Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Call 150 : NUMBER FOUR

Hello Son,                                   (continue from Call 149)

Friday, February 4
2nd day of Chinese New Year

We were at the cinema ...

all ready to enjoy The Green Hornet with our over-sized carton of popcorn. :D The lights dimmed and the screening began. To be really honest, Mom wasn't expecting any inciDAN to happen. No, she didn't bring her notepad. We were watching a movie ... what could happen whilst we were at the movies, right?

Oh my Lord ... LOTS !!! :D:D:D

1. The First Preview came on.

At first, Mom thought the trailer was somewhat loud and violent. You know your mother is not into violent shows, right? Anyway, there came a line that caught her attention...

Number One was killed in Malaysia...



Hmmm ... How unlikely for a Hollywood movie to mention Malaysia. The first country too. Watching on...

Click on title to view.

Number Two was murdered in England... 

Number Three was hunted down in Kenya... 

Before they come for the others, they'll come for me... 

I am Number Four...

Mom nudged Dad, and whispered in disbelief, 

"Number FOURRRRR???"

So anyway, to cut a long story shorter, your mother was so OMG-seriously taken in by the title of the trailer that appeared later:


Justine said later, that she smacked Aunty Carol's hand when she saw the title. Haha ... Mom can so picture that. :D An automatic reflex of excitement when we see our angel sign... <3

The preview showed your mother that this wasn't a movie of her usual taste. It wasn't a comedy, it had no romance, and the main characters are not cute.

Yet, Mom found herself whispering to Dad, 

"Eh, we must watch this movie..."

We learned later that it was due to open on 


Of all dates in February ... 

See Call 43 : Angel Sign.

2. Right after, came an advertisement on Continental Tyres.

Dad whispered, "Orange shirt ..."

Mom smiled. Yes, the girl on the horse was wearing a bright orange tee shirt. 

Munch munch munch ...

You taught us well, Son. We always make sure we have popcorn at the movies. :D

3. Next was a Nikon advertisement.

Mom whispered, "Orange tram ..."

Dad smiled.

4. Then, came a mouth-gasping advertisement that showed a bird cage crammed with people inside... 


A bird cage??? Oh wow ...

You certainly got your mother's attention now.

See Call 134 : Bird Cage.

Freedom ... <3

5. Mom wasn't quite over the bird cage yet when the next ad on the screen caused her to hold her breath.

O -- M -- G !

You have got to be kidding ...

You must have seen your mother sat transfixed in her seat as she watched the screen as if hypnotized.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Baskin-Robbins : Happy Birthday To You!

Oh My Gosh ... 

Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake was your last birthday cake before You left us. We had a small celebration that evening on your 15th birthday on Christmas Eve, 2009. 

All your aunties were around... Aunty Diana, Aunty Carol, Aunty Iris, Aunty Hayley and Aunty Audrey, including both your grandmas, were at our place to celebrate with You.

We were all in your room singing the Birthday song, remember?

Your 15th birthday on 24 - 12 - 09

Decode : (15) (24 12 09)

(4) (4 4 8)

(4) (44 44)

See all the angel signs? Another coinciDANS ...

Sure ... sure You remember ... :D

Otherwise, there wouldn't be a ...

I Am Number Four ... 

an orange tee shirt ... 

an orange train ...

a bird cage ... and 

a Baskin-Robbins birthday cake!

OMG, what a coinciDANS ... <3

Such an unbelievable perfect coinciDANS!

We felt your presence with us, Daniel, like You won't believe.

It was amazing ...

Totally amazing ...

There's a reason why your aunties call You, Dans

since You were little ... <3

Now, DANS just fits perfectly. :D 

There is no other word to describe it but a coinciDANS... :D

6. Between Mother and Son ...

The movie started after the Baskin-Robbins ad. 

In the dark, Mom found herself sending her Son a heartfelt message... 

Being zapped by one trailer and 4 ads is not an everyday occurrence... You're with us, aren't You, Son ... All the inciDANS and coinciDANS ... they're just incredible ... 

and You're happy, Mom can feel it ... You're very happy ... You're free as a bird and You're soaring high ... It must be awesome being with Jesus and Mama Mary ... <3

It turned out, that it was quite difficult for your mother to really appreciate The Green Hornet. Can You blame her? She had a secret grin on her face. Not that anybody could see - it was dark in the theater. Is it possible for her to bask in so much happiness, in - the - dark?


Why, everything is possible! Nothing is impossible with God ... don't ever forget that. Yes, with God on your side and our side, everything is possible - there is always a way. :D Our God is not a God with limitations... :D 

Oh no... no no no... 

There are absolutely no boundaries where God is concerned. :D

It was almost towards the end of the movie when your mother was zapped yet another time. There was some kind of a fight going on (in the movie), and all of a sudden, one of the characters shouted the name, 

"Daniel etc ..." 

as he pointed to a portrait on the wall.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

The line could have been, "You think Daniel would like that?" or something to that effect. 

Mom's sure about the name, but the sentence may not be a 100% word-for-word accurate.

OMGosh ... towards the end of the movie, the man points to a photograph on the wall and called it - Daniel? A thousand and one names in the world, and the scriptwriters picked this name for the person in the portrait on the wall?

Why, we have a Daniel in a portrait on our wall at home... :D

christmas 2010

What a coinciDANS ... :D

OMG ... Awesome!

7. Later, on the way home, Aunty Carol and Justine were supposed to go with Grandma in her car. Apparently, Grandma couldn't find her car. 

Aunty Carol said, that they were walking from one end of the car park to another, and they couldn't find the car. She was wearing shoes that were not meant for walking at the time, mind you. Then finally, she said, she called out your name, 

"Dannnn-niellll ..." and immediately after ...

"Oh, the car's there ..." :D

Yup, Justine confirmed that. :D Jus said they were walking round and round looking for the car, but they couldn't find it. They were all tired and grouchy. The moment Aunty C called You, there the car was ... right there!

Now, what would call that, but another perfect coinciDANS? :D

Right in front of Grandma's car was a vehicle with the number plate AAA 44. Aunty Carol snapped a photo. :D

Mom just had to smile when she heard your aunt and sister relate the story. After calling You for help, they found the their car immediately, and spotted a number plate that bore our angel sign??? And A ??? 

Like ... say for ... Angel???

Oh, that was a definite coinciDANS... probably your way of telling your aunt and your sister, 

"Hey, you guys, I'm right here with You la ..." :D

What a fantastic day, we had, Son. <3

Truly, everywhere we are, there you'll always be ... :D

Thank You Jesus, for that ... <3