Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello Son,

Friday, March 18

OMG ... 

Something totally amazing happened in church today. 

It was so OMG awesome! Mom did not expect that inciDAN at all. You totally made her day, Daniel. :D 

You so totally did.

1. The Garden.

This morning, we left the house at 8:30 am to visit your flower garden. This 21st would mark your 14th month with Jesus and Mama Mary. We were gonna be up north on the 21st, and Justine, away at camp during the weekend of 19th and 20th. 

So, we decided to go on Friday 18th.

Justine drove us there. :D 

This would be the very first time your sister drove to your garden, her third day at the wheel since she got her licence. 

We arrived safely at about 9 am.

As usual, we tidied up the place before planting a new bunch of flowers. Hydrangea Bush, for this month, in deep beetroot. How do You like that? They look so pretty on the garden bed, don't You think?

We read today's reading and said our Rosary. Being a Friday, we followed the Sorrowful Mystery

It slowly dawned on Mom that today, there had been no inciDANS. Mom looked up to the sky several times. 

No white trails, no airplanes, no helicopters. 

No clouds. 

Only a clear pastel blue sky. Not even the sight of a bird.

Hmmm ...

No clouds ...

Where were You then, she had wondered.

It was strange to see everything so ... still and quiet. Even the little caterpillar that was scurrying to the flower bed was of the wrong color. No ZAP. Unlike the time when our furry friend came to visit when we were at your garden on your 10th month.

Call 63 : Furry Friend.

Peaceful. Nothing was happening. To be honest, Mom felt kinda - weird. It wasn't a bad weird, just a weird weird, You know. This would be the first time at your garden that "nothing's happened." 

Don't You think that's weird?

By that, You would know that your mother meant, no ZAP.

Seriously, we appeared to be really following Jesus' Sorrowful Friday. Perhaps today, we were supposed to reflect on that. 

And nothing else. 

Oh alright ...

However, let it be said that without a ZAP, especially at your garden, Mom had somehow felt:




She would still live though ... 

Your mother has to smile after Justine's antics. :D

We soon packed up to leave. Justine hopped into the driver's seat. Dad and Mom were at the boot. Mom said, 


"Today's Friday la. We're following the Sorrowful Mystery. Maybe that's why it's so quiet."

We got in the car. The radio was on. A few seconds must have passed before Dad and Mom exclaimed together,

"Hey, IF I DIE YOUNG ..."

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Zzzzaaa -- ppp!!!

See Call 23 : Die Young

Justine said that as soon as she got into the car, she had turned on the radio. She had not even turned on the car engine yet. The song IF I DIE YOUNG had j u s t started then. 

On hindsight, You must have whispered to your sister. You must have. It was too perfect a scenario not to have an angel's intervention. :D The timing was right on the dot. Have You anything to say at all? :D 

Also, Justine painted a picture of SpongeBob having fun on a rainbow for You. You know that, don't You? You're acknowledging it with the IF I DIE YOUNG song. :D

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She knows I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow ...

Hearing that song made all the difference. 

What a ZAP! 

Thanks Jus, for the picture ... 

You must be saying. :D 

Mom's spirits were instantly lifted sky-high. Getting her ZAP - fix was just an all - high, awesome experience. :D

Leaving your garden, with IF I DIE YOUNG blasting on the radio ... everything suddenly felt right. Mom knew straight away You wanted us to know You were definitely with us at the garden just now, even though nothing seemed to have happened...

Oh, what does she know ... Our Lady could have been sitting right beside her, and she wouldn't have guessed. Little angels could have been dancing as we were singing just now, and she wouldn't have known the difference.

Justine painted this for You, Son ... <3

Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You, as she stands under my colors


If Only You Knew What I Know Now, Mom ... :D

Mom found it necessary to explain to Justine that perhaps, today was a quiet time because of the Sorrowful Mystery. Our 25 day journey in Lourdes in September 2009, 4 months before Jesus called You home, had strangely followed the Mysteries of the Rosary closely

Justine thought for a bit and commented that, no wonder it had felt as though "they had stripped the altar bare."

That would be the one - liner to describe the atmosphere at your garden this morning.

They - had - stripped - the - altar - bare.

That reminded your mother of Station of the Cross at 6:15 pm this evening. 

Until then, Mom would just happily bask in the song IF I DIE YOUNG. The Bond it brought. The Connection it made. It was all very, very good. She has always believed that this song is from You. Since the first time she heard it way back when.  

Call 23 : Die Young

The time was 10:03 am.

Station 104.9

2. The Show Room.

On the way back, Dad saw a car show room. 

We stopped by to check out the latest model. Whilst we were there, someone's ring tone burst out at one point.

Mom's attention was alerted.

That tone ...


Zzzzzaaa -- pppp!!!

Ohhh ...

Memories of You singing IF I WERE A BOY flooded in. This was one of your uh, hit songs. :D Your family loves hearing You sing this song. Your aunties included. Aunty Carol had asked once, 

"If I were a boy, Daniel? What are you now?" :D

You couldn't be distracted and continued singing wholeheartedly with Beyonce on the air. :D

Anyway ...

The man answered his call ... Hello Hello Hello ??? ... It looked like he had been disconnected. He was looking at his mobile as if to check the identity of the caller. A few seconds later, his ring tone went on again. This time he allowed it to ring a while longer before he answered the call.

Mom almost giggled to herself.

A knowing smile ... 

A secret grin ...

A happy face ...

The man allowed it to ring a little bit longer, huh ...

You're good ... :D

That was for Mom, she knows. :D The first short ring tone was to get her attention, and the second, was the - connection. :D

That was just perfect, Son ... right after IF I DIE YOUNG. What more could she ask for. That was ...

You ... all YOU ...

The car model Dad and Justine were checking happened to have the number plate 3060

Justine said to Dad, "It's a sign, Dad..." 

Dad didn't agree ... :(

If You remember, the last 4 digits of your sister's mobile number is 6030

3. The Eatery.

We went for brunch after that. 

Mom suggested Ah Koong's. You remember this place? You've been there a few times. :D We were nearby Pudu area anyway. So, Dad directed Justine and she drove us there effortlessly. 

You must have been watching over her because when we arrived at the restaurant, we saw an empty parking space in between 2 cars, right by the Ah Koong's coffee shop.

If was pre-planned what happened next. Honestly!

We were in Aunty Carol's blue VIOS. 

When we arrived at the coffee shop, there was a car initially on the extreme left hand side. The middle spot was empty. The driver on the extreme left drove the car out, just as Justine was approaching behind him. With that car out of the way, can You see it's so much easier for Jus to just drive the car right in, passing the lot on the left, to park neatly in the next empty space in front (the middle spot). 

Immediately after, a car drove up behind us. Check out the timing. Boy, was it perfect!

After our lunch, when driving out ... Would You take a good look at how the car on the right is parked? Why, You must have whispered to that driver to park his car that way, leaving a good space for Justine to drive our car out. :D

How cute is that? >.<

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