Friday, March 4, 2011

Call 169 : OH MARIA

Hello Son,

Mom's gonna skip the entries that are owing to You for the time being, and jump right to the inciDAN that happened on:

Wednesday, March 2

Without going too much into the details... 

To be honest, Mom's not too sure about the details either...

Go straight to the point, Mom ... :D

So anyway, that morning, Mom followed Dad to X Co. 

Dad needed to retrieve some documents for a relative's transaction and having been retired from legal practice for the last ten years, the file concerned is understandably - gone. 

Dad wasn't sure if he would be able to get his hands on a copy of those documents from X Co. He had tried to in the past, when he realized that this particular file had been misplaced, and had wanted to reconstruct the documents again, but the few visits to X Co then had been in vain. Either, they couldn't find their corresponding file or the staff who attended to him could not understand what he wanted. 

Whatever the reason, there was always an obstacle...

We parked the car by the side of the road, and walked to the building. Mom heard herself sending You a telepathic message: 

Help Dad to get the documents, Son ... :D

We went up to the 19th floor.

Dad rang the security bell. Nobody came to the door. 

Through the glass door, we saw a note on the counter which said, 

"Go to 20th floor for assistance."

So, up we went to the 20th floor.

There, Dad spoke to the receptionist. She said, 

"Go down to 19th floor, I'll ask Maria to attend to You..." 

Your father's annoyance showed as he replied, 
"We were on the 19th floor just now, there's nobody there."

The girl assured, "I'll call her now, she will be at the door... Maria, her name is Maria."

Your mother's ears pricked up... like a panther. :D Yeah, panther ... we've progressed from Alsation-days. :D

Did - she - say ...

M - a - r - i - a ???

The minute we were out of earshot, Mom pounced, 

"Did You hear what she said? Maria? OMG, Maria

Like, Mother Mary Maria? Like, Ave Maria

Our Lady of Lourdes Maria???"

Dad shrugged.

He didn't get it ...

Mom got impatient. Exasperated, both her hands were raised in the air like a small drama, 

"Har - lowww??? Maaa -- riaaa ..."

Dad mumbled something unintelligible. 


Not the reaction Mom was expecting. She finally blurted, 

"It's Dans ... He's sending Maria to help You..." :D

Dad nodded.

Argh ... You, You, Doubting Thomas You ...

You wait, You just wait and see ... 

Unknown to Mom at the time, her Son would soon drop a few signs to zap her. And Dad.

Back at the 19th floor, we walked to the office to find a pleasant looking Malay lady standing by the door this time, to greet us. She shook our hands politely and introduced herself, 

first to Dad, "I'm Maria..." 

and then to Mom, "I'm Maria."

You noticed - how she made sure we heard her name? Anyway, she showed us to the sofa, and asked how she could help. Mom was impressed. This lady really has the PR skills. When was the last time she met a company staff who is so - professionally - trained? Dad was soon explaining to her. She got up, disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with two files in her arms. 

Dad went through both the files, and took out some documents that he wanted photostated. She willingly and very helpfully copied whatever documents that Dad asked for. 

No questions asked.

No charge. 

How nice.

We thanked her for her kind service before leaving the office. Oh Wow ... Dad has been trying to get these documents for the last few years when the relative indicated an impending transaction at that time then, and today, today, those documents were practically handed to him on a silver tray.

Aww ... Thanks Son ... <3

We stepped in to the lift. The lift went down and stopped at the 14 th floor. Mom nudged Dad and pointed to the lighted number. The doors opened, and in walked 4 men.

Mom threw a glance at Dad.

Didn't Dad notice that??? 14 th floor ...  4 men...

He did ... He most certainly did ... It was he who pointed out there were 4 men who stepped into the lift. Mom did not notice that at first.

Anyway, the doors of the lift closed again, and down down down we went ... until it stopped at, 

Would You believe it - 

the 4 th floor.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!!

Oh -- My -- Gosh ... Mom couldn't believe her eyes. o.O

What a coinciDANS ... :D

The doors opened ... 

There was no one there... 

No one got in and no one got out... 

At this point, Mom couldn't help but grin a happy, knowing grin. The lift had to stop at the 4 th floor. 

No one was standing close enough to the lift buttons to have had accidentally brushed against button number 4, Mom had checked. Yet, the lift stopped and the doors opened wide to reveal an empty space. 

CoinciDANS, what a coinciDANS. :D

The doors closed again, and finally opened at G, the ground floor.

OMG, did You see that? 

We were on the 19 th floor (decode 19 : 8 : 44) ... 

and the lift stopped at 14 ...

and then at 4 ??? 

Right after we saw Maria???


"Our angel signs. OMG ... He's telling us he's with us, he's making his presence felt..." Mom concluded, with a big smile. 

This time, Dad had a big grin too. :D:D:D

Dad said, "Thanks Son." <3

Smiling like we were about to embark on a Eat All You Can Buffet Adventure, we walked to the car. Mom was still quite zapped-up with the Maria and lift inciDAN. It was a fantastic moment, when the ZAP happens... 

OMG, totally...

Indescribable ... :D


In the car, Dad started the engine. The time on the dashboard lit up. Mom couldn't have missed it even if she wanted to. It was so clear. 

The digital clock showed 10:14 am. 

Mom exclaimed, "See the time?"

10:14 am ...

Decode : 24

Your number. Your birthdate. YOU.

Awesome ... Just awesome ... <3

It was You ... Yes, it was YOU ... :D 

Your mother knew it right from the start. You had her at Maria. As for Dad, he knew it too - right at the end. :D Grin. In the beginning was Maria, to get the attention and all the documents, in the middle, there were angel signs all over, and at the end was the time which revealed the uh, angel identity. :D

How amazing! Dad still cannot believe he managed to get all the documents so easily. Too easily, said Dad. Hahhh ... What did Dad expect huh - it was Maria who intervened. 

And not Coco, Mimi or Lulu. :D

14 th floor ... 4 th floor ... 4 men ... 10:14 am (24) ... 

Oh, it's so obvious. 

All her angel signs standing pretty in a row ...  :D:D:D

See Call 43 : Angel Signs.

Zap Zap Zap ... 

A definite coinciDANS ... :D

Thank You, Daniel ... 

and Thank You Jesus and Mama Mary. :D 

You would have thought that was all, right? 

Oh no no no ...  an email that your mother received the next morning on Thursday, made her jaw dropped, and the following inciDAN that happened thereafter ... 

O -- M -- G ... 

(continue on Call 170)