Son, 

Oooh, have lots to tell You today ... the older entries that Mom is owing You will have to wait a bit. 

Gotta tell You about today. :D 

And oh, and yesterday too ...

Yesterday's inciDANS first.

Tuesday, March 15 ...

Mom received 2 emails from Aunty B. 


The 1st email was entitled FIREWORKS, was sent on Monday, 14/3/2011. Aunty B wrote :

Just read your latest entry on Dan's blog - cannot help but feeling zapped on Katy's Fireworks' lyrics - feel the ZAPP?? 

I sure did ... number 4 was also mentioned in the song !!  

The fireworks you have witnessed INDEED was a gift from Daniel ... and of course, our sweet Lord Jesus & Mama Mary ...

See Call 151 : Major Fireworks

and Call 152 : God Is


The 2nd email was sent on Tuesday, 15/3/2011. 

Aunty B wrote :


Just to share with you a movie I saw last nite entitled Rabbit Hole. The summary plot of the story goes like this :



Becca and Howie Corbett are a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son, Danny, is killed by a car. Becca, an executive-turned-stay-at-home mother, tries to redefine her existence in a surreal landscape of well-meaning family and friends. Painful, poignant, and often funny, Becca's experiences lead her to find solace in a mysterious relationship with a troubled young comic-book artist, Jason - the teenage driver of the car that killed Danny. Becca's fixation with Jason pulls her away from memories of Danny, while Howie immerses himself in the past, seeking refuge in outsiders who offer him something Becca is unable to give. The Corbetts, both adrift, make surprising and dangerous choices as they choose a path that will determine their fate.


The main actress is the ever beautiful, Nicole Kidman and what zapped me was her son in this film named Danny whose life was taken at age 4 ...

See - it could be any other name & at any other age but has to be Dan and aged 4 !!


The director of this movie, John Cameron, was attracted to this script because by the personal fact that at 14, he lost his 10-year-old brother to a heart problem "It was a sudden, unexpected event. It defined a family forever and recovering from it was something we're still doing."

ZAPPED again !!

The users' gave a thumbs-up review on this movie as "a beautiful tale of life. And death"

Good watch.

Aunty B 

Mom replied : Don't forget about JASON ...

(your middle name)


3. Mom read the 2 emails in the morning. 

In the afternoon, on the same Tuesday, Mom was having a late lunch. It was about 2:45pm. She turned on the telly. It happened to be on channel 712 on E! 

There was a true story on a Ondrea Smith. The woman happened to be saying at the time, 

"... I feel like killing him ..." something or rather. 

It wasn't your mother's cup of tea, this documentary. Mom found herself reaching for the remote and switching the channel to a cooking station. A minute or two would have passed. 

For some strange reason, she got hold of the remote and switched back to the first channel on E!

A few seconds later (perhaps 3 seconds later) ... her jaw fell open as she saw the words RABBIT HOLE appearing on the screen. 

It was a short preview of the movie: 


Mom was quite, quite stunned. 

Had she not read the email in the morning, this word RABBIT HOLE would have meant nothing to her. Isn't it funny that someone should have mentioned this title to her, and then, later she would know when to turn back to the channel she originally decided not to watch, to view it?

OMG ... what are the chances?

That was incredible! :D 

You must have whispered to Mom ... :D 

and Aunty B ... :D

4. Later in the evening ... (still Tuesday 15/3) ...

Justine came home bursting with excitement!

She made a big announcement that she had driven Aunty Carol's car all by herself this evening, from Grandma's car workshop back to our condo. She had accompanied Grandma to the workshop in Aunty Carol's car. At the workshop, before Grandma drove her own car back, she gave your sister Aunty Carol's car keys ... like as if that was the most natural thing to do!

You must have arranged for that lil episode to happen. 

There was no way Dad and Mom would have allowed Justine to drive a car, all alone by herself. That would be the very first time she drove by herself after she got her licence... less than a week ago.

Mom said to Jus : "You brother planned this, Jus, for you to get your confidence. There's no way Dad and I would have allowed you to drive alone."

Jus was like, "I know I know ..."

Then, Justine said at 5:39 pm whilst she was driving in the car by herself, the song WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL came on the radio.

Hearing that, You must have seen Mom mouth the words:

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

Mom instantly recalled your 21st last month (February 21) when Justine was supposed to sing WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL at your garden. 

However, your sister had sang instead,  

HOW GENTLE IS THE RAIN ... (A Lover's Concerto )

See Call 160 : 13th Month

and Call 156 : Valentine Song

Justine continued, "It was drizzling on the way back ..."

What - ttttt ???

O -- M -- G ...

This scenario has happened before. 

See Call 168 : Say Nothing.

Jus grinned. 

"Your brother was definitely with You," Mom said, quite overwhelmed.

She knows ... Your sister surely knows ... <3 

She wasn't alone ...

Pause ...

Correction : She is not alone ...

No ... never ...  

She - is - never - alone ...

There ... better ?

(continue on Call 174)