Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello Son,                                       (continue from Call 173)

Wednesday, March 16

1. This morning, Dad was out to meet a friend. Mom said she needed to go to IKEA to get a shower curtain. 

Where else can you get a shower curtain for RM5-90 but IKEA? :D So, Mom told Justine that she could drive. That made her jump out of bed with a WOO - HOO and a little jig. :D

When we were ready to go, Justine went to the basement car park to get the car. Mom hopped in the car at the condo lobby. 

In the car, an unfamiliar song was on. 

We were soon driving out of Taman Desa and onto the highway. The song ended and he next song came on ...

When Mom heard the introduction music ...

She received an instant ...


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!




No Way No Way No Way


Would You Believe It ...

It was FiREWORK by Katy Perry!

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! 

See Call 151 : Major Fireworks

and Call 152 : God Is

The time was 11:12 pm. Station 95.8.

We were so excited to hear the song! That was like the first sign from You to let us know that You were so-oo gonna be with us today. :D 

You must have whispered to Mom to let your sister drive. It's Justine's second time at the wheel today since she got her licence. Had Mom been the one to drive the car from the basement, the radio would have been at her station at 105.7. We would have totally missed the song.

But that did not happen ... You made sure of that ... :D

A few minutes later, for some reason, Justine randomly changed the station to 104.9. You know what happened? 

OMG, You will not believe this ... but almost immediately, like 3 seconds later, the song BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga came blaring on. 

The time was 11:24 am.

OMG ... can You believe that??? That was so incredible! 

In Call 152 : God Is ... Mom said at the end of the entry that You had sent the BORN THIS WAY music video for Justine, and FIREWORK video for Mom, when both songs came on the telly on Thursday, March 10. 

That was 6 days ago. So, can You imagine when we heard both the songs just now? OMG? What are the chances? They were on different stations!

That was a BIG coinciDANS ... :D

Bee --- Ai --- Gee ... :D

2. At Ikano Center, we were walking to IKEA, browsing at display - windows along the way when Justine spotted a toy stuffed bird and called out, "Eh, Angry Bird." 

We stopped. It was some kind of an art and craft shop. 

We stepped into the shop. Mom was admiring the tiny DIY House Kit Sets that had a sample bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, study room etc on display. 

All the tiny details fascinated her. She was wondering if she should get a box and try to assemble the bits and pieces together. Everything looked so cute and tiny. A young assistant came to attend to her ... voluntarily explaining this and that, and that and this, how to do, how easy to do, how satisfying to do, bla bla bla.

Mom listened. 

Mom nodded. 

Mom slowly moved on to the next display shelf ...

and found herself gasping ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Oh my ... Mom was looking at a hand-painted picture of SpongeBob sliding on a rainbow! :D

SpongeBob ... your favorite cartoon show and rainbow? Why, Aunty Jessie dedicated the song SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW to You after You left us. What's SpongeBob doing sliding on a rainbow? Shouldn't this sea creature be in the ocean or something?

You must have led Mom to it ... :D

As Mom was staring at the painting, it wasn't a large painting, just about the size of half an A4 paper, she heard the shop-man mentioning to Justine something about painting by numbers

Mom turned around and saw some hand paintings on the wall. She must admit they were quite pretty. She browsed through the boxes of painting kits to see the variety of pictures available, when the young girl presented her a folder and said, 

"See the pictures from this folder."

Mom took the folder appreciatively 

She turned a page.

And another.

And another one.

Then ... Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

O -- M -- G ...

Mom could not believe her eyes.

She had to remain calm, you know like normal, and not like jumping about yelping OMG OMG OMG ... what would these nice people say? They wouldn't understand ...

She was looking at a picture of a girl-angel with a black cat, sitting on some kind of a floating trail of lil flowers. She didn't notice the white cat then ... only now.

See Poem 15 : The Bond God Gave Us

Mom stared in disbelief ...  

Of all the images in the world ...

Why, she had chosen this same image from the internet on Sunday, March 13 for an entry she was then preparing on your poem-blog that is scheduled to be published on Friday, March 18.

And now ... now, that image is staring back at her. The only difference is that, Mom's image is in pink shade. The shop's in blue. That being said, ZAPs have no color-boundaries.

Honestly ...

What are the chances? 

A darn big, gigantic coinciDANS!!! :D

You must have known that Mom was trying to write a poem for You that Sunday, huh ... You must have whispered to that girl to bring the folder to Mom ...

I know you're writing a poem for me, Maa ... :D

Oh Wow Daniel ... 2  ZAP inciDANS in this shop alone. 

We were so meant to step into this shop. You must have seen us getting the SpongeBob picture kit. :D Justine was eager to paint that for You for your 21st on Monday next. <3

3. We walked straight to IKEA after that.  No, we didn't need to step into any other shop.

We got the shower curtain in orange shade. :D Mom came across a nice white portrait frame and couldn't resist buying that for your portrait at home. It's really nice and we think You like it too because ...

At the checking-out counter, whilst waiting in line ... the place was crowded with people because of the school holidays ... Justine at one point, said to Mom, 

"Listen, listen to the song..." as she pointed her finger upwards.

Mom stopped to listen ...

and her mouth fell open ...

Did You hear that ???

Ring ring why don't You give me a call ...

Ohhh, ring ring, why don't You give me a call ...


See Call 44 : Ring Ring

The time was 4:38 pm.

We were excitedly ring-ringing along. :D:D:D:D Wasn't that awesome? We were about to pay for our stuffs and go home, You had spent the whole day with us, and just before we left the mall, RING RING came on. 

To remind us, to give You a call when we go home. :D

How cute was that! >.<

When the song ended, Justine said she would start painting the SpongeBob picture as soon as she got home, and Mom said she would at the same time, go straight to the computer to post a call : Call 173 : Rabbit Hole.

4. In the car on the way home, we were trailing slowly behind a car with the number plate 4888.  See how You make your presence felt everywhere we go? :D


4 44 44 44



Who's number 4?

I Am Number 4 ... :D

Call 43 : Angel Sign

Thank You, Son for a really fantastic day!!! 

God is good to us ... <3 Praise God ... <3

Here are some photos taken from Mom's mobile of our angel signs ... Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... <3<3<3

Going to the mall : 7444

Your sister drove very smoothly all the way behind this baby blue monster truck all along the highway. Baby blue is her favorite color, remember?

Did You send the truck to keep her lane clear? :D




You must have ... :D

Going Home : 4888