Saturday, March 26, 2011

Call 179 : I BELIEVE

Hello Son,                                        (continue from Call 178)

Tuesday, March 22
In Penang ...

We checked out of the hotel about 10 am. 

Went for breakfast with Aunt G and Uncle J at a nearby hawker-shop. After breakfast, Dad followed G and J to visit Uncle KA's garden ... it's his 5th year in heaven. Mom chilled out with Jus at Starbucks, which was around the corner from the eatery.

Dad came back a few hours later. We decided to skip lunch and drive straight to Ipoh. By 2 pm, we were on the Penang bridge.

Everything was as normal as normal could be ...

until ...

Mom heard the intro music which sounded familiar ...

Ohhh ...


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Justine sings on your 10th month.

The time was 2:25 pm. The station 98.10.

Oh wow ...  

IF I DIE YOUNG had come on immediately after we left your flower garden on Friday, March 18.

See Call  175 : Sorrowful Mystery

The Band Perry. Lyrics on Screen.

Justine said that she was sleeping in the back, but got up just before the song came on. 

Grin. :D

How about that? :D 

"You get what I mean?" her eyebrows danced.

Yes, yes, of course ... :D You must have whispered into your sister's ears ... 

Get up, Jus ... my song ... :D

That song was a sure way of letting us know that You were so gonna be with us throughout the drive back home to KL ... :D It sure put us all in a cherry, happy mood. 

Yes, it sure was a nice day to be on the road ... 

Soon ...

TEMPORARY HOME (Carrie Underwood) came on the radio.

Mom shot a glance at the dashboard. It was 3:21 pm. Pointing the time out to Dad, she said, "See the time ... Decode 4 ..." :D Her angel sign.

Dad saw the time ... and nodded thoughtfully.

This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home ...

See Call 37 :  No Warning

The song soon ended, with your parents deeply thinking about You. How could they not think about You, right? Who else would say "This is my temporary home..." 

The reception soon became a wee bit scratchy. Dad changed the station to 106.4. 

Believe it or not, but a few minutes later, I'LL BE MISSING YOU (Puff Daddy) filled the car. We think You must have asked Dad to turn to this station. :D 

By Puff Daddy.

Did You??? The time was 3:36 pm.

Aww Son ... 

The song took the words right out of our mouths. We're so missing You every single moment, Daniel ... :(

Such a perfect song to come on a few minutes after TEMPORARY HOME. That's your style, we have noticed ... Get the attention first ... then ZAP!!! :D

We reached Ipoh about 4 pm ... Dad randomly stopped at one of the eateries. We rested a bit, had some food and were soon on our way to KL about an hour later.

Mom took over the wheel at one point ...

The drive was smooth and easy. We soon reached KL. We would soon reach home in half an hour or so. It wouldn't be a proper ending if You did not ZAP us one more time before our journey ended. :D

And so ...

Driving in KL area, Mom's attention was alerted to the song that had come on. I HAVE A DREAM (ABBA).

Mom just had to smile at the line that goes ...

I belieeeeeeeeeve in angels

Something good in everything I see ... :D

See Call 32 : Noisy Chopper

The time was 7:06 pm.

Decode : 4

Oh Wow ... Her angel sign again ...

What a coinciDANS ...

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

This ABBA song had come on immediately on the radio after we left your garden on your 9th month (Oct 21, 2010). 

Also, the night before, Mom had replied to Aunty B's email, and said that Aunty B could have felt whatever connection with You because "she believes in angels." :D

Yup, that was what your mother said ... She's sure You remember that. Hence the song playing in the car. I belieeeeeeev in angels ... :D 

What a coinciDANS ...

How could your mother not smile? :D

At the start and at the end of the journey, were songs that had coinciDANtally come on the radio immediately after we left your flower garden, on your 14th and 9th month anniversary, in particular. Both times, at your flower garden. Both times, the songs came on immediately we turned on the radio, when we left the garden.

Start : If I Die Young (14th month)
End : I Have A Dream (9th month)

A clear coinciDANS ... :D

That's not all ... 

Right after that ABBA song, was ALWAYS ON MY MIND ... 

Perfect ... How perfect!

The time on the dashboard was 7:10 pm ... <3

Decode : 44

Oh boy ...

Need she say more??? You're always on my mind ...


We arrived home safely at 7:30 pm ... 

Thank you Son, :D for being near and making your presence felt all through your 14 month anniversary, the day before, and today. 

See Call 178 : Manga Message

God is faithful ... and God is so very good to us. <3

Love You so very much ... <3