Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 169)

Thursday, March 3

1. This morning, Mom received an email from Aunty B.

It was a forward about a little girl whose dog died, who wrote a letter to God through her mother, and received a reply from God later. :D

The first line of the story itself (in the email) caught your mother's attention.

14 year old dog Abbey, and 4 year old girl Meredith ...

14 and 4 ...

Why, only the day before, on Wednesday, Mom and Dad had encountered a 14 and 4 inciDAN in the lift at X Co. We were on the 19th floor, the lift came down, stopped at 14th floor, and then on the 4th floor. :D

See Call 169 : Oh Maria

Oooohhh ... what a coinciDANS ...:D

Honestly, what are the chances of encountering 14 and 4 yesterday, and then seeing 14 and 4 on an email the next morning???

Mom told Aunty B about the 14 - 4 lift inciDAN. :D

Then, Aunty B told Mom, that she is 42, and her birthdate is on 4th October, and suggested to Mom to try to decode

... which Mom did.

42 4 10

4 4 8

4 4 4 4

Ooh wow ... :D Her angel signs ...

See Call 43 : Angel Signs

Mom replied, no wonder Aunty B's getting all the reception from Heaven. :D

To which, Aunty B said, 

"I DO believe in angels - never doubted that - it's just surreal if I am being used as a tool assisting them to do the connections - it's just so AWESOME ... INDESCRIBABLE feeling ..." :D

It so happened that your mother received the girl and her dog email on a Thursday. She decided to save the story in her Silent Thots Blog.

See Link : 

Click on title to view entry.

Take note of the reply from GOD in the above story, the last line that says,

"I am easy to find. I am wherever there is LOVE."

Your mother would soon be zapped ...

2. Dad and Mom left the house later in the morning. 

Coming out of the lift, and walking towards the staircase leading to the basement parking, 

Dad exclaimed, "Hey, orange van."

The time was 10:24 am.

Mom turned to her left and saw an orange (and white) pos laju van. Mom was instantly reminded of Justine's orange van inciDAN that happened about 10 days ago.

See Call 167 :Orange Van

Your mother said, "Wait, let me see the number plate..."

And so she checked the plate ...



4 4 4 4

Well, well, well ...

All her angel signs in tact ...

Another coinciDANS ... :D

3. After our appointment which lasted about 2 hours, we were on the way home. There was an ambulance that was in front of us. Dad was driving behind the ambulance for quite a while as it was lunch hour then and the road was quite congested. The ambulance was not on emergency. 

Mom looked over to the number plate...



4 4 4 4 4

Oh my ... once again, her angel signs ... :D

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... :D 

Mom looked at the time. It was 12:44pm ...

She pointed the time out to Dad, "Look, 12:44..."

A coinciDANS, no doubt ... :D

You must have seen your mother's happy smile ... :D

4. Arriving at Taman Desa, the song:

I'll Be Missing You (Puff Daddy) 

came on the radio. The time was 1:11 pm. We were at the turning going into Taman Desa from the Highway. There were no vehicles anywhere in sight at the time. 

Then ...

Would You believe it but a small white car soon overtook us, and while it was in front of us, your mother's eyes couldn't help but shot to the number plate. She kinda had a feeling that it would have her angel signs... yet again. <3

Hah, she was right. Does she know her Son or what ... :D



4 4 4 4

Oooohhhh ...

Gee ...

Wow ... 

What an angel-sign filled day we're having today. :D  

On Hindsight ...

See how You cleverly drop your mother all her angel signs, throughout the day, to let her know You are near, just so You could ZAP her later with a powerful message ...

(continue on Call 171)