Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Call 153 : WINDOW JAM

Hello Son,

Friday, February 11

1. This morning, Mom accompanied Aunty Hayley to the hospital. She had a follow-up appointment with her doctor. Aunty H came to pick Mom up from the condo at 9 am. We were soon on the way. 

Arriving at the entrance of the hospital, Aunty H said with a note of annoyance, 

"How can that cab just stop in front like that?"

Mom looked up. A cab had stopped in front of our car and was in the way. 

Mom said, "Eh, 744 la ..."

That was probably You greeting us Good Morning, Mom said with a happy grin. :D If the cab had not stopped in that precarious manner, we would not have noticed the number plate. :D

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

Aunty H smiled. 

Bringing down her window to take the parking ticket from the man at the booth, Aunty H said, 

"There's something wrong with my window ... gets jammed easily." To prove her point, the window got stuck twice before it closed up again fully.

As we drove on, Mom mentioned, 

"I wonder if the shuttle will be there for us..."

The parking area to the department we were supposed to be at was a wee bit too far to walk, especially under the hot sun. So the past few times, we had to take a cab until we found out the last time we came, that there was a shuttle that transport patients from several pick-up points around the hospital.

We drove to the exit of the hospital route. 

We were going to park our car at the open car park that is diagonally opposite the hospital grounds. At the exit, Aunty H pressed the button to bring her window down again. She passed the ticket to the man under the big umbrella and said, 

"Tak ada parking (no parking)..."

This time, the window was truly stuck and wouldn't go up at all.

Mom said, "Park the car first. We'll attend to the window later."

So Aunty H drove to the open car park, found a place and reversed in. Then, Mom went out of the car, over to Aunty's side and tried to pull up the window manually. About an inch of the window was sticking out from the car door. That was as much as it would go. It refused to go all the way up. 

We tried several times ... we pressed the button, got it going up for just a bit, and we'd try to pull it up at the same time, but it would just drop back down.

After a few minutes, with the both of us looking quite harassed, Mom looked up to the open sky above her and said, 

"Daniel, help Aunty Hayley to bring up her window..."

Now, why did she not think of that earlier? :D

Quite confidently, Mom said to Aunty H, 

"Let's try again ..."

She was quite sure the window would go up this time. She had called out to her Son, hadn't she? Hah ... just wait and see ...

So we tried ... we tried to bring up and we tried to pull up the window.

It was stubborn.

We tried again ...

This window really has a mind of its own ...

And again ...

And again ...

And again ...

What the ... 

Mom looked up into the sky again and called out in exasperation, 

Da - niellll???

Come on Son ...

Would You believe it if your mother said that she received some kind of an - enlightening? You must have whispered to Mom ... :D

Be patient la Mom ...

Strangely, Mom found herself explaining to Aunty H, 

"There's a reason for the delay..." 

She recalled the MISSING SHOE inciDAN (Call 135)

This delay scenario has happened before. Mom walked back to her seat, got into the car, to cool herself with the air-con. The window's gonna go up, in its own time, she muttered under her breath. There's a small reason for the delay. She knew that to be true ... somehow.

Meanwhile, Aunty H was still pressing on the button. A few minutes later, we both sat upright as we saw the window slowly sliding up right to the top. :D 

Mom clapped. 

"Yeahhhh, there's a reason for the delay..." 

Mom said again. 

Notice that she kept saying that line although she had no idea what the reason could have been.

Aunty H locked the car and we walked to the entrance / exit of the parking area. As we were approaching, Mom spotted the hospital shuttle that was slowly passing by the entrance / exit. It was about 50 walking steps away.

Mom yelled out to Aunty H, "Eh, it's the shuttle ..." and attempted to make a run for it. 

The parking attendant who was by the entrance / exit, put up his hands and signaled, 

Don't run ... 

then pointed to the shuttle, and mouthed the words 

"U-turn, U-turn ..."

The shuttle was making a U-turn.

Wow ... 

That "don't run" signal must have been from You ... :D 

The parking attendant was far away from us, and yet he turned around and waved not to run and then kinda shouted out the words U-turn? He did not have to do that. No one would have expected him to do that ... not when he was like what, 50 steps away from us. 

That was really nice of him. :D

We walked out of the the entrance / exit and crossed the road. Mom's voice was full of excitement as she said to Aunty H, 

"You see that? This is the reason for the delay."

Had we been there a few minutes earlier, the shuttle would not be there yet, we would have waited for awhile, and then taken a cab. The window jammed for a reason, the way it refused to budge was all pre-planned, and when it did finally close in the end, it just went up smoothly like there was nothing wrong it it in the first place.

Perfect timing.

Thanks Son ... :D

2. Aunty H was done with her check up by 10:50 am. After taking her prescription and her next follow up appointment, we casually walked out of the building and down the steps to the pick up / drop off area. 

Would You believe it but it was barely 10 seconds later when a shuttle came and picked us up?

Oh Wow ... 

We've always been taking a cab from this point. There was no one in the shuttle van. Just Aunty H and Mom. It kinda felt like the shuttle had come specially for us. :D You were with us, weren't You, Daniel?

3. In the car, Aunty H said, "Let's go for a nice breakfast."

Mom suggested that we ate near the VIVA center. She had to finalize the draft of her newsletter and it would be convenient to eat nearby, then pop into the office.

Aunty H said, "Okay, let's eat at the Hailam Kopitiam." That's the cafe at the corner, a few doors away from the Viva Center.

Just before we turned in the lane of the office lots, we stopped at the red lights. A cab 4403 was in front of us. 

We thought of You immediately.

Driving on to the cafe, we spotted a parking bay right in front of the coffee house. 

Yes ... we definitely saw what You did there ... :D

Aww, thank you, Son ... :D

4. At the coffee house ...

After giving our orders, Aunty H left her seat for a bit, either she went to the washroom or to the car. Mom tried to make a call to Dad but didn't quite know how to use her new phone. She knew how to send a text message though. So, she began to text a message to Dad: 

Call me.

Before Mom could send the message, a pair of black leather shoes appeared before eyes. Mom looked up. 

Would You believe it but she was looking straight at Dad.

Mom said in surprise, "Eh, Daniel must have told You that I was trying to call You ..."

Dad said, "I must have heard, that's why I'm here." :D

We had not pre-arranged this meeting at all because there was no way you could tell when the hospital visit would end. So it really was a surprise to see Dad there.

Anyway, Mom told Dad about the inciDANS that happened in the morning. She finished with a smug, "And he got a nice parking for us too - right in front of the coffee shop."

Dad retorted, like he was in a challenge, "He got me a nice parking too - right in front of the Viva office."

Hahaha ... You're quite fair, Son ... if You had known we would meet and boast about our parking, You must have prepared those parking spaces for us ... a parking right in front of the coffee shop for Mom, and another one right in front of the office for Dad.

Very fair ... Mom would say ...

You're a good boy, Son ...

Thank You ... <3

5. After breakfast, Mom followed Dad to an appointment in PJ. Aunty H went home. In the car, Mom asked Dad if he had any inciDAN in the morning. 

Dad said that on the way to the office, the song IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio. Dad said he pumped up the volume. The song was coming to an end when he spotted the parking space at the Viva office just now.

The Band Perry

Mom jumped, "You notice??? He always gets our attention first, then zap us with the inciDAN, so we'd know for sure, that it's connected to him. You see? You hear the song, you think of him - then suddenly you see the nice parking right in front of the place you were gonna go to, I mean, you just have to know it's him..." :D 

Another thing to note, it doesn't happen the other way around.

Dad agreed ... in not so many words.

Then, would You believe it but right at the moment, a cab 3144 cut into our lane. We were at the traffic lights at the University Hospital, at Jalan University.

"You see??? You saw that??? He knows were talking about him. 3144 - he - loooo," Mom sprang forward and pointed at the cab in front of us.

Decode : 444

Today, 3 cabs had appeared before her eyes with her angel signs. A coinciDANS, clearly. :D

A beautiful day indeed. Plenty to smile about. :D